Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Gleeok Locations and How to Defeat

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom introduces the majestic Gleeoks, formidable creatures that present epic boss battles in this enthralling Nintendo Switch adventure. This guide aims to assist you in locating these beasts and offers strategies for defeating them.

Avid Zelda fans may recognize Gleeoks from previous chapters in the series. However, for those who embarked on their Hyrulian journey with Breath of the Wild, Gleeoks might be unfamiliar. These three-headed dragons pose a significant challenge that dwarfs the likes of Lynels.

Different Types of Gleeoks in Zelda:

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom features four variants of Gleeoks, each requiring a unique strategy. Expect intense battles and prepare for every possibility.

Flame Gleeok

For those daring enough to face the mighty three-headed dragons of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, the Flame Gleeok presents a daunting challenge. This guide aims to arm you with the knowledge needed to locate, strategize, and conquer the Flame Gleeok, along with an understanding of the rewards that await you.

Flame Gleeok Location

Finding the Flame Gleeok in the expansive world of Hyrule can be quite the challenge. However, a common location for this fiery beast is the Eldin Canyon. For a more detailed location, head to the Spectacle Rock in the Gerudo Desert, where one Flame Gleeok is known to reside.

How to Defeat Flame Gleeok

Strategies for Defeating the Flame Gleeok To triumph over the Flame Gleeok, a skyward approach is necessary. These majestic creatures remain airborne until you deplete them to 25% of their health or stun them by targeting all three heads. The Flame Gleeok will persistently launch fiery attacks, making the battle intense.

To counter, ascend and engage from above, employing arrows imbued with elements the Flame Gleeok is vulnerable to. Persist with this strategy until the Gleeok descends. Once grounded, wield your strongest weapon and strike relentlessly until you have conquered the Flame Gleeok.

Rewards for Defeating the Flame Gleeok:

What to Expect Victory over the Flame Gleeok is not just about the thrill of the challenge; it also comes with some valuable spoils. After defeating this beast, expect to receive a variety of drops, which typically include rare items and materials that can be utilized for crafting, enhancing your gear, or trading with Hyrule’s inhabitants.

Frost Gleeok

In the aftermath of the Upheaval, the Frost Gleeok made its chilling presence known. Solo combat against this creature is not recommended, as it simultaneously attacks with all three heads. The Frost Gleeok has the unique ability to produce an extremely cold air within its body, which it uses to freeze any intruders and their surroundings in ice.

Frost Gleeok Location

Venture into the colder regions of Hyrule to find this icy beast. The Frost Gleeok is known to fly around the Tabantha Tundra and Hebra area, making these locations ideal for your search.

For more precise locations, the Frost Gleeok is frequently sighted in the Gerudo Highlands and Hebra Mountains. Be sure to dress Link warmly before venturing into these freezing terrains.

How to Defeat the Frost Gleeok

Your strategy to defeat the Frost Gleeok should involve both airborne and ground combat. As the beast doesn’t descend until it’s down to 25% health or stunned by hitting all three heads, you’ll need to start your attack from the air. Utilize fire-infused arrows to counteract the Gleeok’s frosty assault. Once the Gleeok is grounded, switch to your most formidable weapon and attack relentlessly until the beast is defeated.

Rewards for Defeating the Frost Gleeok

Defeating the Frost Gleeok is no easy task, but your efforts will be rewarded with valuable drops. These spoils can range from rare items to crafting materials, which can be used for upgrading your gear or trading with Hyrule’s inhabitants.

King Gleeok:

Emerging from the chaos of the Upheaval, the King Gleeok has swiftly gained notoriety as one of the most fearsome creatures in Hyrule. Its three heads unleash a coordinated barrage of lightning, fire, and ice attacks that can overwhelm unprepared adventurers. It is strongly recommended to avoid facing this beast alone, as its staggering brutality requires a strategic approach and advanced preparation.

King Gleeok’s Location

King Gleeok holds dominion in the depths of the appropriately named Gleeok Den. Be prepared for an intense battle as you venture into this ominous location.

How to Defeat the King Gleeok

Defeating King Gleeok is a formidable task that requires a multi-faceted strategy. As the beast utilizes all three elements in its attacks, you’ll need to be prepared for a range of elemental onslaughts.

Start the fight from the air, as the Gleeok won’t descend until it’s reduced to 25% health or stunned by hitting all three heads. Use elemental arrows that counteract the Gleeok’s current elemental form. For example, use fire-infused arrows against its ice form, ice-infused arrows against its fire form, and shock-resistant armor or potions against its lightning form.

Once the Gleeok is grounded, equip your most powerful weapon and press the attack. Be aware of its elemental shifts and adjust your tactics accordingly to secure your victory.

Rewards Defeating the King Gleeok

Defeating the King Gleeok is a test of skill and resilience, but the rewards are well worth the challenge. The spoils can include rare items and valuable crafting materials, essential for enhancing your gear or bartering with the inhabitants of Hyrule.

How to Defeat Gleeoks in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

To vanquish a formidable Gleeok, you must first take to the skies. Gleeoks remain airborne until they lose 75% of their health or are stunned by hitting all three heads, relentlessly launching elemental attacks in the process. Counter their assaults by targeting them from above, using elemental arrows that they are susceptible to. Repeat this strategy until the Gleeok descends. Once on the ground, unsheathe your most powerful weapon and unleash a flurry of attacks until the Gleeok is defeated.

This guide provides an overview of the Gleeoks in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. For additional insights into the game, explore our guides on Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom depths, old maps, and korok guides.

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