How you can Erase and Delete an APFS volume from your mac | Guide

If you are using Mac, Then it might be possible that you have created an APFS Volume for some reason. However, if you are thinking about upgrading your macOS, then you need to remove the APFS Volume from your Mac, so if you wonder how you can delete from your Mac to upgrade your macOS.

Today we are going to share a knowledge method so you how you can remove the APFS volume. Before that make sure, you select and remove the correct drive. This is because this process can’t be reverted or irresistible. Follow the steps carefully, and if you have doubts, then we recommend you to take a proper backup of your data.

How you can Erase and Delete an APFS volume from your mac | Guide


  • This APFS Volume container is different from the general drive used as a Partition on your Mac.
  • It is used to install and run the macOS beta version.

How can you Delete APFS Volume from your Mac?

Please follow the steps carefully. Because this process can’t be reversible, remove the APFS volume by the following steps.

  1. You were starting with opening your “Disk Utility” on your macOS.
  2. Then, Select the “APFS Volume” disk that you want to remove from your PC.
    (You will find the Volume disk on the sidebar of your Disk Utility window.)
  3. Now, you have to click on the “-“ menu button appear in the toolbar of the Disk Utility.
  4. After then, you have to verify by click on the “Confirm” button.
    (Press confirm to delete your APFS volume, Where it removes and erase complete data on the volume.)
  5. Your APFS Volume will be removed from your disk, and Then the Finish deleting appears to choose the “Done” button.
  6. That’s it, and you remove the APFS from your Mac. You can Exit out the Disk Utility once it finishes as usual.

How can you Erase an APFS Volume from your Mac?

If you didn’t want to remove or delete the APFS volume container from your Mac, but you want to erase an APFS Volume. Yes, you can even erase your APFS Volume by following the steps.

  1. First, you need to open the “Disk Utility” app on your Mac.
  2. Then, Select the APFS Volume placed on the left side of the sidebar.
  3. Choose the “Erase button” appear in the toolbar.
  4. The, Give the volume a new name if you want.
  5. Then, Click on the Pop-up dialogue box appear.
  6. There you have to click on the “Format” and choose an APFS Format option.
    (if you want to create an Encrypt the volume of your Mac, Choose APFS (Encrypt) or APFS (Case-
  7. Sensitive, Encrypt) based on your preference.)
  8. Click on the “Erase” button and then click “Done.”
  9. That’s it, and You have successfully formatted your APFS volume container from your Mac.

Not to mention, All the data has been removed permanently from your Mac. You can’t restore your data later due to changing in the Formate of the Volume. Likely, it is used to Install and running the BETA version of macOS on your Mac. However, it is handy to remove the beta if you face a critical bug or issue deleting the APFS volume to remove the macOS running on your Mac.

Hopefully, this article seems worth it for you, and we believe you have successfully removed the APFS volume containers from your Mac. Let us know your experience and opinion, if you have any query, Share with us in the comment section down below.

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