Different Types of Card Games You Can Play Online

Since ancient times, Indians have enjoyed playing card games online. Playing cards is an integral part of every celebration, whether it a wedding, a holiday like Diwali, or just a night in with friends. However, as our busy schedules and geographic separation increased, it became more difficult to physically get together and play card games. You can also play 4 2 5 card game.

See how easy it is to play Indian card games online by checking out this selection of popular options.

In India, Rummy is by far the most well-liked and played card game. The game’s popularity skyrocketed as it became available to play online. You need fast reflexes and a good plan if you want to win in this card game of skill. 666 Rummy has been played and enjoyed in India for hundreds of years. 

One of the best things about 666 Rummy is how fun and simple it is to play. Rummy players may also participate in massive tournaments for the title of supreme player. All right, let’s get right down to the rummy action.

  • Teen patti 

Three cards is the literal translation of teen pati. The British card game 3-card brag served as inspiration for the Indian game Teen Patti. A comparison to poker may also be made. As a result, adolescent patti has been dubbed “Indian poker” by some. Because of the game’s widespread popularity in India, it has even been depicted in movies made there. 

  • Poker

Playing poker involves both betting and planning moves. This casino favourite may also be enjoyed in the comfort of one’s own home. Hollywood has a deep love for the game of poker and has included several poker-related films and TV series.  It seems reasonable that North America would be linked to this card game given that it is where poker first emerged. Foreign nations are not immune to this fad. However, the poker hand rankings are the most basic and fundamental concepts to learn and retain.

  • Bluff

Bluff, like many other card games, quickly gained in popularity thanks to word of mouth. Expressionless face, mental prowess, and a little of luck are all necessities in this game. You’ll need to keep an eye on your rivals’ moves and know when to call their bluff in this strategy game. This game will have you on the edge of your seat. Do you want to discover the secrets of successfully bluffing? Then, let’s go right into the regulations.

This game may include anything from three to 10 players. There is just one deck of cards used, and no jokers are included. Make sure the cards are shuffled well and dealt out fairly to everyone. It doesn’t matter whether some people are short a card or if some people have an extra one. You may check out the card without anybody knowing your identity.

  • Numbers: 3-2-5

If you want to play a quick and simple card game, “three, two, five” is your best bet. For kids in countries like India and Pakistan, this is a go-to pastime. In India, it is known as 5-3-2 or Teen Do Paanch. It’s a good time for the whole family, and there’s no gambling involved. This game requires a minimum of three people to play. You may only utilise the Ace, King, Queen, Jack, 10, 9, 8, 7, and 7 and 7 cards from one deck.

  • Bridge

As a card game, it ranks among the most popular worldwide. The greatest number of publications have been devoted to studying this one particular card game. Participants from all around the world may be found in the several bridge competitions held each year. 

  • Satta Matka

These three words immediately conjure up images of the 2009 Bollywood movie of the same name. Sevens is the English name for a number of different games, including Fan Tan, Dominoes, and Parliament. It’s a tactically rich and entertaining game.

This bundle of 52 card games may be played with three to eight people. It doesn’t matter whether some players end up with one more or one less card than the others since everyone receives the same amount. Sort the cards first by suit, then by number.

Once you have seven cards in any suit, you may begin a second arrangement. One way to create a layout is to line up the cards in sequence next to the seven. Each turn consists of playing a single card, which must be the one that comes after the currently shown cards. You may declare “Pass” if you do not have a card to play at the appropriate time. Until one player is left with no cards, play will continue until a winner is determined.

  • Mendikot

Played mostly in the western Indian states of Maharashtra and Gujarat, this card game is very regional. Get as many cards worth 10 as possible to win the game. It’s a fast and easy way to improve your disposition. In this way, you may play the game of mendikot.

Four people, split into two teams of two, sit across from each other in a card game. Only a standard deck of 52 cards will do for this particular game. From highest to lowest, the ranks of each suit are as follows: A, K, Q, J, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2.

Man shuffling the cards for the game


Each card game has its own unique rules and strategies, which adds to the entertainment value. These are among of the most played card games played online, and you may play them at your leisure from anywhere in the world.

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