How To Find Your Ring Doorbell Serial Number

While you may think why on earth you need to know the serial number of your doorbell, I will explain its importance in this guide.  Let’s assume someone steals your doorbell, and you get to know that somewhere someone is selling it. Then you can nab the thief and claim your doorbell as yours only when you know the serial number.

This serial number is a unique code of identification for your gadget. Almost everything you buy legally from any seller/dealer, that stuff comes with its own serial number. It can be a consumable good or some daily use good or even your gadgets. Even your smartphones have their own serial number. Thousands of models of the same gadget are made and sold. So, to make them unique from each other serial number is used.

How To Find Your Ring Doorbell Serial Number

Understanding the Unique Identifier

Usually, the serial numbers are of alphanumeric strings. The same is the case with ring doorbells. They have a 16-digit serial number consisting of four separate elements. Out of that two elements will be the same in all of the gadgets that are manufactured and two elements will be unique for each doorbell.

How to Find the Serial Number

  • Hold the doorbell in your hands
  • Turn to the backside of the doorbell
  • Below you will get to see a sticker with a long barcode and the terms S/N and SKU.
  • S/N is the serial number and SKU stands for Stock Keeping Unit

The serial number is a great way to identify that the doorbell you are using is a genuine product. We know there are a lot of fake websites that sell fake and duplicate products citing them as genuine. If there is a serial number then we can cross-check with the original company that whatever we are using is actually genuine and not fake. This is another great utility of the serial number.

As I mentioned earlier, during the event of a theft of your doorbell, you have to report the theft to the police. There you can mention the doorbell serial number along with other physical details to make it easier for the police to find and authenticate that it’s yours.

My suggestion is when you buy the doorbell, note down its serial number. You may not need it all the time, but at least if you require it urgently for some reason, you will have the information handy. So, note it down. However, make sure that apart from you no one else(ie a stranger) does not get to know the serial number of the doorbell. In fact, this applies to any important gadget you have. As an owner, only you should know the serial number.

This wraps up the simple no-nonsense guide about how to find the serial number of your doorbell. I hope that this guide was useful to you.

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