Warzone 2 DMZ Flight Risk Mission Guide: Heavy Chopper Fuel and Extraction

Warzone 2 Season 3 has introduced new missions and challenges to the DMZ mode, including the Flight Risk mission. This mission requires players to find Heavy Chopper Fuel, use it to power a Heavy Chopper, and exfiltrate the DMZ. This guide will outline the necessary steps to complete the Flight Risk mission, including finding Heavy Chopper Fuel and successfully extracting from the DMZ.

Finding Heavy Chopper Fuel in DMZ

Warzone 2 DMZ Flight Risk Mission Guide: Heavy Chopper Fuel and Extraction

In order to complete the Flight Risk mission, you will need to locate Heavy Chopper Fuel. This resource can be found in two main locations:

  1. Al Mazrah Airport: Search for Heavy Chopper Fuel inside orange caches and behind locked doors at the airport. Be cautious, as the airport is a high-risk location with potential enemy encounters.
  2. Cargo Train: Some players have reported finding Heavy Chopper Fuel in train cars. Be aware that the train is a popular target in Season 3, and the fuel might not always spawn there or may have already been collected by another squad.

Additionally, you may find Heavy Chopper Fuel in the backpacks of downed enemy players. If you come across fuel this way, it provides another opportunity to complete the mission.

Using the Heavy Chopper for Flight Risk Extraction

Once you’ve acquired the Heavy Chopper Fuel, locate the Heavy Chopper on your map, which is usually found around Hafid Port, a high-traffic area. Fill the chopper with fuel and take to the skies.

To exfiltrate using the Heavy Chopper and complete the Flight Risk mission, simply fly to any out-of-bounds area on the map. This method allows you to bypass the need to call for extraction at designated extraction points or use a Hostage Rescue chopper.

Flight Risk Extraction Strategies and Precautions

When attempting to complete the Flight Risk mission, be aware of the risks associated with finding Heavy Chopper Fuel and using the Heavy Chopper for extraction. Both the Al Mazrah Airport and the cargo train are prime targets for enemy soldiers and other players, making these areas dangerous to explore.

Furthermore, Hafid Port, where the Heavy Chopper is typically located, is a high-traffic area with a greater likelihood of encountering enemy players. Be cautious and strategic when approaching these locations and plan your extraction accordingly.

In conclusion, the Flight Risk mission in Warzone 2 DMZ Season 3 offers players an exciting new challenge. By successfully locating the Heavy Chopper Fuel, powering the Heavy Chopper, and extracting from the DMZ, you can complete this mission and enjoy a thrilling gaming experience.

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