Common Huawei 7c Problems and Fixes – Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Camera, SIM, and More

To fulfill the present demand of smartphones in the world, there are many manufacturers who have provided their best already. On the other side, many of them are still working to come with dynamic outcomes. Well, the fact is this is the real reason why we all have smartphones around us which are amazing. The overall number of manufacturers has bloomed since last few years. The wide spectrum of users all over the world always looks for something stylish and new. In order to keep up the pace, manufacturers always have to continuously upgrade their technology. However, one of the common sayings is everything has an opposite end and so does smartphones. With rise in technology, the overall issues related to the same have also risen rapidly. In the present time, everyone wants to own a gadget that is practically free from all the issues but one thing which we all should bear in mind is every gadget has a few common issues related to the same. In this post, the emphasis has been given to boost your knowledge on common Huawei 7c Problems and Fixes. Check them out below.

This is actually a recently introduced gadget by the Chinese Manufacturer Huawei. They have already secured a prestigious reputation for providing some of the best gadgets with useful applications and uses. Unlike all modern gadgets, Huawei 7c also has a few common issues related to it. I assure you need not to worry about anything as these glitches are basic and are mainly present due to some minor bugs in the Android. Of course, they will be solved in the coming updates. However, by the time you can simply follow this guide on common Huawei 7c Problems and Fixes.

 common Huawei 7c Problems and Fixes

There is nothing much you need to do to get the outcomes in the favorable or expected manner. All you need to do is simply update your knowledge about this device and have to follow some basic instructions to avoid the issues. The problems discussed in this post haven’t bee reported widely and thus you need not to change your plan to buy this smartphone if you already made your mind, simply go ahead with the same. To solve the issues, here is all you should know about the common Huawei 7c Problems and Fixes.

Common Huawei 7c problems and fixes

As already mentioned, Huawei &c is a trusted device which you can simply choose to buy, there is something you should still keep in your mind. When it comes to dealing with the basic issues, be clear of the fact that you cannot apply instructions at your own. It is not always necessary that problems represent their real face. This can make you apply instructions with your own knowledge which you might think would be good to follow. However, you can create other problems with the gadget. In such a situation, cannot be held responsible.

Overheating problems

Heat is actually the waste energy which the smartphone components fails to utilize anywhere. There is always a level imposed by the manufacturers for the same. However, the level of heat a phone dissipates often becomes high depending on how exactly one uses his/her phone. In case you are one among them, check out below the instructions to deal with this issue.

  • Don’t use a charger or a power bank which is not genuine/unauthorized
  • Remove the back cover if the same is installed on it
  • Check the performance level of the apps. Disable or remove the apps which are consuming extra energy
  • Disable all the features which are turned ON but are not required at that particular moment
  • The heat might not be getting released from the phone due to any reason(s)
  • Download and install the updates if they are pending
  • Perform factory reset as this is the option that can help you now
  • Don’t hesitate to can an expert if the problem is still there

Earpiece sounds Robotic (common Huawei 7c problems and fixes)

Fixing this problem is not a big deal when you know what exactly to do. The problem related with the earpiece sound has multiple sources and thus you must follow all the instructions as they are mentioned below.

  • Don’t use any earpiece which doesn’t belong to your own device
  • Avoid investing in something which is cheap in terms of quality
  • Make sure to inspect them properly for a physical damage. Also, check whether the connector or the universal jack on the phone is faulty
  • The problem could be due to missing or outdated sound drivers in the phone
  • In case the power saving mode is enabled, simply disable it
  • Restart the phone and try again
  • You might have disabled the sounds in the sound settings. Check it out
  • Use the same earpiece on another phone and check if they now work properly

Connectivity issues

Connectivity defines everything about the phone. Even the best available smartphones are nothing more than a piece of brick in case they have positive report on such issues. The reason is everything depends on data exchange from the internet or from the other gadgets for the smartphones. Therefore, they should be free from such a glitch. Check out below what are the actions that a common user can take to avoid them.

