Fix: Escape From Tarkov Not Sending Verification Email

Escape From Tarkov is a highly anticipated first-person shooter video game that is currently still under development. However, the beta version is already available. The game has received mixed reactions from players so far. Some players have reported issues with receiving verification emails. Even after multiple attempts, they still can’t get the verification email required to get into the game.

If you are also facing issues with getting the verification email from Escape From Tarkov, I understand how frustrating it can be. It is impossible to access the game without the verification code. If you are not receiving the verification email from Tarkov, it’s likely because the server is busy handling a lot of users. A busy server may take longer to send emails. While only the developers, Battlestate Games (BSG), can fix server issues, there are a few troubleshooting methods that have worked for many users. You can try them to check if any of them work for you.

Escape From Tarkov Not Sending Verification Email

Escape From Tarkov Not Sending Verification Email? Here’s How to Fix It

Not every time the servers should be blamed when not getting a verification email from Escape From Tarkov. The problem could surface if your email settings are incorrect or the emails might be going to the spam folder.

Sometimes the email takes longer than usual to reach our devices. If you have already waited for over 10 minutes, these solutions might help. Try the solutions one by one until you receive the verification email from Escape From Tarkov.

1. Check Your Email Spam Folder

When I don’t receive any email (not just from Escape From Tarkov), the first thing I do is check the spam folder. Most of the time, I found missing emails there. I would suggest you do the same. Open your email app/website and check the spam folder.

Email spam is common and it’s increasing at an exponential rate. To protect users, email services such as Hotmail and Gmail have strong spam protection. But sometimes, even genuine emails are stored in the spam folder. This is why I regularly check my spam folder to ensure that I don’t miss important emails.

2. Check Blocked Email Addresses

Before we move on to more effective solutions, make sure that you haven’t blocked Escape From Tarkov from sending emails. Go to your email settings and go through the blocked addresses list to make sure there are no email addresses that include “”. If there are any, unlock them.

To see the blocked email addresses on Gmail on PC, follow these steps:

  1. Go to and sign in to your Google account.
  2. Tap on the settings icon in the upper-right corner and click See all settings.
  3. Go to the Filters and Blocked Addresses tab to see all blocked addresses.

To unblock an email address, click Unblock next to the email address and click Unblock again to confirm.

If Escape From Tarkov is on the blocked addresses list. Unblock it and then try sending the verification email again.

3. Run BSG Launcher From the Installation Folder

Running the BSG launcher directly from the installation folder has done the trick for many users. Open File Explorer and locate the installation folder. Right-click on the BSG Launcher exe file and select Run as administrator.

Try sending the verification email again.

Using the shortcut icon to launch a game is the preferred and easiest method. However, it can occasionally cause problems. Do let us know if this solution worked out.

4. Change the Compatibility Mode of the BSG Launcher

Several players got the verification email after running the game in a different compatibility setting. For this, right-click on BSG Launcher and select the Properties option. Go to the Compatibility tab and check the box for “Run this program in compatibility mode for”. Then, select “Windows 8” from the dropdown list, click “Apply” and then tap on “OK”.

Try sending the verification email again. You should receive it within minutes, if not within seconds.

If you had no luck with this solution, revert the changes as it can potentially cause problems.

5. Reinstall the BSG Launcher

If you have tried the above solutions but to no avail, reinstall the BSG launcher. Reinstalling the launcher ensures that there are no corrupted BSG Launcher files on your device that could be causing the error.

You do not need to reinstall the game. Just reinstall the BSG Launcher and pick the folder where the game is installed. The launcher will then do a file integrity check to check if any game files are missing.

If the launcher detects missing or corrupted game files during the integrity check, it will repair/replace them automatically.

6. Try Again After Sometime

Escape From Tarkov can’t send the verification email if the servers are overloaded with players. If you already tried sending the verification email too many times, try again in an hour. There’s a chance that the server load will reduce and you may finally receive the verification email.

Escape From Tarkov has a dedicated page to check the ongoing server issues, downtimes, and scheduled maintenance. Go to and check if there’s an ongoing issue or downtime.


When a game you’ve purchased does not let you sign in, it’s very frustrating. While it’s most likely caused by server problems, there are a lot of other factors that could trigger issues with receiving emails. You can’t fix the server issues, but you can definitely check other areas to make sure they are not causing the issue.

Begin with checking your spam folder and blocked email addresses list. If you don’t find success, move on to other fixes such as reinstalling the BSG launcher or changing the compatibility mode. We hope you got the Escape From Tarkov verification email at the end.

If you are still waiting for the verification email, reach out to Tarkov support. The team will look deeply into the matter and provide you with additional fixes. Do not forget to mention all the solutions you’ve tried before.

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