Strangler Blooms Location in Fallout 76: Where Can i Find?

Fallout 76 is a role-playing action game currently available on PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, and Xbox One. It has several quests for the players, along with different sets of equipment for everyone to try. One such equipment is RadShields, and one of the rarest crafting materials needed for it is the Strangler Bloom. Strangler Bloom is a plant that blooms near the river in the riverbank areas.

The Strangler Bloom is tiny in size, and if you are unaware of what it looks like, then the chances are that you will miss it. It is a little flower that looks quite similar to the lightning bug. Much like the lightning bug, this flower’s tendrils also glows at night. This makes it somewhat easier to find if you go around looking for one in the night.

Where do you find Strangler Bloom in Fallout 76?

Strangler Blooms

As far as the location is concerned, the Strangler Blooms can be usually found near the river area close to the Dyer Chemical Plant. These blooms generally stay attached to tree trunks or vines and have glowing tendrils blooming out in the top. However, there is no specific way to find Strangler Blooms. Whenever a player marches out to find these blooms, they usually encounter Strangler pods, which will soon bloom. But there is nothing that a player can do to speed up the process in the game. As of now, Strangler Blooms seem to be found only during quests and events.

An Organic Solution:

A quest where any player will come across these blooms is the An Organic Solution quest. To complete this quest, a player will have to find this plant. Towards the end of the quest, players have to spread fertilizers over the Strangler pods, and then they will bloom into the Strangler blooms. Once you find these blooms, you can start harvesting them for crafting Radshields later.

Even after the quest is completed, you should spot these plants near the river area if you want to harvest more later. But some players have reported that the Strangler Blooms disappear after An Organic Solution quest is done. So they are unable to collect any more of these plants. So make sure to harvest as many Strangler blooms as possible during the An Organic Solution quest. After the quest is done, you might not find the Strangler blooms anymore.

Heart of the Swamp:

Another way to harvest these plants after the previous quest is through the public event called “Heart of the Swamp.” You will have to take down a Strangler heart during this in-game event, but you will also have new Strangler blooms blooming in their usual place by the river, near the Dyer Chemical plant.

The disappearance and rarity of the Strangler blooms make RadShields one of the rarest equipment to craft in Fallout 76. So make sure to collect a fair share of these blooms every time you get a chance during a quest or an event. Now, if you have any queries about this guide, then comment down below. Also, be sure to check out our other articles on iPhone, Android, Games, Windows, and much more for more useful information.

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