Common Vivo S1 Problems and Fixes – Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Camera, SIM, and More

We need to be smart in order to keep up the pace in the current time. Everything has been changed and those who are accepting the change are facing no issues in life. Others have to make a lot of efforts to tackle the problems. Everyone can become smart and in fact, it is a matter of few minutes only. All you have to do is to purchase a smartphone that is good in everything. With many manufacturers are coming to the market, the selection process is becoming difficult for the users. However, there are brands with a reputation that have already won many hearts. You can probably true them with any concern. Vivo is one of the top manufacturers that have helped many people with a limited budget to own a smartphone. Their latest addition S1 is quite impressive. In this post, the common Vivo S1 problems are highlighted.

When it is a matter of purchasing a brand new smartphones, the users often read the opinions of others and check the specifications of the phone. In the present world, almost all the phones are loaded with the best configuration. However, this really doesn’t mean they can all be put equal to each other. Despite having a similar configuration, there are things which vary. The most important among them is the common problems associated with them. This is a true fact that such problems are there with almost every gadget powered by Android technology. They need to be fixed when they are observed. This post about the common Vivo S1 problems is going to help you about the same.

common Vivo S1 problems

Are these problems major?

If you think so, you may not always be right. These problems are all about the software domain. They arrive when users violate some recommendations for using the phone. Also, the nature of apps installed in the phone is different. This makes the device perform in an unexpected manner and therefore some basic issues are experienced. You can fix them without taking any external help. The methods highlighted in this post are very useful for this purpose. The problems can be solved easily and you can have the functionality of the device restored easily. Here are the solutions to the common Vivo S1 problems.

Common Vivo S1 Problems and Fixes

A smartphone is basically a device which operates with the help of hardware and software. When the software faults are occurred, it is easy to fix them. O the other hand, the hardware issues are complex. They need technical expertise to be fixed. This post deal with the software issues only and helps you to avoid them easily without worrying about anything. While you read the solutions and apply them, be careful about the right and actual implementation. If they are applied in a wrong manner, you can face additional problem in your phone and cannot be blamed for the same. Check out now the solutions to the common Vivo S1 problems.

Connectivity problems

In order to avoid these problems from your Vivo S1, you can proceed with the following methods.

Bluetooth Connectivity Problems

  • Open the Bluetooth settings on your phone. Check if something has been customized. The same can be a reason to this glitch
  • Clear the Bluetooth history from your phone and check if the Bluetooth start working properly after doing so
  • Reboot your phone and check if the problem is gone
  • There are chances that the problem is there just because the phone communication is disabled by you manually. Remove all other restrictions as well
  • Make sure the device you are going to connect with is not having something wrong with it.
  • A virus infection can be a reason you are unable to connect your device with another through Bluetooth
  • The reason you are facing this problem might be related with the phone OS. Check it and fix the problem you locate
  • There are chances that the phone Bluetooth antenna is not in working condition
  • Sometimes the users have to face this problem just because the power saving or the safe mode is turned ON
  • This problem can declare its presence when you don’t clean the cache data from your phone
  • There are chances that the storage space is lacking in your device and is causing this problem. Check the other device as well
  • There are certain mistakes that users make while pairing the devices with each other for the very first time. One example is entering the wrong pass code. Check if this is the case with you as well
  • Make sure the actual problem is not related with the Bluetooth compatibility
  • There are chances that the data which you are using is corrupt or is not supported by any or both the devices
  • Check if a simple restart solves this problem easily from your phone

Wi-Fi/Internet Connectivity Problems

  • Open the network settings in your phone and check if there are some changes made to them. Always keep the default settings for the smooth operations
  • Do check if the internet data downloading limit is crossed and this problem is caused due to the very same reason
  • Sometimes the access heating of the phone shut down all the operations automatically and takes your device in the safe mode. The same can also stop the Wi-Fi
  • Many applications in the phones are having the access to the Wi-Fi feature. Do check if they are accessing it and you are facing the problem because of the very same reason
  • One of the leading reasons to this problem is nothing but the installation of a custom ROM in the phone
  • Do check and make sure the internet services are have not been suspended from your device
  • You need to make it sure that the problem is not actually related with the router you are using
  • One of the reasons to this problem is the network security. Check if anything is wrong with the same
  • Check if the Wi-Fi password you entered in the phone is wrong and the problem is existing due to the very same reason
  • An error with the installation of the router can be a reason to this problem
  • A certain chances are there that the problem is caused by a fault that can be related with the hardware inside the phone
  • You simply need to make sure that the router’s limit to host more devices on the network has not been reached
  • Check if there are additional restrictions on the network that you need to fulfill after entering the password
  • Disable the power saving mode is it is turned ON

