Diablo Immortal Lost Pages locations | How to Find Them

Diablo Immortal has many quests, and when you complete them, you will receive rewards and other things. In the game, players can choose from a number of side quests as well as main quests. One of the quests you must complete is to find the lost pages locations.

This article is all about Finding the lost pages in the library of Zolltun Kulle. This guide will give you the location where you can find the lost pages and how you can find those pages. Those people who play this game regularly are very familiar with the quest of the Library of Zoltun Kulle. In this quest, there are several pages that are scattered around the Library of Zoltun Kulle which allows the players to craft the Portal tomes.

Diablo Immortal Lost Pages locations How to Find Them

Diablo Immortal Lost Pages locations | How to Find Them

Diablo Immortal is free to play online video game. A game where an in-game shop exits where the player can buy things like armors, dresses, and other things that can be used. You can also enjoy the game as it is without spending real money. It is an action role-playing game developed by Blizzard Entertainment and NetEase where you can fight the ancient giants. This game is set up between Diablo II and Diablo III. You can download this game from the Play Store.

To find the Lost Pages, you need to begin the quest of Zoltun Kulle. When you complete all the quests of the Zoltun Kulle, you will be fanned out to an event called the Kulle’s Hidden Chamber. This is the event where you can find the Lost Pages, and this will take you to the Library of Zoltun’ Kulle where you will be able to collect those Lost Pages.

It is advised to use the speed enhancements while looking for the Lost Pages. You should look in every Room of the library quickly because the Lost Pages are spread all over the library, and there might be some other players who are looking for the Lost Pages too, and they will find it before you take your hands on them.

Tips while collecting the Lost Pages

It is very much advised to the players to use some classes like Crusader or the Nexeomancer or you can even use the Demon Hunter while looking for the lost pages. They have a variety of attacks that can be beneficial for you while finding the Lost Pages.

The moment you collected 5 Lost pages, that will make you able to craft the Portal Tomes. Now after crafting the Portal Tomes you will.be able to teleport from one area to the area where you can face the Sandstorm Guardian or the hydra.

When you defeat these characters you will gain lots of valuable items like gems, Legendary Armor, Enchanted Dust, and other user equipment. Once you have unlocked the Portal Tomes. A random player can teleport into your party helping you defeat these bosses.

The location of each lost page is not exactly known. As they are spread across the library, finding the exact location of the lost pages will be difficult. But we have listed the maps with the point where you can find the lost pages and complete your quest. This needs to be done quickly as there may be other players on the server who might find the lost pages before you get your hands on them.



Completing the quest may be the best thing to do in the Diablo Immortal. finding lots of pages gives you that exact thing you would need in fighting these bosses mentioned here. To find the lost pages you can go through the Map we have provided.

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