How to Capture Screenshot Using Keyboard Shortcuts on iPad?

iPad is one of the fascinating devices out there, which comes with some handy features such as Physical Keyboard. Have you ever wondered how you can Capture Screenshots on iPad with the help of a keyboard shortcut? Whereas you can still capture a screenshot using your iPad with the help of the power button and home button or power button along with the volume button on the iPad Pro. Whether you have a keyboard or not, you are able to capture a screenshot. Just with the help of a keyboard, it seems to be more manageable when connected to your iPad.

Today we are going to share a little bit of knowledge about how you can take a screenshot using the keyboard shortcut method. It’s always been quite an easy and straightforward way to take a screenshot.


  •  It is quite easy and helpful for all the users that use the iPad device with Keyboards.
  • The method mentioned in this article works with all the iPad device models.

How you can take a screenshot with the help of a keyboard shortcut.

It’s been quite easy to take a screenshot with the help of Keyboard, Follow the simple instructions given down below. Ensure that your keyboard should connect to your iPad and should be supportable with the iPad. Moreover, you can connect the keyboard with your device with the Keyboard with Bluetooth or use Wired.

What is the Keyboard shortcut for taking a screenshot on the iPad?

It is a basic function of your keyboard by using Shortcut key by pressing Shift 3 concurrently or Whenever you press command + Shift + 4 concurrently will capture a Screenshot of your iPad Display. Then, save the Photos app Camera Roll. After taking a screenshot, you can find those images on the Photos album.

How can you capture a Screenshot and then instant markup?

If you have ever wondered about “How you can markup the screenshot after taking screenshot” yes apple allow immediate action to markup the screenshot. Apple’s iPad operating system, the iPadOS, gives you an image editor. It makes the crop easier with simple drawing tools alongside features such as text, images, drawing shapes and more. Notably, the keyboard shortcut is Fn4.

You can use it just after taking Screenshots on iPad then you just have to press the markup shortcut key. Not to mention, these keyboard shortcuts will work with all the existing models of iPad. On the other hand, there was some keyboard that offered a Pre-default keyboard button on their keyboard. Where you only have to press a single button, and the work is done on your behalf.

Furthermore, you can also set your keyboard shortcut based on your preference from the setting itself. Hopefully, we assume that this article remains helpful for you and it is worth your time. Thanks for being with us, we believe you understood and were successfully able to take a screenshot of your own. We would like to know your valuable opinion and feedback. If you have any query share with us in the comment section down below.

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