Poor Battery Life

  • Check if the Wi-Fi feature and the Bluetooth feature are turned ON are is searching for the new devices continuously. This can affect the battery life
  • Make sure your phone is not having an app installed that needs more power to operate. Generally, the games and some special apps are the reasons
  • The problem could be due to enhancing the screen brightness beyond a limit specified
  • Sometimes the users have to face this problem just because of changing some settings of the phone and the settings of the apps. Restore them and check if this makes a difference
  • Make sure to impose a strict upper limit on the overall number of apps installed in your phone
  • There are certain chances that the actual problem is caused just because the fault is related with the battery itself. Check the same
  • Check if a new update is available for the OS and for the apps. Installing them can simply fix the problem
  • Notifications running in the background can largely influence the battery performance. Close them
  • Don’t allow all the apps to synchronize the data in the phone. This can really cause the poor battery life on your Vivo S1
  • Reboot the phone and check if the problem is gone

Poor Camera Quality

  • Open the camera settings and check the resolution level selected. Make it high if the same is too low
  • Sometimes the users have to face this problem just because of not using the phone in the general mode
  • This problem can exist when you use zoom feature while clicking the snaps
  • Check if the overall visibility is too low and the same is causing this problem on your phone
  • One of the leading reasons to the poor camera performance is nothing but when a limited or no storage space available on your Vivo S1
  • There are chances that the actual problem is there just because your phone is having the camera HDR mode disabled
  • Clean the camera lens and definitely you will see a lot of improvement in the images and videos captured
  • Do check if this problem exists just because your phone is having a OS related bug in it
  • Using a third-party application to capture the images than the default camera app can sometimes be the reason to this problem
  • Don’t turn OFF camera flashlight when the same is the need of the hour
  • The problem can declare its presence when you pay no attention to the image stabilization
  • In case the images are captured in the burst mode, sometimes the same causes this problem
  • Check if your phone is not charged sufficiently and the same is the reason to this problem

Slow Charging

  • The battery might be having something wrong. Get the phone checked
  • Make sure this fault is not caused just because you don’t make use of a regular charger or charge it through the one which is of bad quality
  • One of the leading reasons to this problem is nothing but a fault that is associated with the charging port on the phone
  • Don’t use your phone once you put it for charging. The slow charging speed of the battery can be caused due to this reason
  • Do check and make sure the problem is not there just because your phone is having something actually wrong with the OS
  • Data downloading continuously is another leading reason to this problem
  • The charger you are using might be faulty and needs replacement
  • The slow charging can be the common Vivo S1 problems if your power source is weak. Check it properly
  • Close all the background running apps and probably this will make a difference

Slow Performance

  • One major reason to this problem is leaving no free space on your device. At least 2GB free space should be there always
  • Check if the outdated apps in the phone are the trouble creators. Install the latest updates for them
  • Something might be wrong with the phone RAM. Check the same properly
  • A bad charger or the power source can slow down the overall performance of the phone in many cases
  • You simply need to make it sure that the actual problem doesn’t exist just because you have installed so many application on your phone
  • Disconnect your device if it is connected with any other through any channel
  • This problem might be there just because you changed some recommended settings of the phone
  • In certain cases, the slow performance is actually caused in a phone by the slow internet speed. Check the same
  • Perform a basic reboot to the phone and check if this fixes the problem
  • There are chances that a virus infection in the phone has caused this problem
  • Simply make sure the problem is not caused just because your phone is having something actually wrong with the hardware inside. Check the same
  • One of the effective solutions against the slow performance is a hard reset. It may erase all the data if you don’t take any backup

Earpiece Sounds Robotic

  • Open the sound settings on your phone. Check the earpiece type selected. Make sure it is relevant with the type of earpiece you use
  • Physically damaged universal earpiece connector on your Vivo S1 might be causing this problem. check it
  • The connection between the phone and the earpiece might be improper or loose
  • The sound mode which you have selected on your phone might not be relevant
  • Generally, people face this daunting experience not because of a problem with the earpiece but when the signal quality during a call is poor
  • A certain factors are there which are generate noise or attenuation in the signal and can be a reason to this problem
  • Do check and make sure if this problem is present just because your phone is having something wrong with the sound card or sound driver
  • A fault with the earpiece itself can be the reason to this problem. you need to check if they can be used with another device
  • Make sure the problem is not present just because your phone is suffering from a software fault
  • The speakers of the earpiece can have debris in them which might have triggered this problem. Get it checked and cleaned

