How to Get Eurus Ship in Lost Ark

Lost Ark is an action role-playing game which is developed by Tripod Studio and Smilegate. Similar to the other games, Lost Ark comes with different quests and missions that the players love to complete. One of them is getting the Eurus Ship. The Eurus Ship is considered one of the best ships in the Lost Ark game.

This is one of the fastest ships that you are going to have in the game. However, to get this ship in the Lost Ark, the players will need to complete some quests which are not easy at all. The players are now looking for a guide through which they can understand how they have to complete this mission and get the Eurus Ship. Check out this guide till the end to know how to get Eurus Ship in Lost Ark easily.

How to Get Eurus Ship in Lost Ark

Eurus Ship is one of the best and fastest ships that are available in the game. A lot of players are looking for a way to get this ship. If you are also looking for a way to get the Eurus Ship, then you will have to complete a quest first. Those who are thinking to get the Eurus Ship will have to launch the “Ride like the Wind” quest from Peyto. You can simply start it by standing in Orange Circle.

Eurus Ship

For completing the quest, the player will need to travel to Turtle Island, Tortoyk, and Revelry Row. You have to keep on travelling until you get a lot of “Reputation”. Once you have completed the quest, then you will be able to get the rewards. Also, you will have to complete Una’s Task daily to get the Eurus Ship.

Wrapping Up

Lost Ark is a very interesting game and the players are searching for a way to get the fastest Eurus Ship. In this guide, we have given detailed information on how can you get the Eurus Ship. We hope that you have now understood how can you get the Eurus Ship.

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