Common Huawei Honor 8x Problems and Fixes – Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Camera, SIM, and More

Expectations and hopes are exactly what that gives always contributes in making our life superior. Well, it is totally true that we all have expectations from whatever is associated to our life. Even when it comes to buying a smartphone, everyone expects his/her gadget to be simply the best after making the investment. Although smartphones are manufactured keeping in consideration a lot of factors, parameters, as well as standards, having some basic issues in them is pretty common. You can easily keep up the pace against them without doing much. The problems can sometimes also declare their presence immediately after purchasing the device. Well, if you use Huawei Honor 8x, this post is dedicated to you. Everything which you need to know about the common Huawei Honor 8x problems and fixes has been highlighted in this post.

Formulating each and all the problems may not always be necessary for you in case you really don’t have any idea about the basic functionality of a smartphone. You simply need to keep up the pace by getting yourself knowledgeable through this post on common Huawei Honor 8x problems and fixes. The problems which are mentioned in this post are basic as already mentioned. You need to make it sure that the issues which you are facing should now be there due to reasons for which you yourself are responsible. This guide is accurate and works best for avoiding the concerned issues in no time. Just keep reading about the common Huawei Honor 8x problems and fixes.

common Huawei Honor 8x problems and fixes

Is it wise to buy this gadget?

Of course, there is nothing you should worry about. The problems are associated with the Android compatibility just like in other phones and are due to some of the factors related to the way a user handle this phone. It has best hardware configuration which is free from all the major troubles. Also, it is amazing in every aspect. As far as the matter of features and price is concerned, this is the best thing that Huawei has provided to its fans this year. Therefore, you can simply go ahead with your plan to purchase this phone. Check out now more about common Huawei Honor 8x problems and fixes.

Common Huawei Honor 8x problems and fixes

Smartphones are not designed to provide total independence to the users to use them in any way. Probably there are things and parameters which should be considered on priority and the users are bounded to the same. One such thing is to avoid the problem in a recommended manner when it arrives. This post about the common Huawei Honor 8x problems and fixes has been written keeping in view the same thresholds and parameters. You simply need to follow this guide without molding it else there is a strong probability of facing additional bugs in the phone. takes no responsibility for the same. Here is all you need to know about common Huawei Honor 8x problems and fixes.

Connectivity issues

If you are not in a position to connect your phone with another through Bluetooth or through Wi-Fi, there are chances that the problem might be under the scope of your knowledge. Check the below information to get the returns as per your expectations.

Bluetooth connectivity issues

  • Narrow the list that stores the name of recently connected Bluetooth devices. This list can be accessed in the Bluetooth settings
  • Check if the problem can be solved by simply restarting your phone
  • A hardware damage to the Bluetooth antenna inside the phone can cause this issue
  • Make sure the data you are transferring is not actually causing this issue due to its nature and compatibility with the concerned devices
  • Simply check if the power saving mode is enabled on your phone
  • You simply need to make it sure that the phone is having enough free space available in it
  • Check if there are apps in the phone that are allowed to access the Bluetooth automatically. Deny their permissions temporarily and try connecting again
  • Check the problem is not actually associated with the other device you are trying to connect
  • Simply make it sure that the phone doesn’t have any kind of restriction on it to exchange data with another device
  • You might not be following the Bluetooth or security policies
  • You may require entering a pass code when connecting the phone for the first time. Make sure to fill the same correctly
  • Clear the cache memory or the data of the Bluetooth app and check if the problem can be avoided with this
  • Don’t use your phone in the safe mode while accessing the Bluetooth
  • There must always be a limit on data size you are sending and receiving in one go

Wi-Fi connectivity issues

  • Check if you have already consumed the allotted bandwidth or the daily internet limit has been exceed
  • Make sure the problem is not there due to Wi-Fi modem you are using
  • Check the overall number of devices your modem can host without facing any problem
  • The slow internet speed can also be held responsible for this issue in many cases
  • If there are other apps running in the background, close them before accessing the Wi-Fi of your phone
  • Simply make sure your phone doesn’t have its Wi-Fi antenna in non-functional mode
  • Check if the problem is there just because the LAN settings are not set to recommended mode
  • Don’t forget to update the password in the phone in case the same has been changed recently
  • Sometimes your device needs to be verified by the network through an additional step while you add a Wi-Fi connection. Check and make sure the requirement has been fulfilled
  • Check in case you have set a time limit for automatic connection termination
  • Make sure your phone doesn’t have any unauthorized app in it causing this problem
  • Simply make sure your phone is having its modem in proper working condition and the cable connections are proper
  • Check there are no configuration related errors in the modem

Performance issues

In case you are facing this problem and are not able to find an effective solution, try the following instructions.

