Download BiTGapps: A New Gapps for Android 13, 12.0, 11.0, 10 and 9.0 Pie Custom Gapps

Updated on April 14, 2021: We are excited to announce the addition of Android 13 Gapps, based on Bitgapps, to our article. For those who prefer using Bitgapps, this latest version is now available for your Android 13 devices. Explore the enhanced features and enjoy an improved experience with this new iteration of Bitgapps, specifically tailored for Android 13

If you are an avid smartphone enthusiast with a taste for custom ROMs, then definitely you know about GApps. It’s a custom ROM-specific Google Apps. after you install a custom OS, you also need basic GApps and other services on your phones. Apps on Android smartphones majorly consists of Google’s Apps. Even though we switch from stock to custom ROMs, Google’s App is mandatory unless the device is China region-based. In China Google and its services are not used so, you won’t see Google Apps on Chinese devices.

Usually, users are provided with OpenGApps by the developers. However, there are other GApps packages as well. Today we bring you one such Google basic Apps collection called BiTGapps. It is developed by XDA developer TheHitMan and cheers to him for his hard work on this. You can download BiTGapps from the link given below. You can use it with any custom ROM.

Download BiTGapps

The BitGApps custom GApps package is meant for arm64 devices. This Google Apps package contains a minimal set of Google Applications. The BitGApps file size is highly optimized than the regular GApps Package with low file size.

BiTGapps Compatible Devices

Normally any Android device with arm64 architecture should be able to run BiTGapps. Hover, this GApps is only compatible with the A-only type partition device. hence, it’s incompatible with the A/B type partition device.

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Download BiTGapps

Here is the download link for the custom GApps.

Android 13 Gapps:

Android 12.1.0 Gapps:

Android 12 Gapps:

Android 11 Gapps:

How to Install BiTGapps..?

Before installing you have to remember a few things.


  • A rooted Android device installed with any custom ROM.
  • The phone must have a 50% or more charge.
  • The phone must be installed with the latest TWRP recovery
GetDroidTips will not be responsible for any bricking incidents which may occur after installing this App package. Do it at your own risk.

Step-1 First install any custom ROM of your choice.

Step-2 While in the TWRP menu, select install

Step-3 Browse and select the BiTGapps zip file.

Step-4 Swipe to confirm and flash the file.

That’s it. Now you have successfully flashed the BiTGapps on your device. Enjoy.

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