Fix: DJI Action 2 Not Reading SD Card

DJI Action 2 pocket-sized camera unit is compatible with a range of new magnetic mounts and with one of two expansion modules. Also, it boasts RockSteady 2.0 and HorizonSteady image stabilization for stable recordings at 120fps and 240fps in full HD.

DJI Action 2 has a high price and premium features that make it a direct competitor to GoPro’s flagship Hero 10 Black, but integrated batteries and an overheating problem hinder its performance. Also, there are many other issues that DJI Action 2 has. Yes, the DJI Action 2 is not reading the SD card for many users.

Well, although no one knows why the DJI Action 2 is not reading SD card. But we still have some troubleshooting methods that you can use to resolve this issue. So, let’s check out those methods:

Fix: DJI Action 2 Not Reading SD Card

How To Fix DJI Action 2 Not Reading SD Card

You can easily resolve the DJI Action 2 not reading SD card issue using the methods mentioned below. So, if you want to resolve this problem with your Action 2, make sure to perform these fixes and check whether the error gets resolved. 

Fix 1: Reboot The Action 2

There are chances that Action 2 may not be able to read the SD card just because some random bugs or glitches occur on your DJI Action 2. Therefore, you need to remove these random bugs or glitches, and to do so, rebooting your device will be the right option. So, we advise you to reboot your Action 2 and check whether the issue gets resolved. 

Fix 2: Check The Charge

Did you check if your Action 2 has at least a 20 percent charge or not? Well, this is sometimes this will happen when your device doesn’t have a proper charge; it starts showing this kind of random error. Therefore, you must have to make sure that Action 2 has at least a 20 percent charge before connecting the SD Card. If not, then charge it immediately. 

Fix 3: Check Your SD Card

There are also chances that the SD Card may be corrupted or damaged due to which your DJI Action 2 is not reading that SD Card. Therefore, you must check if the SD card is working properly or not. After that, connect it to your camera and check if the issue gets resolved. 

Fix 4: Make Sure It Is Not Damaged

A damaged device also comes up as the main culprit behind this type of error. Thus, you must thoroughly check your DJI Action 2 for any type of external damage. This is because external damage may sometime becomes the reason behind this issue. So, you must check, and if your find any damage, then hover over towards the nearest service center and ask them to repair that. 

Fix 5: Try Using The SD Card on Different Device

Did you try using the SD card on your different devices? Well, if you are yet to try this, then you must try connecting your SD Card to a different device and check if it is working on that device or not. However, in case the SD Card is recognized by the device, then there is some problem with your DJI Action 2. So, you must take your camera to the service center to get a repair. 

Fix 6: Format The SD Card

If nothing helps, then you must try formatting the SD Card using your PC. However, many users are there who have claimed that after formatting the SD Card, they have successfully fixed the DJI Action 2 not reading the SD Card issue. Therefore, you must also do this and check if it helps. We hope that you know how to format an SD Card using your PC. 

Fix 7: Contact The Support Team

We regret if nothing has helped you resolve the DJI Action 2 not reading SD Card issue. But that doesn’t mean you have no other option to resolve this. You must contact the support team and explain the problem to the officials. After that, depending upon the situation, they will surely help you resolve this problem.

So, that’s all on how to fix DJI Action 2 not reading SD Card issue. We hope that you find this guide helpful. For more info, comment below and let us know. Moreover, don’t forget to check out our other latest guide by visiting GetDroidTips. 

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