Bluetooth connectivity issues (common Huawei 7c problems and fixes)

  • Check and Turn ON the Bluetooth for both the devices
  • Remove any restrictions if available on connecting the device with other
  • Make sure you are following all the user policies and are not violating them directly or indirectly while using the Bluetooth
  • Don’t install and use any parallel Bluetooth app in the phone just because a few apps claims they are faster
  • The failure of connection could be due to infected data
  • Erase or delete a few Bluetooth devices from the Bluetooth history (ones which are recently connected with the phone)
  • Avoid transferring a very large number of files at the same time
  •  Clear the cache memory of Bluetooth app and update the OS if the same is available
  • Make sure no other apps are running in the background
  • Follow the connecting procedure carefully while connecting the device for the first time
  • Check if the Bluetooth drivers are not working properly on the gadget
  • Check and disable the power saving mode on the phone
  • Restart your device and then try one more time

Wi-Fi connectivity issues (common Huawei 7c problems and fixes)

  • If multiple devices are connected with the router, simply choose to disconnect a few
  • Restart the Wi-Fi router and the phone. Try connecting again
  • Forget the connection and then again add it. Enter password again (if imposed) and connect again
  • Check if the daily bandwidth limit has already been exceed
  • Check all the cables connected with the router. Make sure they are in working condition and have no physical damage on them. Also, check if there is a wrong connection
  • Open the Local Area Network settings and check if the LAN is disabled. IF so, enable it again
  • Make sure the internet link is stable on the router
  • Make sure the services are active on your connection. This could be the reason you are facing this problem
  • Make sure no other app which has access to Wi-Fi is running in the background at the same time
  • Make sure the signal strength is not weak
  • Check if the configuration is done in the right manner
  • If another device is getting connected with the same connection, you need to get your phone checked

Unexpected behavior of the apps

The overall functionality of a Smartphone, its performance, as well as some important tasks depends largely on the apps installed in the phone. If their behavior is not as per the expectations you have, you can follow the below guidelines to make them work reliably.

  • Make sure you are following all the policies meant for the users while accessing any app
  • Always keep them up to the date
  • Check if there is virus infection in the phone
  • Apps work well and smoothly when they are installed in the phone memory than in the SD card
  • Don’t trust all the platforms for installing them in the phone
  • Clear cache memory of the apps installed one after one

Quick Battery draining & slow charging

Battery and charging related issues are becoming very much complex for a basic user who don’t have much idea about the same. Quick drainage and slow charging not always means your device battery is faulty. The reason could be in another domain as well. You need to go through the following instructions to improve the battery performance and boost the charging rate.

  • Check if the charger, cable or the power socket you are using is faulty
  • If a lot of apps are open in the background, close them and restart your phone
  • Check the last app you installed in the phone. Remove it
  • Make sure the Wi-Fi hot spot is not turned ON. The problem could be due to same reason
  • While playing games, make sure not to begin further if the device dissipates a lot of heat
  • Always use the default charger you get with the phone
  • Make sure that screen mirroring option is not enabled on the phone when the same is not in use
  • If you use a power bank, check its power specifications. Make sure the same match with Huawei 7c
  • Avoid downloading files while the phone is charging
  • Don’t always prefer charging your phone through USB

Unresponsive Touchscreen ( common Huawei 7c Problems and Fixes)

Obviously, its’ screen on the smartphones these days that allow users to access the features of the same. In fact, it acts as channel between the user and the smartphone’s features. This clearly indicates any fault in the same can bring many issues. Probably you cannot make use of your phone properly with such an issue. Check some of the best available methods and instructions below to get the results in your favor.

  • Make sure the screen doesn’t have any minor or major physical damage on the same
  • Try erasing some data from the phone. Eject the memory card if it is there in the phone
  • Now open the phone in safe mode
  • Choose to disable all the apps installed
  • Restart the device after this
  • Clean the screen and make sure there are no oil or dust particles remains on it
  • Clean your hands too and don’t wear gloves while operating the screen
  • Turn OFF the screen share option if the same is enabled
  • Disable the power saving mode if it is enabled
  • Get the phone checked if the problem is still there

Memory/SD card not detected in the phone

It is becoming difficult for the users to keep up the pace with the default phone memory these days. They often have extra storage needs and manufacturers are familiar with the same. On Huawei 7c, you will be allowed to expand your storage by upto 256GB simply irrespective of the variant you use. Probably this is enough but in case you are facing any problem, check out below what actions can easily be taken to solve this concern.

