Fix: Dyson V11 / V12 Not Working After Cleaning or Washing Filter

Dyson V11 and V12 are powerful vacuum cleaners. Just like your home or office, cleaning your Dyson can’t be ignored. The device should be thoroughly cleaned at least once a month. However, you will need to do it more often if the device captures a lot of dust.

You should be taking good care of your Dyson vacuum cleaner, otherwise, it can start malfunctioning, like any other electronic device. But, what if your Dyson V11 or V12 stops working after cleaning the filter?

You might end up scratching your head if you have no clue about the problem. Don’t worry! In this detailed guide, we will walk you through all the reasons why your Dyson V11 or V12 is not working after cleaning or washing. Plus, we are also going to discuss the solutions. So, keep reading the article till the end and you will have answers to every question spilling in your mind related to your Dyson vacuum.

Dyson V11 / V12 Not Working After Cleaning or Washing Filter

Dyson V11 / V12 Not Working After Cleaning or Washing Filter? Here’s How to Fix It?

If your Dyson vacuum cleaner has stopped working after you have cleaned the filter, probably the filter unit is still wet. The issue might also surface if the filter is not installed properly or the motor head has failed. The device won’t function if the filter has worn out. We will now go through them in more detail and discuss the potential solutions.

1. Filter Needs More Time to Dry Up

If you have carefully followed Dyson’s instructions to clean the filter, but despite that the device won’t turn on, probably you have not given the filter enough time to dry up. This is a common mistake most Dyson users make.

If you have made the mistake of not allowing the filter to dry up completely before getting into action, the device won’t work. A wet filter may restrict the proper airflow through it. Dyson is smart enough to detect such mishappenings and it can automatically shut itself to prevent any damage to the device.

Here’s What You Should Do to Fix It:

If you have noticed that your filter isn’t fully dried up, you must remove it immediately and let it dry overnight on a clean surface. Forcing a Dyson to work with a wet filter could be very damaging. You would want to cause any damage to the device just to use it now. Rather, leave it for 24 hours to avoid any hardware failure.

You will find a lot of DIY tricks to quickly dry the filter using a hair dryer or heat gun. It’s a big NO to these solutions as they are only going to ruin the filter quality. You should not even put the filter under direct sunlight or scorching heat as they can cause wear and tear to the filter.

Now, you might ask what’s the ideal way of drying up the filter? Dyson recommends leaving the filter for 24 hours to let it fully dry up after cleaning the filter thoroughly. Put it in a place with optimal airflow and let it dry completely.

2. Filter Is Incorrectly Installed

Your Dyson vacuum cleaner won’t work if you have not installed the filter correctly. This is again a very common mistake Dyson users have made numerous times.

The Dyson V11 or V12 filter should be installed to the vacuum by twisting the cap in the clockwise direction until you hear a click. That’s how easy it is to install a Dyson filter.

Apart from an incorrect filter installation, another reason why your Dyson might not be working is if it has dirt stuck in it. Thankfully, Dyson V11 and V12 vacuums are smart to recognize these issues and will flash a blue light on the side when pulling the trigger.

Here’s How to Fix It:

If your Dyson is not working because of incorrect installation, you should remove the filter from the vacuum. Now, inspect the filter area for any debris. If there is debris accumulation, clean it off using a soft cloth. Now, fit the filter into the place, push it a little, and twist it clockwise until you hear a click.

Your Dyson vacuum cleaner should run without any issues.

3. Dyson Motorhead Failure

If your Dyson V11 or V12 vacuum is still non-functional, probably the motorhead has failed. It could be a result of heavy usage or not following the instructions properly.

If your Dyson is not working just after you cleaned and reinstalled the filter, it’s likely that the filter was not dried up completely. As we mentioned earlier, using your Dyson with a wet filter could harm the hardware. This might have led to motorhead failure.

How Can You Fix It:

If the motorhead on your Dyson vacuum cleaner has failed, the only thing you can do is replace the motor. If your product is covered under warranty, contacting Dyson’s customer support is a good move. Otherwise, you can take your Dyson to the nearest repair specialist and get it fixed.

4. Worn Out Filter

Dyson V11 and V12 filters typically last for two years, that too on normal usage. If you heavily use the device, the filter will wear out quicker as it will have to capture and filter a lot of fine dust and debris.

While the large pieces of dust and debris can be easily removed, the filter also captures fine dust, which does not easily go away, even with repeated washing. As time passes, this results in less amount of airflow passing through the filter, and the filter becomes worn out.

How Can You Fix It:

If your Dyson filter has completed its 2-year anniversary, it’s time for a replacement. It’s recommended to buy the product from the official Dyson website (not from third-party sellers) for authenticity and compatibility.

Wrapping It Up

If your Dyson V11 or V12 has suddenly stopped working, we know how tough the situation can be. Fortunately, there are ways to fix it without even having to take your vacuum to a technician. However, in case of hardware damage, make sure to contact Dyson customer care for further help. We hope this guide provides enough details on the Dyson V11 / V12 Not Working After Cleaning or Washing Filter problem and the ways to deal with it.

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