Cyberpunk 2077 Audio Crackling Sound: How To Fix This Audio Glitch

After waiting for months, CD Projekt RED has finally released Cyberpunk 2077 for every popular gaming platforms like PS4/PS5, PC, Xbox, Google Stadia, etc. A lot of expectations and excitements gathered around this game for almost nine years of development. No doubt the game has outstanding graphics details apart from the amazing sound quality. However, some of the affected players have started reporting that they’re getting Cyberpunk 2077 Audio Crackling Sound or Audio Glitch which is literally ruining the gaming experience.

If you’re also one of the victims and don’t want to wait further for the official patch fix, make sure to check out this troubleshooting guide to quickly resolve this issue. Unfortunately, this particular audio-related issue is appearing to some Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PC, PS4, PS5 players. That means the issue is occurring to most of the gaming platforms.

Cyberpunk 2077 Audio Crackling Sound: How To Fix This Audio Glitch

Needless to say that CD Projekt RED team is working on some of the commonly reported issues or bugs. However, there is no estimated timeframe announced yet for the patch fix release. However, it’s always better to try out some of the possible workarounds to fix the issue instead of waiting for weeks or months in most cases. Now, without getting further ado, let’s get into it.

Cyberpunk 2077 Audio Crackling Sound: How To Fix This Audio Glitch

1. Fix Audio Crackling for PC

  • First of all, simply unplug the connected audio device from the PC and restart your system once to clear any temporary glitch. Once the system boots, connect the audio device and check the audio issue again.
  • Make sure that the speaker or sound device is properly connected to the PC. In most cases, a loose 3.5mm cable or port can cause a lower sound or crackling issue. Some of the audio devices also come with a USB cable. Don’t forget to connect to your PC.
  • It can possible that somehow your system audio sound level is low enough. Just open the Windows 10 Settings menu > Go to Sound > Double-click on your playback device > Click on Advanced > Increase the sound level.
  • Try removing and re-inserting the audio peripheral into your PC. Make sure that the audio port and 3.5mm jack or USB cable is working. Try checking another audio device to your PC whether the sound is coming out or not. If yes that means there is some issue with the previously connected audio device.
  • Ensure that both your Windows OS build and Audio Drivers are updated to their latest version.
    • Go to Windows Settings > Update & Security > Check for Windows Updates.
    • While for the Audio Driver, right-click on the Start menu > Select ‘Device Manager’.
    • Double-click on ‘Audio inputs and outputs’ > Right-click on the active audio device.
    • Click on ‘Update driver’ > Choose ‘Search automatically for drivers’.
    • If the update is available, the system will automatically download and install it > Once done, reboot your PC.
  • Try disabling the VSS (Volume Shadow Copy Service) on your Windows 10 system.
    • Just head over to the ‘Start’ menu > Type Services in the search box.
    • Open the ‘Services program’ > Click on the ‘Volume Shadow Copy’ option from the list to select or highlight it.
    • Now, right-click on the service and click on ‘Properties’ > Click on ‘Disabled’ from the ‘Startup type’ drop-down.
    • Click on Apply and OK to save changes.
    • Restart your computer and check for the issue again.

Note: However, if disabling the VSS method doesn’t work for you, try enabling it again by following the same above method.

2. Fix Audio Crackling for All Consoles

  • First of all, try power cycling your console. Just switch off the console completely > Unplug the power cable from the console and power source > Wait for around 5 minutes or so > Plug back in the power cable and restart your console. This is one of the tried and tested common methods to fix most of the temporary glitches on the console (if any).
  • Try using the Stereo Sound option on your console. Head over to the audio settings of your Xbox or PlayStation console and change the Audio Type from Surround Sound to Stereo Sound. It can also come in handy for some of the players.
  • Similarly, turn off the Virtual Surround Sound from the console or from the connected audio device setup. Though using the virtual surround sound feature can really enhance the audio experience for gaming headsets, it can also cause poor sound quality in some scenarios.

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One thing needs to mention that there is no confirmation whether these methods work for all or not. We may have to wait further until developers come up with a patch fix. That’s it, guys. We hope you’ve found this guide useful. If you’ve any queries, let us know in the comment below.


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