How to Cancel a PayPal Payment and Get A Refund

When you are making payment online you have to be careful. If you send the money to an unintended recipient, then it may be difficult to get a refund. In this guide, I will tell you how to avoid wrongful payments and cancel payment on Paypal. The need for cancellation arises if you are sending the wrong amount to someone or paying the wrong person.

Your move to cancel a transaction should be quick. There are several ways to cancel and refund a transaction in limbo or any payment that is already claimed by the receiver. I have mentioned the entire steps you need to follow to cancel your payment if it’s still possible and get your money back. Let’s check that out.

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Conditions that Allow Sender to Cancel Paypal Payment

Let’s assume you made a payment to the wrong recipient. Now, what are the conditions that will allow you to cancel the payment and get the amount back in your Paypal account?

  • If the recipient’s email ID is not registered with Paypal, then the transaction will not be complete. If you have sent payment wrongly to such an ID, then you can always cancel and get back the amount.
  • Secondly, if the email ID is not verified, then the payment process will not complete.
  • Even if you do not cancel the transaction manually, then within 30-days the money will refund automatically and reflect in your PayPal account. The only catch is the email ID of the wrong recipient stays unverified and unregistered. Otherwise, the payment will be considered complete and the money will reflect in the account of the recipient.

Steps to Cancel A Payment

I suggest that instead of waiting for any miracle to get your money back, you have to manually take action.

  • Login to your Paypal account
  • Click on Activity at the top of the page to access details of your all transactions
  • If the transaction you wish to cancel has not been claimed due to the conditions specified in the previous section, then beside that payment activity you should see a Cancel option. Click it
  • Then click Cancel Payment to confirm the action.
  • Keep in mind that if you see no option to cancel, that means the transaction is complete and the recipient already received the money.

What to Do if You Are Late to Cancel the Paypal Payment?

Now, not every time things will go perfectly. You may be late to realize your blunder of sending payment to a wrong person. At that point, there are a few things you can still do.

  • As you have the email ID of the recipient who you wrongfully sent payment, shoot an email to the concerned person, and describe him the situation and request for sending you back the money. Make sure to take screenshots of your payment details of that transaction as proof.
  • If the first option doesn’t work out, contact Paypal customer care and register your complaint with screenshots of payments and request to initiate a refund from the Paypal account of the wrong recipient.
  • As an additional measure, take the screenshots of your payment activity and use Twitter or LinkedIn to tag Paypal and other related authorities and explain the issue so that it can get attention and get resolved. However, keep this as your last resort in case, the Paypal authorities delay in resolving your official complaint.

So, that’s all about canceling PayPal payment you paid to the wrong person. You will be lucky if the email ID is unverified and pay has not been claimed. Otherwise, follow this guide and do the needful. I hope that this article was informative to you.

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