Hw to Beat Flux Construct I in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom: A Comprehensive Guide

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has been a captivating journey for the players, not just for its enchanting storyline but also for its challenging boss fights. One such adversary you’ll encounter early on is the formidable Flux Construct 1. This mini-boss, resembling a pyramid of blocks topped with a red searchlight, is no piece of cake if you are unprepared. However, with the right strategy, you can take it down and use its powerful loot, including the Flux Construct 1 Core.

Flux Construct 1 Location

The first instance of Flux Construct 1 is found on Sky Island. To make the fight less daunting, ensure you possess a reliable weapon with at least 10 attack points and a bow. A fourth heart container and a sturdy armor set will also give you a crucial edge. It’s advisable to advance up to Hyrule Castle, collect the paraglider, and then teleport back to the Nachoyah Shrine in the southern part of the Great Sky Island. The paraglider will significantly aid you in reaching the combat arena.

Preparing for the Battle

Before plunging into the fight, stocking up on meals and elixirs can save you from sudden peril. The Flux Construct 1 can deal heavy damage, so having meals at hand for health recovery is a wise move. Speed-boosting elixirs can help you dodge the Construct’s attacks more efficiently. Furthermore, the location’s chilly conditions call for a Cold Resistance Elixir. A good stock of weapons and the Ultrahand ability (which can be unlocked by completing the Ukouh Shrine) are essential for this fight.

How to Beat Flux Construct 1

When you engage Flux Construct 1, it morphs into a colossal form, attempting to smash you with its fists. However, one glowing block stands out among the blocks, and that’s your target. The block’s location varies but is fairly noticeable.

Shoot the glowing block with an arrow, which will cause the Flux Construct 1 to kneel, giving you the opportunity to strike it with your strongest weapon. If you notice it starting to rise, sprint away to avoid being hit. Repeat this process until the mini-boss crumbles and drops loot.

The Flux Construct 1 Core, dropped by the boss, can’t be picked up. However, you can fuse it with a weapon, causing a remarkable boost in the weapon’s damage. For instance, the Zonaite sword’s attack power can skyrocket from 6 to 19 with the Core.

Overcoming Flux Construct’s Attacks

Flux Construct 1 employs various attack strategies, each time revealing the glowing Cube (which contains the Construct’s Core) in different areas. Understanding these attacks is crucial to your victory.

  1. Fist Slam Attack: When Flux Construct 1 slams both hands on the ground, dodge to avoid the shockwave. Its fists will remain stuck momentarily, revealing the glowing block on its knee. Use Ultrahand to pull the block out and attack it.
  2. Cube Attack: In its Cube form, Flux Construct 1 rolls to crush you. However, as it rolls, the glowing Cube in the middle row becomes visible. Use Ultrahand to pull out the glowing Cube and dismantle the Construct.
  3. Floating Rectangle Attack: In this attack, Flux Construct 1 floats and shoots a row of cubes at you. The glowing Cube will be on the underside of the rectangle. Run under the rectangle while it’s recharging, use Ultrahand to pull out the glowing Cube, and attack it.
  4. Faster Fist Attack: Flux Construct 1 recycles ts first attack but with increased speed and a new location for the glowing Cube. It is advisable to replenish your health and boost your speed with an elixir at this point. When the Construct slams its fists, dodge, and locate the glowing Cube on its shoulder. If missed initially, you can grab it during the subsequent attacks.
  5. Central Cube Attack: This is a tricky one. Flux Construct 1 forms into a large Cube, with the glowing Cube hidden inside. Maintain a safe distance and use Ultrahand to remove the smaller Cubes on the outside until you reach the glowing Cube in the center. Pull it out and attack it to reduce the Construct’s health.

Persist with these strategies until Flux Construct 1’s health bar is fully depleted. Upon defeating it, you will be rewarded with valuable items such as Zonai Charges and a Flux Construct Core.

Defeating Flux Construct 1 brings you a step closer to completing your quest in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom and equips you with a powerful tool, the Flux Construct 1 Core. With this in your arsenal, you will be better prepared to face the upcoming challenges in the magical kingdom of Hyrule.

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