How to Fix If My Brother Printer Not Printing

Do you use the Brother printer.? Is it not printing your documents properly.? Then, in this guide, I will give you some effective solutions to fix this issue.  First, let us talk about why the printer doesn’t allow you to print any file. The driver of your printer may be outdated. Another possible reason can be the print queue getting stuck due to unfinished printing jobs. If you use multiple printers at different times, then probably use Brother printer to set it as your default printer.

There may be another simple reason for your files not getting printed. That is a lack of proper connectivity between your PC/laptop and the printer. When opting for wireless printing, people miss out on the fact that the printer and PC both need to be on the same WiFi to print anything. Anyways, let us see how to fix these issues and resume printing on your Brother printer.

How to Fix If My Brother Printer Not Printing: Troubleshooting

Let us begin with solving the issue of the Brother printer not printing any files. You can use any method out of this until your printer can do its job.

Make Brother Printer the Default Printer on your Computer

You may connect your PC to multiple printers. However, this may cause the Brother printer not to work as intended. So, you have to set it as the default printing device. To do that,

  • If you are using Windows 10, in the Windows search box, type Printers
  • As you type the option, Printers and Scanners will show up
  • Click Open
  • You will see the list of printers that have been connected and used on your PC
  • Navigate to Brother printer.
  • Right-click on it and select Set As Default Printer

For the older version of Windows OS, you can go to the Control panel and then go to Devices and Printers. Remember that once you set the default printer, try to test print a few files to see it’s working or not.

Fix the connection of your Brother Printer and the PC

If you are trying to print over WiFi, check that the computer and the printer are both on the same network. Besides, the network should be stable and should not get disrupted during printing.

If your Brother printer is connected to your computer through a USB cable and it cannot print, then try this. Unplug the printer cable from your PC and try to reconnect again. You may also reconnect the printer through another USB port.

Update the Brother Printer’s Driver

Here are the manual steps to update the driver of the Brother’s printer.

  • Go to the Brother Global website.
  • Once you land on the homepage, navigate to the right-hand side
  • Click on Products/Support
  • Select Your region/language
  • Next, under the Product Category, you have to click Printer as you are trying to upgrade the driver of your printer.
  • On the next screen, click on Support and Downloads
  • Then under the Product search box, enter the model number of your Brother Printer

Note: To know the model number of your printer, check on the upper section or side of the printer. You will see some alphanumeric code separated by a hyphen. That is the model number. For example, HL-3170CDW. It can be a similar code on your printer.

Clear Pending Jobs from The Print Queue

If the previous printing assignments are incomplete or still stuck in the queue, that will affect the new printing jobs you will assign your Brother printer.  So, you have to clear the pending jobs from the Print Queue.

  • Press Windows + R
  • In the run dialog box, type services. msc and press enter
  • In the list of services that show up, navigate to Print Spooler
  • Right-click on it and click on Stop
    stop print spooler to fix Brother Printer not printing issue
  • Next, press Windows + E to open Windows Explorer.
  • Now paste the following path in the address path.
  • Upon pressing enter after entering the above path, the following path will display, and the PRINTERS folder will open.
    Brother Printer not printing files: How to fix
  • Make sure to delete all the files that are present in this folder
  • Again go to Services and Navigate to Print Spooler
  • Right-click on it and select Start

Try to Restart the Print Spooler

Here is another fix you can try.

  • In your Windows search box, type Services and click Open
  • Go to Print Spooler by scrolling through the services that are actively running on your PC
  • Right-click on it and click Restart
  • Once it restarts, again right-click on Print Spooler and click on Properties.
  • Under the General tab, set the Startup Type to Automatic.
    restart Print spooler service to fix Brother printer
  • Click OK to confirm

Now, after the restart, try printing any file and check if your Brother printer is working or still not able to print anything.

Reset the Printer

One of the final troubleshooting that can help you resume printing on Brother printer is to factory reset the printer. As it happens with any other resetting, all the settings and customizations for the printer will be removed. Only go for resetting your Brother printer if all other fixes fail to fix the printing issue.

So, try all the above troubleshooting methods to fix the printing problem on your Brother printer. I’m sure you will be able to print the file using it. Check out more such tips and tricks of Windows from GetDroidTips.

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