How to Get a Backpack in Fallout 76: Standard and Standard Small Backpacks

Backpacks were introduced to Fallout 76 back in May 2019 with the Wild Appalachia update. A backpack, in Fallout 76, is a container with an initial green-coloured cloth covering and very spacious compartment, as well as two pouches to both sides. In this guide, I will take you through the various steps to get a backpack in Fallout 76.

How to Get a Backpack in Fallout 76

Types of Backpack in Fallout 76

There are two types of backpacks in Fallout 76:

  • Standard Small Backpack: You can find a plan to craft the standard small backpack inside the Overseer’s Cache inside the Airport Terminal at Morgantown, and you cannot trade, drop or sell this backpack.
  • Standard Backpack: You have to reach the rank of Possum with the Pioneer Scouts to get the Standard backpack. To begin your scout journey, you have to read one of the Pioneer Scout posters at the train stations, and if you can’t find it there, head over to Camp Lewis in Toxic Valley and speak to Mr Handy.

Note that the small standard backpack has just half the capacity of the standard backpack, so if you need a backpack to create extra space for storing items when your inventory gets filled up, I recommend that you go for the standard backpack.

How to Get the Standard Backpack

Standard Backpack in Fallout 76
Standard Backpack

To unlock the standard backpack, you have to complete The Order of the Tadpole quest that will be given to you by Mr Handy. This quest consists of missions that give you various tasks to complete before you can get the backpack. Examples of these tasks are killing bugs, answering exam questions, reviving a fallen teammate, and earning badges. 

This quest consists of four different parts that will make you complete Boy Scout-inspired tasks each to improve Appalachia, and they all have varying difficulty levels, as well as time consumption. Below are the various parts starting from the easiest of them:

  • Kindness: Here, you have to revive a fallen player.
  • Bravery: Here, you have to get a Stingwing Band, Bloatfly Gland, Radroach Meat, Tick Blood Sac, and Bloodbug Proboscis.
  • Helpfulness: Here, you have to get five different mutagenic wastes and drop them off in the containment barrel at the cabins at Kiddie Corner.
  • Growth: This is the toughest of them all and to complete it, you have to earn three pioneer badges. To earn these badges, you have to complete a challenge for each. There are 10 challenges to pick from. You can check for the available challenges by going to the Main Menu, then you will click on Challenges, and then, click on World. Then, you can pick your preferred three.

Each of these challenges is broken into different parts, and no matter the challenge you take on, you have to take and pass a knowledge exam on each before you can proceed to work on the challenge.

Mind you, these exams are not based on Fallout 76 but real-life situations, and you might have to use a little help from Google Search in answering them. Also, you can retake these exams as many times as possible for you to pass. The exams can be taken at a terminal in Camp Adams.

You need to get every single question right before you can proceed, and once you’ve completed your preferred three challenges, return to any of the scout leaders, and you would be presented with your reward of Possum Rank and your backpack.

Backpack Levels in Fallout 76

You can increase your backpack levels to get larger carry weight bonuses.

For the Standard Backpack:

  • Level 1 – +10 Carry weight
  • Level 10- +20 Carry weight
  • Level 20 – +30 Carry weight
  • Level 30 – +40 Carry weight
  • Level 40 – +50 Carry weight
  • Level 50 – +60 Carry weight

For the Standard Small Backpack:

  • Level 1 – +5 Carry weight
  • Level 10- +10 Carry weight
  • Level 20 – +15 Carry weight
  • Level 30 – +20 Carry weight
  • Level 40 – +25 Carry weight
  • Level 50 – +30 Carry weight

That is all you need to know on getting your backpack in Fallout 76, so get to work and create your own small standard or standard backpack.

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