  • The very first thing which you need to do is to perform a basic reboot to this phone. This is a basic approach that can sometimes solve the concerned problems
  • Check if the phone is operating in the safe or in the power saving mode as it too can degrade the performance
  • Always make it sure that the default storage space in the phone is not filled completely and if it is, erase some data from the same
  • Check if the phone is having this problem due to a hardware issue in the same
  • The device performance can go down for sure if you any kind of unauthorized accessories
  • The functionality of any gadget depends largely on the apps you installed in it and how good they are to perform their task. Simply check and make sure of this
  • You simply need to clear the cache memory of your phone
  • Sometimes a lot of data kept in the phone which is not compatible with it can cause this problem
  • Check in case there is virus presence in the phone
  • The phone should be updated to the latest OS version if available
  • Perform a hard reset and check if the problem can be avoided with this

Memory/SD card not detected

The best methods to help you deal with this issue are spotlighted below.

  • The device might not be detecting the card due to improper insertion of the same
  • Check if you can solve the problem simply by removing it and restarting your phone
  • Sometimes the files are set or stored in a hidden mode on the SD card and most users have to face this issue due to no other reason than this
  • Check if the brand new SD card in case you purchased is free from the manufacturing defect. Try using it on another phone
  • Make sure there are not phone security violations caused by card due to presence of virus and other auspicious files
  • The problem might be there due to improper functionality of the card which can happen when the same is left unused for a long time
  • Check if you are able to solve this issue just because the memory card you are using has more than 256 GB storing capacity which is the limit on this phone
  • Format your card and check if the problem is gone

Earpiece sounds Robotic

Dealing with this problem in your phone becomes simple and reliable through the following steps.

  • First check if the sound drivers in the phone are installed properly and are working in a proper manner
  • Check if the problem can be solved upon a simple restart
  • Make sure your phone doesn’t have its sounds disabled in the settings
  • The problem in the earpiece or a physical damage on the same can cause this problem

Overheating problems

This is one such kind of issue in the phone that can bring a lot of counterparts if not fixed on time. Check out below how this can be done easily and reliably.

  • Make sure the problem is not there due to overcharging your phone
  • Check if the access energy is getting trapped inside the phone is necessary to be removed in the form of heat as per the device ventilation system
  • The problem might be there due to using unauthorized or pirated charger to charge your phone
  • Check if all the apps in the phone has been given access to explore other features of the device automatically
  • You might be facing the problem just because of no other reason than changing the recommended setting of your Huawei Honor 8x to custom
  • If you make use of  a back cover on your phone, try not to use it for next few days
  • Perform a basic reboot and check if the problem can be solved with this basic trick
  • Make sure your phone doesn’t have any apps in it which you have recently installed from a third-party source
  • The problem might be due to improper functionality of any hardware in the phone. You need to get the device checked properly in such a case

SIM related problems

Give a try to the below-listed methods and instructions to simply avoid this problem from your phone

  • Open SIM settings and select the Automatic mode of network selection
  • If this doesn’t work, select your home network manually and choose it as your default connection
  • Make sure the SIM card is active and have all the services applicable on the same
  • The network provider might have imposed some restrictions on the SIM
  • Make sure the SIM you are using is a 4G enabled one
  • Check in case the problem is just there in your phone because the SIM card has a physical damage on the same or it has not been inserted in a proper manner
  • Check if the SIM tray is having a problem associated with the same
  • Simply make it sure that the problem you are facing is not there due to disabling the SIM card or turning it OFF in the SIM settings
  • Disable the power saving mode in case it is enabled
  • Make sure the variant of the phone is compatible with the services of the network provider
  • Check if you can solve the problem simply by performing a basic reboot
  • Make sure the SIM card is not locked to be used

Quick Battery Draining & Slow Charging

To avoid this problem from your phone, there are some of the best methods compiled to let you have the favorable outcome simply.

