How to Use The Dupe Glitch in Fallout 76

Glitches are often removed very soon; well, make the best of it when it is available. If you are a Fallout 76 lover, you must have heard it till now. If not, let us break the exciting news for you, there is a new glitch discovered that can help you in a major way.

Let’s get right into it; what do you gain from this glitch? Double bullets, health, and other items. However, there is a high chance that it is going to be patched soon, so it is on you to take advantage of it.

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Explanation of the glitch

This glitch is amazing, and you have to use the display case which you can make at your camp. This may just look like a small bug; however, there are a lot of things you have to combine to make it work.

Before going into the steps, let’s look into a set of rules:

  1. This glitch only works on duplicate stackable items, so ammo, stimpacks, etc. 
  2. A minimum of 5 items is needed to begin the glitch, or it could delete the already present items.
  3. Delete the display case as soon as you start, otherwise while the update gets, it may harm you.

Steps to attain benefit from the glitch

Here are the steps on how to attain the benefit from the glitch on Fallout 76.

Start with building the display case.

At this point in the game, you may know how to build the display case, but let us just explain it for the beginners. At the camp, a display case can be built. It is the second option that is present from the display tab. Now from there, mark it, spawn, build it, and guess what? The first step is done.

Place the items in the stash.

This is the technicality of the game and the glitch. This glitch only doubles up your items in your stash, so you have to place the items that you want to double up in your stash.

Restart the game

Once you have successfully completed step 1 and step 2, now you can finally restart the game. This would just enforce what you have done and is a requirement for the working o the glitch. Do not miss this step at any cost or otherwise; the glitch would not work.

Put your selected item in the Display case and then destroy it.

When the game restarts, the first thing that you have to do is to go to the display case and click on display. To replicate the item successfully, assign it to the case, and this would do the job. When you are done doing this stash, the case, or you can also destroy it, the choice is up to you. Make sure to follow the steps in a perfect manner to achieve the result.


Once a glitch is available in the public domain, high chances are it is going to get fixed soon. What can you do? Well, go to use it while you can. It is fun and is going to give you that extra edge that you desire.


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