How to Fix DirecTV Error Code 721

Many users are reporting an issue with DirecTV where they receive an error code 721. This occurs when attempting to view a channel, set of channels, or live streaming, resulting in the message “Error Code: 721. Channel Not Purchased”. This error indicates that your receiver is not receiving the program information from DirecTV or that the channel you are trying to watch is not included in your subscription package. Fortunately, there is a quick and effective way to resolve this error. However, before we explore the fixes, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. For more information, please refer to the article below.

How to Fix DirecTV Error Code 721

Things to ensure before getting into the fix for DirecTV Error Code 721

  • Firstly, make sure the DirecTV subscription package does have the channel in your DirecTV lineup.
  • Secondly, if you have issues with a 4K channel, then ensure that your TV can output 4K content and your account does have a 4K subscription.
  • Thirdly, users who have recently purchased a DirecTV subscription package must wait for 24 hours and then check again.
  • Lastly, check whether your device is compatible with DirecTV or not. Also, if you are an SD receiver user, ensure that the receiver is compatible with DirecTV.

Fix for DirecTV Error Code 721

FIX: Refresh Your DirecTV Service and Restart Your Receiver Box

While your receiver box fails to receive the program info for a channel or set of channels, it can trigger the DirecTV Error Code 721. Here the first solution is to refresh your DirecTV service and then restart the receiver box. For doing so, follow the steps given below:

For our DirecTV Service:

  • Firstly, navigate to the account page on the DirecTV website from any web browser.
  • There log in using your account credentials and then click on the plus icon right under the My DirecTV.
  • Further, select your plan and then click on the Manage My Plan link.
  • Now navigate to Manage & Learn About Equipment and then check whether you can find the problematic receiver listed there.
  • If yes, then click on Refresh service and then wait for another 5 minutes.
  • Finally, check whether the DirecTV Error Code 721 got resolved or not.

For Restarting Your Receiver Box:

  • Firstly, power off your receiver and then unplug the Power cord from the socket.
  • Now take a 15 to 20 seconds gap and then plug back the power cord of the receiver.
  • Further, press the red button on the receiver and then let it restart.
  • Now check whether the DirecTV Error Code 721 got resolved or not. If not, then refresh your DirecTV service, and it will possibly resolve the error.

If the error still keeps bothering you then,

  • Check if setting up manual recording solves the said error.


  • Use a B Band Converter with your receiver, and it will help.

The quick and easy fix explained above will help you in resolving the DirecTV Error Code 721 for all the users. While you see the said error code in your system, it is a sign from DirecTV indicating the problems which are due to the receiver or other components; thus it is the time when you must step up and resolve it.

At the end of the article, we hope that you will find all the information mentioned above as helpful and relevant. After reading this article, if you have any queries or feedback, please write the comment in the below comment box.


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