  • Close all the apps running in the background a restart your phone. Check if the problem is gone
  • If not, make sure all the features such as Wi-Fi hot spot and Bluetooth are turned OFF
  • Remove the memory card from the phone and try not using it for next two days
  • Check if your device charger, the power socket and the other accessories which you use are responsible for this problem
  • Make sure not to charge your phone from the laptop/PC USB all the time
  • Avoid playing bulky games in the phone
  • Make sure all the apps are in working condition and are updated to their latest available version on the Play Store
  • Disable the notifications which really doesn’t matter for you as they often put additional burden on the battery
  • Check if the problem is there in your phone just because the battery is not in proper working mode
  • Close the GRPS if it is enabled on the phone
  • Sometimes this problem arrives due to filing the device memory completely
  • Check in case the power bank which you use is causing this problem
  • Make sure not to use the phone while it is charging

Bad camera quality

Make sure to follow the methods spotlighted below if you are having camera-related issues in your phone.

  • The problem might be there in the camera lens. Check it out properly
  • Sometimes issues related to the apps can cause this problem with the phone. Make sure your device is not having the same
  • Check if the phone camera is not being operated through the default camera app
  • Make sure your phone is not having power saving mode enabled
  • The depositing of oil and grease particles on the screen can give rise to this problem
  • Simply make it sure that your phone is not facing this problem just because you are capturing the pictures in the burst mode
  • It is always advisable to select the shooting mode as per the nearby conditions. Make use of camera flashlight whereas applicable
  • Check if the pre-installed transparent glass cover has been removed from the screen
  • Simply focus on the object in a proper manner to boost the quality
  • In the camera settings, select the HD mode

Doesn’t recognize Windows 10

Here is how you can avoid this issue in the phone simply

  • Firstly, just restart the phone and check if the things are back on track
  • Make sure the phone is not having a fault in its power cable connector
  • Check if there no phone drivers installed in the phone
  • Make sure the phone has latest version of USB drivers in the same
  • The problem might be there just because the connecting cable you are using is having a fault related to the same
  • Make sure you haven’t installed a software or an app which is not allowing you to connect your device with the PC
  • Remove the restrictions imposed on the phone to be connected with the computer
  • Check in case the mode selected on the phone is not appropriate
  • Try if the problem can be solved upon connecting the phone with the parallel port

Unresponsive Touchscreen

In case the screen on your phone is not operating properly or showing an unexpected behavior, you can try the below methods.

  • If this problem has been arrived after installing an app recently, first remove the same and check if everything is OK now
  • Open the phone in the safe mode by following the recommended procedure as per your device standards
  • Disable the screen sharing option and check if the problem is solved
  • Remove the memory card from the phone if the same has been kept in it
  • Check if you are able to solve the problem by restarting your phone
  • Make sure your hands are wet and doesn’t contain dirt particles while accessing the screen
  • Make sure your phone is not having the power saving mode enabled on it
  • Check if the problem is there just because the apps and the apps and the OS needs to be updated
  • Sometimes power fluctuation by the power source while charging the phone can cause this issue
  • Try erasing some data from the device default memory
  • Clean the screen gently
  • Make sure there is no physical or hardware damage on the screen causing this problem

Unexpected behavior of apps/ Apps not operating properly

The methods and the useful instructions to let you fix this problem are mentioned below.

  • Check if the applications you have installed in the phone have all their data and drivers stored in the phone default memory. If you select the third-party storage space such as an SD card, you may face this issue
  • Make sure all the apps are operating in the recommended settings. Although they can be customized, not upto a large extent
  • Make sure to update the apps in case a lot of updates are pending
  • Clear the cache data of the apps and check again
  • Make sure not to prefer any other platform than Play Store to install them in your phone

In case more information is required on the common Huawei Honor 8x problems and fixes, you can post a comment below. Keep visiting our platform for getting the common problems fixed with the reliable-time and reliable methods and instructions.



  1. Since I switched to 8x I’ve noticed that Runkeeper app is put to sleep & doesn’t track activities. The phone says it has detected an application draining the battery. Also I don’t get any notifications from Google Hangouts app. Shame because I like the phone. May have to switch back to Samsung if there’s no solution.

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