How to Extract Oppo or Realme Firmware .OZIP File To Zip File

In this tutorial, we will show you the steps to extract fastboot images from .ozip file for Realme/Oppo devices. Earlier most of the OEMs used to upload their device’s firmware file in a simple compressed format. The user just had to extract the content of that file like they do for any other ZIP file. However, things have now changed around the Android ecosystem. While some OEMs upload the firmware in .bin format, others like Oppo and Realme take the OZIP route.

Talking about the latter, the extraction of these files requires Python, and only then you could get hold of the desired firmware files. This will then allow you to use the system and vendor dump files, use the stock boot.img file for rooting purposes, and carry out other related tasks. So with that in mind, here are the required steps to extract fastboot images from the .ozip file for Realme and Oppo devices. Follow along for the complete instructions.

How to Extract Fastboot Images from .ozip File | Guide For Oppo/Realme

Before we list out the steps, there are a few tools and software that needs to be installed onto your PC. So head over to the below requirements section and make sure to grab the required files.


  • First, you need to download the latest Python software on your PC. Download and just follow the onscreen instructions to install it. Python
  • Next, download the OZIP DecryptTool from the github link. To download, tap on the code option and click the download zip button to start the download. 
  • To extract the Realme firmware for your device, make sure you download the right firmware for your device model.

The usage of each of these tools will become perfectly clear as and when you use them, instructions for which is given below. On that note, here are the steps to extract fastboot images from .ozip file for Realme/Oppo devices.

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Step 1: Install Python Application:

  1. First and foremost, to do all this, you need the application called Python on your computer. Go into the Python website and download the latest version.
  2. Once you have downloaded it, now install it via double-tapping on the EXE from the downloaded folder. Python
  3. Tap the Install Now button to install it.
  4. It will start the installation on your computer.
  5. Once it is done, you will see the setup was the successful screen. You can now close the window.

Keep this location in mind


YOURNAME refers to PC name

At the time of my installation, the python version was 39, so if you are installing 40, then it must be Python40

Step 2: Extract OZIP Decrypt Tool:

  1. After installing the python, you can extract the ozip_decrypt_tool zip to your python folder:
  2. Just open the downloaded zip file and select the 4 files and extract it to the python location given above.
  3. After moving, you will see these 4 files

Step 3: Launch Command Window or CMD:

  1. To open the command window, head over to the Python location
  2. Now tap on the URL location and type CMD and hit enter, this will launch the command prompt window.

Step 4: Installing Pycryptodome and Docopt

If you have opened the command prompt screen, then now we need to install the Pycryptodome and Docopt by typing the following command. You can copy-paste the command to your cmd window.

  1. First, let’s install the Pycryptodome using the command
    python -m pip install pycryptodome

  2. If it shows a successfully installed screen, you can now enter the next command to install the docopt:
    python -m pip install docopt

  3. After successfully installing both, you can follow the next step to extract the Realme or Oppo Ozip stock ROM file.

Step 4: Installing Extract OZIP Firmware:

To convert the Realme OZIP firmware into zip file, you need to enter the command given below. Before that, make sure you move the firmware ozip file to the python folder location. Once you move, try to rename the ozip file name to something short like realme.ozip or firmware.ozip. If you have done that, then execute the below command to decrypt the ozip and create zip file

python realme.ozip

You can now open the python location and check the newly created zip file. In our case, it is

Open it, you will find the firmware files like boot.img, vendor file, and more.

If you want to just the boot img, then you can easily extract the boot.img from the zip file, but all the other files like system, vendor, etc will be in format, which cannot be directly flashed via Fastboot or extracted via WinZIP/WinRAR. Our next step will be for those users who want the complete files which they could be using to flash the firmware using fastboot commands.

Step 5: Download URTool:

Credits: XDA Recognized Contributor acervenky

  1. After converting the ozip file to a zip file using the python, our next step is to create a flashable file to flash via fastboot, to do it, you must download the URTool from Github.
  2. Extract the zip file to a folder name URTool.
  3. Now move or copy the newly created zip file from the Python folder location to the URTool folder. In my case, my zip file is named
  4. Now launch the URLTool by double-clicking on the URTTool.bat file
  5. The tool will now ask you to select the firmware file. Since there is only one firmware file inside the URT folder, you should see the firmware file occupy the first spot. So type in 1 and hit Enter.
  6. In the next menu that appears, select the ‘extract android image’ option. This is again the first option, so type 1 and hit Enter.
  7. The extraction process will now begin and you might see a few error messages, ignore them, they aren’t going to be any cause of concern. Once the extraction is done, the tool will notify you of the same.
  8. Furthermore, you will also see a newly created folder named 01-Project inside the URT Tool folder. Go to this folder and you could then access the extracted system, vendor, and other dump files.

    extracted content folder
    01-Project folder
  1. Inside this folder, there will be a folder named 1-Sources. From this folder, you could get hold of the boot, system, and vendor image files.

    ozip firmware files
    1-Sources folder
  2. Apart from the dump and IMG files, you could access other files from the firmware ZIP file that we had placed inside the URT Tool folder.

With that said, we conclude the guide on how to extract fastboot images from .ozip file for Realme/Oppo devices. If you have any queries, do let us know in the comments section below. Rounding off, here are some iPhone Tips and TricksPC tips and tricks, and Android Tips and Trick that you should check out as well.


  1. Hi Sir.
    I did all the steps you decribe in this nice post.
    When I have the folder 1-Sources, how do I update my realme smartphone? I’m new in these stuff and I don’t manage it at all…
    Many thanks for your help!

  2. Followed all the steps but the zip file that came out had only a meta folder. No images or other files

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