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Smartphone manufacturers release new firmware more frequently than releasing new smartphones. Sont being a reputed smartphone manufacturer do this to keep their users from experience better things every time. But as a user finding every new firmware and installing them is a hard task. Many users might not even be aware of a new release, and end up not getting the new experience added to their device. Many fake sites are also there offering fake firmware which might increase the chances of security vulnerabilities on your device. The XperiFirm Tool is something that comes with the perfect solution for all of these issues.

The XperiFirm Tool is something that can help you download all new firmware which is officially released by Sony. This is made possible by connecting to the official Sony servers. This amazing tool is developed by a senior member of XDA, IgorEisberg. Read through to find out more details about the XperiFirm Tool and the link to download the latest version of the tool.

Download XperiFirm Tool [Latest Version Available]

What is XperiFirm Tool?

Well, there is a number of brands that are selling smartphones across the globe. All have their own set of features and are always in a race to leave behind the other brand. One of the most important after-sales services that Android OEMs can provide to their users is the regular and timely rollout of the updates. We always come across news of a smartphone getting a new update. These updates are pretty essential to keep the devices up and running with the latest trends and safety measures to keep the data of the users safe and also provide them with the latest Android experience. However, there are certain times, when the update is rolled out for a region, it reaches a certain set of people, but the other set of people are devoid of it. It is a fact that OEMs roll out official updates in a staggered manner meaning that not all the devices will get the updates at the same time.

But, there are numerous tools available for each OEM that helps you to pick up the update package file for manual degradation which means that you do not have to wait for the official OTA to arrive. Such a tool for Sony Xperia smartphones is the XperiFirm tool. You can make use of the XperiFirm Tool to download the latest stock firmware for any Sony Xperia phone and upgrade your device right away even if the OTA is not yet available for your region. There are two panels in the layout of this tool, once that depicts the smartphone names and the other depicts the updates. You can check if a new update is available for your region and then click on it to download the latest firmware for your Xperia phone pretty easily and safely.

Features of XperiFirm Tool

The XperiFirm Tool is packed with features that help Sony users seamlessly get access to all new stock firmware released officially by Sony. The main features of the tool include:

  • Cross-device support: The XperiFirm Tool supports most of the devices in the Sony Xperia lineup. Only a few devices that are very old is not added to the supported device list.
  • Check for updates automatically: The tool is designed to avoid the hustle of checking the update manually every time. So the tool is designed in such a way that it checks the update automatically every time you connect your Xperia device to PC.
  • Downloads can be paused: The tool is so flexible and allows you to pause or resume downloads whenever you want.
  • Support added for Sony smart accessories: The tool not only supports smartphones but also supports many other smart accessories from Sony.

Download XperiFirm Tool v5.6.5

XperiFirm v5.6.5

XperiFirm v5.6.1

XperiFirm 5.2.0

XperiFirm 5.0.0


v5.6.5 [December 21, 2021]:
- FIX: Fixed connection error when trying to request a customizations list from Sony's server due to API change.
- MINOR: Model tags (like "dual" and "Wi-Fi") will no longer be included in the full device name, as it's no longer used in official device naming.
- MINOR: The "Wi-Fi" tag is now colored dark-red ("dual" tag is still colored blue). Implementation has been added for additional tags that may appear in the future, with different colors, without having to update the application.
* Due to this API change on Sony's side, XperiFirm 5.6.2 is no longer able to fetch firmware from Sony and is not supported.
v5.6.2 [September 29, 2021]:
- FIX: Fixed inability to download new firmware (i.e. 61.0.A.14.3 for Xperia 1 III) due to missing MD5 checksum information for the firmware files.
* Since the MD5 checksum is missing for these new firmware, integrity verification for them is impossible. However, if any of the files happens to be corrupted, unpacking will most likely fail. This should not be a problem if you're downloading firmware using XperiFirm directly (not manually).
v5.6.1 [April 5, 2021]:
- Sony's server has discontinued support for obsolete security protocols (SSL, TLS 1.0/1.1) and requires TLS 1.2+ support. However, .NET Framework 4.0 only supports SSL and TLS 1.0, thus XperiFirm is now targeting .NET Framework 4.6, which means Windows XP and Vista (incl. SP1) can no longer be supported, and a minimum of Windows Vista SP2 is now required, and .NET Framework 4.6 (or newer) must be installed.
v5.4.0 [June 25, 2019]:
FIX: Fixed unpacking while using Mono for Linux.
v5.3.8 [January 11, 2019]:
FIX: Fixed "firmware is not available" error for certain firmware that are now hosted on a new Sony server.
v5.3.7 [July 28, 2018]:
FIX: Workaround for broken version naming for certain Xperia XZ2 firmware.
v5.3.6 [March 2, 2018]:
FIX: Fixed a reported cosmetic bug.
v5.3.5 [March 1, 2018]:
FIX: Unpacking is matching that of Flashtool: the "" is being extracted and a "partition_delivery.xml" is being properly created.
v5.3.1-v5.3.3 [March 1, 2018]:
FIX: Bug and regression fixing for 5.3.0.
v5.3.0 [March 1, 2018]:
NEW: Supports downloading official OTA packages (*.pkg). This can be enabled/disabled through "Settings". Those are single-file packages, thus Resuming is not supported, but you can still download them manually if you have to.
- FIX: A bunch of internal tweaks.
- MINOR: Larger device images.
- MINOR: Instructions for Manual downloading slightly changed: Folders should be named "FILE_<fileid>" instead of just "<fileid>".
v5.2.0 [October 21, 2017]:
- NEW: Manual mode is back, completely reworked for Sony's new API. Just click "Manual" and follow the instructions. No file renaming is required.
v5.1.0 [October 16, 2017]:
- NEW: CDF lists are now loaded directly from Sony servers. Manual updating is no longer needed, except for adding new devices, which is a rare case anyway.
- MINOR: Fixed support for Windows XP, but may be unstable as it uses a normal HTTP connection rather than a secure one.
- MINOR: Settings: "Unpack firmware automatically" checkbox - due to the demand.
v5.0.0 [May 16, 2016]:
- NEW: Download management, including a download queue that's saved on your computer and loaded on launch.
- NEW: Resuming feature, including checksum verification and automatic re-download of incomplete/corrupted chunks. Just click "Start" and the download will attempt to resume (for large firmware, the resuming might take a while).
- MINOR: Better error handling and prevention.
- MINOR: Settings: "Play a sound when a download completes"
- NOTE: "Manual" button and "Unpack automatically" are both obsolete, thus were removed in this version. Firmware will always be unpacked.


For Windows PC:

To Install on Windows PC, .net Framework is a must-needed software. So download the below given .NET Framework for your Windows version.

Windows XP.NET Framework 4.0 (Not officially supported)
Windows Vista SP2.NET Framework 4.6
Windows 7.NET Framework 4.7
Windows 8/8.1/10: Pre-installed, but updating to .NET Framework 4.7 is also recommended.

For Linux PC: (Officially Not Supported)

For Mac OS: (Officially Not Supported)

I hope this guide was useful to download firmware from XperiFirm Tool. If you have any queries or feedback, please leave a comment below.


  1. I tried a few times to download the xperifirm software on Windows 10, and kept getting “Sorry, file not found” after the download getting ready page, then download ready. Both zip and non zip

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