Cities Skylines 2: How to Enable and Disable Chirper Pop-Up

Players will have more people living in their cities after they make them more advanced, and these people will all have different opinions about the city. Players can view these messages via Chirper Popups, which display the messages from the populace of their city. As there are not many messages at the beginning, it is a good idea to read them as they can sometimes aid with the development of the city. When the city becomes very large, however, the popup messages can be very distracting and irritating, so players should disable them. In the following guide, you will learn How to Disable Chirper Popups in Cities Skylines 2.

Cities Skylines 2 How to Enable and Disable Chirper Pop-Up

Are There Any Chirper Mods for CS2?

At the moment, there are no Chirper mods for Cities: Skylines 2. Mod support won’t be available with the game at launch because it won’t be shipped with the game. There is still work being done on Paradox’s own modding platform for Cities: Skylines 2.

We don’t know when the system will be released, but the team said it would be done after the game hits Steam. It is inevitable that the community will develop a few Chirper mods once support is added. At the moment, 101 mods on the CS1 Steam Workshop deal with the mascot in some way, including removing it completely and adding monuments in its likeness.

How to Disable Chirper in Cities Skylines 2

Although Paradox Interactive describes Chirper as “the lovable bird,” players would use a variety of other words to describe the Twitter-like bird from Cities: Skylines. It can be difficult to build a city when Cims are constantly pinging and popping up about what they feel about the city – whether it’s positive or negative.

You may experience a brief disappearance of the service building if notifications appear at the right angle while you’re placing it. Alternatively, you can click the message to open a larger window showing historic chirps.

There are times when the warbler can irritate me, but it doesn’t happen all that often. It’s easy to get rid of, just as it was in CS1, but unfortunately there’s no way around it. Follow these easy steps to turn off Chirper:

  • Click the gear in the top right corner or press ESC to open the main menu.
  • Select “Settings.”
  • Select “Interface.”
  • Under “Highlight Unlocked,” uncheck “Chirper Popups.”
  • It’s done. You’re done with the constant ploops and pings from Chirper. Whenever you want to reactivate them, you just need to click the button again in the Settings menu.

So, that’s how you can Enable and Disable Chirper Pop-Up on Cities Skylines 2. It’s our hope that this guide has helped you. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below. For those who are experiencing specific issues like getting stuck on the loading screencrashing issue, Stuttering, C++ Redistributable Error, Hardware Not Supported, or Textures Not Loading in Game, it’s recommended to click on the provided link to get detailed troubleshooting steps and possible solutions. Always ensure your systems are up-to-date, and be patient as fixes and updates roll out.

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