FIFA World Cup x Bitcoin Betting Sites | A Tim Harrison Guide

FIFA World Cup Betting Sites that Accept Bitcoin

The next instalment of the FIFA World Cup is right around the corner. Although soccer is not the most popular sport in the US, you must recognize the craze for the FIFA World Cup. The most prominent bookmakers in the world have already projected their odds for their favorite teams. 

This post is for you if you’re interested in the World Cup and betting. Real money betting with Bitcoin, to be precise. Betting expert Tim Harrison is present today to help you choose sportsbooks that accept Bitcoin and share his thoughts on the current odds for the event. 

Is Sports Betting Legal in the USA: Tim Opens with a Question to Get Droid Tips

The very first words out of Tim Harrison’s mouth were a question. He asked us whether sports betting is legal in the USA or not. As you’d expect, we still need to find the answer. 

Tim then assures us that he’s only teasing. Sports betting is an entirely legal activity. However, it’s more complex than the rest of the world. See, in most countries, a dedicated department of the government is tasked to regulate gambling. 

In the US, that could’ve been a federal government department. The Department of Justice (DOJ), perhaps. But the litigators have decided to walk a different path and let the state governments decide their fate. 

As a result, you can’t strongly claim that sports betting is legal in the USA, although the legislation says it is. 

Interestingly, the industry’s legal status in the USA is very new. At least in comparison to other prominent iGaming jurisdictions. It started in 2018 when the Supreme Court nullified and voided the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA). 

Since then, state governments have been passing the necessary bills to legalize gambling in the area under their jurisdiction. It’s an ongoing process. So, no, sports betting is not legal across the country. As of 2022, upwards of 36 states have legalized sports betting

We can name:

  • Delaware
  • New Jersey
  • Washington 
  • Michigan
  • Connecticut
  • Etc.

Massachusetts is the latest one. 

The tale of online gambling is also different. Just because it’s legal to bet on sports in a state doesn’t mean it’s legal over the internet. That requires a different set of bills, and only 18 states have done so far. 

Last, you must remember that you must be physically present in a state where online sports wagering is legal to participate in real money betting. At the same time, the operator you choose must be licensed by the appropriate state government. 

With that last thing, you’re now up-to-date on the prerequisites for FIFA world cup betting. Now, let’s get started with the real deal! 

FIFA World Cup Betting with Bitcoin


The core idea behind Tim’s discussion here is based on Bitcoin. If you don’t have BTC tokens yet, you should rethink your approach. However, it’s not that big of a deal because you can still do it with fiat money. 

Getting your hands on Bitcoin is easier than you think. Sure, it’s the most expensive crypto token out there right now. You can buy them in Satoshis, which is 0.00000001 BTC. It means you don’t have to break your bank just because you want to bet at sportsbooks that accept Bitcoin. 

All you need to do is choose a crypto wallet and an exchange. Then, you can buy BTC with your credit card or even PayPal from the exchange. Now, let’s get back to the FIFA World Cup. 

If you’re unaware, the FIFA World Cup is the biggest soccer showdown on Earth. As we already mentioned, it’s not one of the top sports in the country. In comparison, Europe is a massive hub of soccer enthusiasts. 

The USA might not have as many viewers and fans of the sport, but it has more than punters willing to make some money. Tim is particularly excited about FIFA because this tournament takes place every four years!

The winning potential from high-voltage tournaments like this is higher than average. Overall, it could be the breath of fresh air you need in the American betting industry! For this reason, the bookmakers also market their odds very aggressively, as they’re doing now. 

Favourite Teams for the 2022 FIFA World Cup

It’s mainly because football is a team sport, and fans always look forward to their favorite team winning. Before every major sports tournament, name-brand online betting sites from around the world share their odds on the teams. The outright winner has always been and will always be the most popular market for this tournament. 

Brazil is the Worldwide Favorite 

The infamous Seleção team is on the top list across all reputed online bookmakers. If you don’t follow soccer, you may not know the Brazil national football team has lifted the trophy more than any other team! 5 times, to be precise. 

The last time it happened was in 2002. 2022 marks 20 years of drought, and the team looks prepared to break the curse. Under the supervision of coach Tite, a beautiful display of soccer supremacy is coming your way. 

Oh! And the odds for Brazil are +400 as of now. Of course, it’s subject to change as the tournament closes in. 

France Follows Closely

France is the defending champion. However, the 2nd position is open for debate across multiple bookmakers. Many of them believe this position on the odds list belongs to England. But we’ll get to them soon. 

France boasts +600 odds right now, so if the odds remain this way, you can win a whopping $600 for every $100 you bet! That’s a 600% return on a winning bet! Although it’s unlikely that the same team will lift the trophy in 2 tournaments in a row, it never hurts to hope. 

The England Vs France Debate

As we previously said, Europe is a global hub for soccer fans. England is the most potent and prominent soccer team out of that general area. Although the UK is no longer part of the EU, the legacy persists. 

According to most bookmakers, England is currently riding +700 odds, not very far from France. The team has a lot of new faces this year; all of them have performed tremendously in the last season of the English Premier League. 

Tim Harrison’s Tips to Bet with Bitcoin

As promised earlier, Tim will share some tips that you follow while betting with Bitcoin in the USA. 

  1. Try to choose mainstream crypto wallets. Although all wallets will support Bitcoin, using a mainstream one helps with security and seamlessness. 
  2. Only spend a little on BTC tokens if you’re not an investor. It’s simply because the crypto industry is very volatile. You can lose a substantial amount if the price plunges after you buy the tokens. Only buy however much you need for the bets. 
  3. Every transaction on the Bitcoin blockchain is irreversible. Double-check the string when typing the wallet address for the Bitcoin betting site. If you mistakenly send the tokens to a different wallet, you won’t get them back. 

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