Download Sugar MTK SP Tool and Flash Firmware using it

If you use a MediaTek chipset-based smartphone, then we have got the Sugar MTK SP Tool for you to flash the stock firmware on the phone. It is a free tool developed and shared by TCL Mobile Inc. This tool is exclusively for the PC and laptops running on Windows OS. The support ranges from the older Windows XP to the latest Windows 10.

In this guide, we have put up the latest version of the Sugar MTK SP Tool. Also, we have included a simple guide that will help you to flash firmware using this tool.

Features of Sugar MTK SP Tool

Let’s throw a glance at the features of the Sugar MTK SP Tool.


This tool comes with an installer. This means you have to install this application and you simply cannot launch it to use.

MTK Driver Inbuilt

This tool comes with the MediaTek USB driver. You can install that after installing the Sugar MTK Tool.

Install Firmware

It just takes three simple steps to use this tool to flash the firmware on your smartphone. Simply grab the tool and install it. Also, get the correct firmware that you want to flash. Then launch the tool and hit the Upgrade to begin the process. We have explained the entire process ahead. Check it out.

Support for .mbn file format

.mbn is the file format of the firmware which you can use to install on MediaTek-based smartphones and tablets.

Download Sugar MTK SP Tool

Here is the download link for the latest version of this tool.

Latest Sugar MTK SP Tool | Download v5.1.1R

How to Use the Tool

By use, we mean flashing the firmware using the Sugar MTK tool. However, before flashing firmware using this guide, you have to follow some guidelines which we have mentioned in the section below.


  • A MediaTek chipset based smartphone running Android OS
  • A PC/Laptop running on the Windows 10
  • A USB Cable
  • Check that you have over 50% battery power on your
  • Make sure to install the latest MediaTek USB driver on your system
  • You must know the username and password to use the Sugar SP MTK Tool.
  • Download the correct and required firmware for the smartphone

Flashing the firmware

  • Download & install the Sugar MTK Tool
  • Copy the Data and Configuration folder on your stock firmware zip to the Bin folder of the Sugar MTK Installation directory [copy it to the folder/directory/drive where you’ve installed the tool on your system ]
  • Open the Sugar MTK tool [use the username and password when it asks]
  • When the interface opens up, select the Product Models drop-down menu to select your smartphone.
  • Upon selection, you can see the image and model number of the smartphone
    Sugar MTK SP Tool user interface
  • Click on the Upgrade button
  • Connect your smartphone to the PC using the USB cable
  • Now, the firmware will start to flash on the target smartphone. It will take some time to finish.
  • Upon successful completion of the firmware installation, you should get an Upgrade Finished Message
  • Disconnect your smartphone and restart it.

That’s all about the Sugar Sp MTK Tool. If you have a smartphone running on the MediaTek chipset, then get this tool and flash the firmware on it.

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