How to Fix Character Selection Issue in The Finals Beta

Looking for a fix for the character selection issue in The Finals Beta? Developed by Embark Studios, The Finals Beta is an upcoming multiplayer game where you will be able to take your enemies down in an environmentally-destructible map. The first-person shooter game is currently having an open beta, which lasts till October 5, where fans can try out the game before its official release. However, there have been some issues in The Finals Beta, which is common for games that are still in development. In this guide, we will take you through how to fix the character selection issue in The Finals Beta.

In The Finals, you will be playing as protagonists who are participating in a combat game show. Inspired by The Hunger Games and Gladiator, the show is televised to its audience, who you will be able to see as holographic crowds in the gameplay. Players form teams of three in the base game mode, and must get the most cash, among other metrics, to win the game. You can complete objectives and defeat other players on the opposing team to get in-game currency for your gear. It does get tricky if there’s a bug or two in the game affecting your gameplay. Let’s find out how you can fix the character selection issue in The Finals Beta.

Character Selection Issue in The Finals Beta Fix

How to Fix Character Selection Issue in 'The Finals' Beta

A frustrating error in The Finals Beta has been affecting many players across the globe. If you are also encountering the character selection issue in The Finals Beta, you are not alone. This bug is preventing players from entering the game.

This error starts when you are selecting the multiple accessibility settings. When you watch the intro cutscene and enter the character creation mode, attempting to choose a body size, the game seems to take you back into the settings. This turns into a loop where you are unable to progress forth with character creation, and locks you out of the main game.

If you see yourself stuck on the initial screen, you are also unable to access the main menu. This can be extremely frustrating, and can lead you to close the game by force. When you start it up again, the character selection issue in The Finals Beta persists.

Character Selection Issue in The Finals Beta Troubleshooting

To fix this issue, you will need to unlink your Steam account from your Embark ID. To do this, head to the website for Embark Studios and log into your account. After un-linking your Steam account from the Embark ID, you can relink it again if you want to. However, note that you do not need to make or link an account to play The Finals Beta.

After completing the un-linking step, you should be able to open the game and access it like normal. There is a downside to this fix, as you might lose any Twitch drops that you have earned on your account, as well as rewards received from playing the closed beta of The Finals.

However, if you have another platform to link your account, you can do so and save all your progress. Use your Xbox or PlayStation account to connect it to the Embark ID, and you should still be able to see your rewards and Twitch drops even after un-linking and relinking your Steam account.


That’s all for our guide on how to fix the Character Selection Issue in The Finals Beta. Now that you know what to do, hopefully this error won’t crop up anymore and affect your gameplay. For more guides on upcoming games, make sure to check out our website.

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