How to Enable Developer Options and USB Debugging Running on Android 12 Phones

Android certainly offers a lot more features than an average smartphone user needs in his daily life. Consider the Developers Options provided in Android devices. Now, a tech-savvy person or a developer might need to use this feature for many purposes. However, if you are a regular smartphone user, you might never feel the need to use it. Developer’s Options in Android smartphones open up a lot more technical features used for testing and analyzing the device performance.

This feature is kept disabled and hidden by default since it might interrupt the user experience of an average user. So, if you are using smartphones for general purposes like making phone calls, messages, click pictures, watch videos, and so on, it is better to stay away from the Developer’s mode. However, if you are a developer or someone with enough technical knowledge and want to explore the Developer’s Options for any purpose, you must be wondering how to enable it.

Well, that’s where we come in to help. In this article, we will see how you can enable the Developer’s Options and USB Debugging on your Android 12 phone.

How to Enable Developer Options and USB Debugging Running on Android 12 Phones

What are the Developer’s Options?

The Developer’s Options or Developer’s mode in Android phones are nothing but a set of some advanced features. It is basically available for Android developers to perform various tests on Android apps. These options come in handy in analyzing the functionality of the apps and how well the phones respond to them. It is mostly used to look after the overall performance of a developing app before it is released.

Hence, most of the options available within the developer’s mode are highly advanced for a normal user. If you turn this feature on by any means and some of its functions run in the background, it may cause your phone to behave abnormally. Like excessive battery usage, even if you are not using your phone and so. Therefore, the Developer’s Options in Android phones are kept hidden by default.

How to Enable Developer Options and USB Debugging Running on Android 12 Phones?

The Developer’s Options are basically available in the Settings app of your phone. Note that the steps to enable the Developer’s mode might vary depending on which Android version you are using. However, if you are looking up to the steps for Android 12, then here is how to get the job done.

Enable Developers Options on Android 12: Stock Android

  • Open your Device Settings.
  • Scroll Down and click on ‘About Phone’. If you can’t find the option, search for it in the Settings app.
  • Again, scroll down to the bottom and click on Build Number.
  • Now, tap on Build Number simultaneously for 7 times.
  • It will display a message saying ‘You are now a developer’.
  • Go back to your Settings menu and now look for the Developer’s Options on the menu.

And that’s all you need to do to enable the Developer’s mode on your stock Android. In case your Developer’s Options is already enabled, tapping on it 7 more times will project a message saying ‘You are already a developer’.

Enable Developer’s Options on Vivo Phones

  • Open your device Settings on your Vivo phone.

  • Find and tap on ‘About Phone’.

  • Again click on the About Phone option.
  • Scroll down to the option ‘Software Version’.
  • Click on Software version 7 times repeatedly.
  • You will see the message ‘You are already a Developer’.
  • Now go back to the About Phone section, and you can find the Developer’s Options at the bottom of the menu.

Enable Developer’s Options on Samsung Phones

  • Open device Settings on your Samsung phone.
  • Go to About Phone.
  • Now, click on Software Information.
  • Find and tap on the option Build Number 7 times rapidly.
  • Samsung devices might also ask for your screen lock password for confirmation.
  • Type in your password, and the Developer’s Options will be enabled on your Samsung phone.
  • Once it is enabled, go back to Settings, scroll down to the bottom and you shall see the Developer’s Options.

Enable Developer’s Options in MIUI phones

  • On your Xiaomi or Poco phones operating on the MIUI ROM, the options are slightly different. Go to the device Settings on your device.
  • Now find and tap on About Phone.
  • Scroll down and click on the option MIUI version 7 times.
  • You shall now see the message ‘You are now a Developer’.
  • Next, go back to the Settings menu.
  • Open Additional Settings.
  • And you should see the developers option right there.

The rest of the phones follow a similar pattern, like in the case of Stock Android or Samsung phones. Although the names of the options might be a little different, you should find it easily with one or two tries.

How to enable USB debugging in Android 12?

Once you have successfully enabled the Developers mode on your phone, the hardest part is already done. The next part is to enable the USB Debugging feature. This is probably the most used Developers feature that is pretty useful if you have the right knowledge. By enabling USB Debugging, you gain the root access to install custom ROMs on your device. Besides, it also comes in handy in data recovery while your smartphone screen is damaged or not responding.

The steps to enable USB debugging in Android 12 are as follows:

  • Open device Settings.
  • Go to the Developer’s Options.

  • Search for the option USB debugging.
  • Click on the slider to enable the feature.

And there you go. You have successfully enabled both Developer’s Options and USB Debugging on your device. Make sure you enable this feature only if you have a proper idea of using them the right way.


Developer’s Options or Developer’s mode on Android phones contains some heavy features mainly useful to the developers. These features are responsible for carrying out various testing tasks. One such feature is USB debugging, which might prove to be useful in many instances.

Today we have learned how to enable these features on your Android devices. However, if you are using a different device than the ones mentioned in the list and are having trouble enabling the Developer’s options, leave us a comment below. We will try to reach out with help as soon as possible.

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