Elden Ring Maiden Blood Location

Are you playing Elden Ring and want to find the maiden’s blood? At some point throughout your journey, you must discover some maiden blood. Yet, if you’ve been listening to Varré’s speech, you’ll know you don’t have a maiden. Fortunately, you have a few options to choose from. In this blog, we’ll explore Varre’s quest line’s execution and Elden Ring Maiden Blood Location, where you can find some virgin blood.

It can be challenging to hold on to your runes in Elden Ring. Fortunately, there are a few locations that make farming them simple. Mohgwyn Palace is where you’ll find the best of these. Yet to access this late-game section, you must finish several tasks and defeat many bosses unless you finish Varré White Mask’s quest line.

Varre’s Quest: What’s the plot of the game

Varre, who has a white face, reaches you as you approach the first genuine place of grace. Talking to him makes it difficult not to want to stab him in the face since he immediately makes fun of you for not having a maiden.

You’ll leave him behind to explore Limgrave and clean up Stormveil Castle. Also, when you come back, you’ll discover that he has vanished with a note instructing you to visit him at Rose Church in Liurnia of the Lakes.

If you locate and speak with him again, select the unfavorable response to the two fingers. Five Festering Bloody Fingers, which you can employ to invade other players, will be your reward from him.

Varre will require that you invade three games to advance; however, if you are playing offline, you can also slay Magnus the Beast Claw, an NPC. One of the collapsed structures in the Writheblood Ruins is where you can find his sign.

Simply return to him and speak to him again after doing that mission. He will invite you to join his Order and present you with a pure white oath cloth known as the Lord of Blood’s Favor. You are expected to soak in maiden blood for his final test.

Acquiring Maiden’s Blood Through Murder

1. Irina

You can obtain a maiden’s blood from Irina on the Weeping Peninsula simply. It can be rapidly obtained by ruthlessly eliminating her as soon as you come into contact with her or by taking it from her body after her quest line.

2. Hyetta – Elden Ring Maiden Blood Location

Hyetta is just the other character you can kill to obtain it. You can find her in several places depending on whether or not you’ve already spoken with her.

  1. Located in Liurna of the Lakes, close to the Lake-Facing Cliffs place of grace.
  2. Located in Liurnia of the Lakes on the western side of the Purified Ruins.
  3. Located in Liurnia, to the north of the Gate Town Bridge site of grace.
  4. Located in northern Liurnia of the Lakes’ Bellum Church.
  5. Discovered in the Royal Capital of Leyndell, well below Frenzied Flame Prescription.

It’s important to note that she won’t appear until Irina’s quest is finished, so if you want to kill someone quickly and need the maiden’s blood, see Irena.

Clean(ish) Hands: Dead Maiden

Church of Inhibition

The corpse at the Church of Inhibition in eastern Liurnia is the best place to obtain a maiden’s blood if you don’t feel like killing any blind NPCs. To reach the church, stay on the hills east of the area, close to the Frenzied Flame Village (you can use the blazing frenzy tower as a reference) and the minor erdtree of the area.

Be forewarned that an invader will be there when you first get there. When the intruder is defeated, you will discover the dead maiden seated next to the place of grace on a chair. The finger maiden armor gear is also yours to take off her body.

Chapel of anticipation – Elden Ring Maiden Blood Location

The Chapel of anticipation houses the last corpse from which you can draw blood. It is the beginning point if you are not familiar with the name. There is only one route to return to this location, necessitating using an Imbued Sword Key.

You must go to The Four Belfries in west Lurnia after you obtain the key. There are four Belfries to pick from, as the name would imply. The second belfry, which has the message “Precipice of Anticipation,” is the one you must unlock. A spirit troll spawns while you read the notes, so take care.

Whether you successfully killed the Grafted Scion monster initially or not, you may have to confront him after you obtain the correct portal and pass through it. You shouldn’t have too much issue killing it at this point in the game.

Return to the chapel where the game began once that is taken care of. The deceased maiden is there, on the left side, sitting on the ground. You must opt for “dye cloth with maiden’s blood” to collect the virgin blood from Elden Ring Maiden Blood Location.

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