  • Restart the phone after ejecting the SD card in case it doesn’t get detected in the first go
  • Make sure not to use a card with more storage than the upper limit imposed by the manufacturer
  • Check if the card is inserted properly and if there is a damage on the slot
  • Check if there is a manufacturing fault in the card due to which you are facing this issue
  • Before inserting it in the phone, erase some data in case it if totally full
  • Always use quality product
  • Always eject the same in the recommended manner
  • Check if the card works fine when inserted in another phone
  • Make sure to check if the card is having a physical damage on it

SIM related problems

There are some basic issues which you can face in the phone when it comes to using the SIM card in the brand new devices. Not all the reason can be explored easily but there are instructions which can easily help you to keep the pace up simply. Check them out.

  • First make sure the SIM is compatible with the variant you own
  • Check and make sure all the services are valid/active on the SIM card by the network provider
  • You may need to select the network manually for the first time. Open Network settings and search for your home network. Choose to register on it
  • Make sure you are not using a SIM card which is having a physical damage on it
  • Check if it is inserted properly. Restart the phone once inserting the same
  • Check and disable the power saving mode in case it is enabled
  • Check if the Airplane mode is turned ON
  • The signal strength may vary depending on the locations. Be clear of this fact as well
  • Always use the SIM card in the recommended manner
  • Check if the fault is in the SIM slot
  • SIM replacement will remain the last option if nothing works

Doesn’t recognize Windows 10

Transferring the data from device to another is quite common. You can perform this task only when a few basic conditions are met. Probably you know about this and the common example is assuring there is no violation of security or any other policies of two devices when connected with each other. Other factors you should be careful about the instructions to deal with this issue are mentioned below.

  • First of all check whether the connecting cable is working or not. the fault in the same can be the reason to your problem
  • Install and update the USB drivers for your phone
  • Check and make sure the connections if they are loose
  • Don’t hesitate using parallel port if one doesn’t give any response
  • Check if the windows installed on the phone is genuine
  • Restart the devices after connecting them
  • Check if you can connect your phone with another PC
  • Select the MTP mode in the phone settings than any other mode
  • You might have set some restrictions on the device connections. Check the same

Performance issues (common Huawei 7c problems and fixes)

Probably you want your phone to be stunning when it comes to performance. Well, if you are facing any issue related to the same parameter, check out below what you can do to get things back on track.

  • Restart your phone simply
  • Check if the cache memory of the installed apps hasn’t been cleaned for a long time
  • When it comes to downloading files, prefer a Wi-Fi connection
  • Make sure not to install so many apps in the phone
  • Always impose a strict upper limit on the data to be stored in the phone
  • If there is a new version available for the Android or a general update is pending to be installed, don’t hesitate to do so.
  • Avoid using the phone while charging it
  • Check if multiple apps are pending to be updated
  • Proceed with a hard reset to get the things in your favor again

Bad camera quality ( common Huawei 7c Problems and Fixes)

Cameras are the most important and useful features in the present day smartphones. In fact, the cameras have played a significant role in the success of all smartphones currently circulating among the users. Without proper camera quality, the experience if using a smartphone is obviously very daunting. Well, you can simply gain knowledge about the camera related common Huawei 7c Problems and Fixes below which can help you to deal with this situation.

  • Clean the camera lens and the screen gently
  • Make sure there is no water or liquid damaged caused to the camera due to access moisture or any other reason
  • Open Camera settings and select the HD mode for better outcomes
  • One basic tip to assure quality in all the pictures is to focus on the object before clicking the button to capture the moment
  • Always make sure to select the shooting mode which is appropriate as per the circumstances or the moments
  • Always use camera flash light whereas the same is applicable
  • Make sure not to use the camera through any other app than default
  • Remove the screen cover that is installed on the brand new device
  • Avoid capturing the snaps in the burst mode. This can largely affect the quality

While dealing with the above instructions about common Huawei 7c Problems and Fixes, you must pay close attention to the recommended manner. You can make a comment below to inform us if the issue you are facing is not in above information about the common Huawei 7c Problems and Fixes. Keep visiting to grab more useful information about Android.


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