Overheating Problems

  • This can be a fault with the software installed on your phone. It can be the OS or apps. Check them properly
  • A bad battery can cause overheating of the phone in certain cases. Check if everything is fine with the same
  • There are many games available on the Play Store which may not perfectly work with the Vivo S1. Check if they are responsible for the problem
  • You need to be very careful about your selection with the power bank. If you purchase it randomly and without understanding the phone specifications, overheating could be there due to the same reason
  • Check and make sure the true reason to this problem is not a fault that can be in the charger you are using
  • Do check if you use any of the accessories with the phone which is not of good quality
  • Due to any of the possible reasons, your phone might not be in a position to eject the heat generated inside. The same is the reason to the overheating in certain cases
  • Check the last app installed by you. Try removing it. This can definitely help you to solve the problem
  • A limit should be imposed on the multitasking as the same can cause the overheating of the problem
  • Restart your phone and check if this helps in solving the problem

Apps not Working Properly

  • The apps might be installed from a different source than Play Store. Check if this is the reason to the problem
  • The true fault might be associated with the phone OS which can have a bug that is not allowing the apps to perform well
  • Some apps in the phone might be blocked and the problem is there due to the very same reason
  • Your Vivo S1 may automatically turn ON the safe mode when there is a security-related concern. This can affect the working of the apps
  • Open the apps which are causing the trouble. Check if it is operating in the default settings. If not, simply restore their settings
  • One reason to this problem is nothing but a virus in the phone that have affected the apps and the data in the phone
  • The working of the apps in your phone depends largely on the features. Therefore, if you disable them, it’s automatically an invitation to the app related problems
  • Do check if removing and installing again can help you to fix this problem
  • Many things can go wrong while the installation of the apps. The same can later cause the problems
  • Give all the necessary permission to the apps if you want them to perform well. The permission includes allowing them to access the phone data when they ask for it
  • It is always recommended to install the apps in the phone memory only and not in a third-party storage. This automatically eliminates many faults

Touchscreen Problems

  • One of the solid reasons to this problem is a fault with the phone Operating System. Update the same when a new version or a general update arrives
  • Carefully check if there is a physical damage on the screen which is causing this problem
  • You can have something wrong with the screen sensors of your Vivo S1. Check the same
  • There are a lot of chances that the actual reason to this problem is nothing but the oil particles on the screen. Clean it gently and the problem will no longer remain present. Try
  • Do clean your hands properly and check if this helps you
  • Many users face this problem just because of sharing the phone screen by turning ON the screen mirroring feature. Close it and check
  • If your phone started experiencing this problem after you install an app, remove the same
  • Remove the gorilla glass guard from the phone screen. The things can be brought back on track by doing so
  • Be careful with the cheap accessories. They can sometimes stop the functionality of the screen
  • The problem can arrive in your phone due to making some changes in the screen settings. Restore them
  • If the storage space is filled completely, the same can be one of the common Vivo S1 problems related with the screen
  • Wipe the cache partition and check if this solves the problem

SIM/Network related Problems

  • Remove the SIM card from the tray and reinsert it again after proper inspection. There can be a bend or a physical damage on it causing the problem
  • Don’t lock the SIM card access. If it is already locked, the same should be restored before inserting it in the brand new phone
  • The problem could be there just because the SIM services are not available, suspended or yet to be activated in case of a SIM card purchased recently
  • Make sure the variant of the Vivo S1 you have is compatible with your SIM network provider
  • There are users who have to face this problem just because they insert the internet enabled SIM in the second slot when the first is empty
  • The reason to the failure of the network is turning OFF the SIM card manually. Check
  • Be careful about the problems that you can face after installing a software in a customized manner. One consequence of doing so is SIM related problems
  • Turn ON the roaming services while going away from your provision
  • Do check and make sure the problem has not been caused in your phone just because the signal antenna is not functioning
  • Check if the SIM card slot is having a problem associated with the same
  • The low signal strength could be due to your present location which might be in a remote area

You can feel free to contact us through the below section which allows you to post a comment if there is anything more about the common Vivo S1 problems you need to know. We will always welcome you at our platform where all the information regarding the common problems of smartphones, latest releases and various tricks and tips are available. Keep visiting.


  1. I am facing an issue in my vivo s1… Call can not sent… And suddenly both sim networks disappear for some time and sims network appear after some time.. Plz tell me solution

  2. Greetings,
    I have Vivo S1 pro, suddenly it’s giving problems with calling ,like I am not able to call and not able to listen incoming call Voice. At that time my internet is working finely.

    Please suggest.

  3. Why it’s giving me problems regarding network…. I mean when I play the pubg in the middle of the game it’s giving me reconnecting even though the network strength is very strong… Please need suggestions

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  5. Signal coming after two seconds going signal why this problem.lot of space my phone.pleace solve my problem.

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