Canon MG2900 Printer Not Printing, How to Fix?

The Canon MG2900 is one of the best printers by Canon. The printer is good according to printing quality, features, and much more. The printer comes with a lot of functions like Print, Copy, and Scan. It has Hybrid Ink System, and Wireless Auto Power On, which is best at this price range. The Canon MG2900 also supports Quiet Mode which will be good for you, if you don’t like noise. The printer has two ink cartridges one for Black & White Printing and one for color printing.

The printer comes with the support of iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows which is good. You can use all of the features through the app which is provided with the printer at the time of buying. But, many users who have bought this are reporting that their Canon MG2900 Printer not Printing. Therefore, today, we are here with a guide on how to fix the printer issue. We will also specify the common reasons through which this issue is being faced by you. So, read the full article to know more about the issue and how to fix it.

Canon MG2900 Printer Not Printing

Reasons For Canon Printer Not Working Properly

So, if you are facing this issue then there might be a lot of reasons for it. Therefore, we will list the reasons for you so that you will be able to analyze it and easily fix the issue. After that, we will mention the methods that you can try to fix this type of issue. Check out the reasons below.

  • Cable Issue
  • Cartridge Issue
  • Power Supply Issue
  • Software Issue
  • Driver Issue

How to Fix Canon Printer Issue

So, check out the methods which are given below to try resolving the issue of not printing on your printer.

Check Power Plug

The first step that you should do is to check whether the power plug is tightly attached to the printer or not. Also, make sure that the power cable is not damaged and that it is working properly. So, attach the power plug and check whether the ON Button Lamp is flashing or not. If it is flashing then the machine is initializing and when it stops flashing then it has been started.

Check Connectivity Of The Computer

If you have connected the printer to the computer and then tried to print then make sure that it has been connected to the computer properly. So, make sure that the cable which you are using to connect to the computer is not damaged and it is working well. You can also check whether the printer is connected or not by following these steps.

  • Go to Control Panel
  • Click on Hardware & Sounds
  • Now, click on View devices and printer
  • Check whether your printer is there or not

See What’s Printing

Sometimes the printer is trying to print something but it is not able to do so due to some errors. So, in this case, you will be not able to give another command to it. This type of issue is caused when the document which is going to be printed is not synced with the printer due to some technical issue. So, follow the steps which are given below to check is there any document in the queue to get printed.

  • Open Control Panel
  • Click on Hardware & Sounds
  • Now, click on View devices and printer
  • Select your printer
  • Right-click on the printer
  • You will get some options, click on See What’s Printing
  • If there is some document then right-click on it and click Cancel all document

Now, check whether the issue has been resolved or not

Set the Printer as Default Printer

If you have not set the printer as the default printer then it can also create an issue in not printing the document. So, you should make your printer as default printer to avoid this type of issue. Therefore, follow the steps to make your printer a Default Printer.

  • Open Control Panel
  • Click on Hardware & Sounds
  • Now, click on View devices and printer
  • Select your printer
  • Right-click on the printer
  • Now, click on Set as Default Printer

Check The Tray & Cartridge

There are also possibilities that some paper might be stuck under the tray through which the printing is not possible. So, check whether the tray is clear or not. Along with it, also check whether the cartridge has ink or not. In some cases, the ink cartridge is empty due to which the printer is not able to print the document. You can also use the Canon printer app for checking the ink of the cartridge as they will evaluate the ink level and then show you whether the ink level is low or not.

Update Your Printer Driver

If you are using the outdated printer driver then it might be another reason for not printing the document. So, in this case, updating your printer driver will help more. Therefore, follow the steps which are given below to update your printer driver.

  • Press Windows Key or Start Button.
  • Type Device Manager on the search bar.
  • Now, select the most relevant search.
  • After it, click on Print Queues and expand it.
  • Select your printer.
  • Click on Update Driver.
  • After the completion of the update, check whether the issue has been fixed or not.

Contact Customer Support

If the issue of not printing the document is still persisting on your printer, then you should visit the service center. They will evaluate the printer and after it, they will fix it. So, as they are professionals so they will check for hardware and software problems and after it, they will fix your printer.


So, in this guide, we have tried to explain to you the cause of the not printing issue in the Canon MG2900. After that, we also discussed the ways through which you can try to resolve the issue. So, try implementing the steps carefully. Also, if you have fixed this issue with any other methods then do share it with us in the comment section.

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