Troubleshoot the “Cannot Generate SSPI Context” Error (SQL Server)

SSPI is the short form for the Security Support Provider Interface. It is a collection of MS Windows API. It enables authentication of TCP/IP sockets which are data transport layers in networking. In simple terms, when transferring data from one computer to another over TCP/IP, SSPI issues a security token. This will ensure the secure transmission of data between the sending and receiving devices. Sometimes, the SSPI assigns a security token for the receiving device by using Kerberos authentication. If Kerberos cannot assign the token properly, then we get to see the cannot generate SSPI context error.

When this error occurs, the connection to the SQL server fails. A message will generate that says “Connection failed Cannot connect”. In this guide, I will explain to you how to fix this issue. There are a few workarounds that ideally should solve the error. Let’s check them out.

how to fix cannot generate SSPI context on SQL Server

Troubleshoot: “Cannot Generate SSPI Context” Error (SQL Server)

Here is the various workaround that you can try to fix the cannot generate SSPI context error.

Stop the SQL Server

  • Open SQL Server Configuration Manager
  • Select the SQL server hosting the service
  • Right-click on the server > click Stop

Restart SQL Server Service and Close it

  • Select the Local System Account
  • Click OK
  • Navigate to the General tab. Click Start
  • Wait to confirm the service status has started.
  • Now, right-click on the server and click Stop

Restart Domain Account to Fix Cannot Generate SSPI Context Error

  • Click on This Account from the Log on tab
  • enter details of SQL Server domain account
  • Then click OK
  • Go to General tab > click Start

Try Connecting SQL Monitor

  • Go to the Monitored Servers page
  • Under Configuration click Monitored Servers
  • Navigate to the Actions menu
  • Click on Retry Connection

Use Microsoft Kerberos Configuration Management Tool

There is a second workaround to fix the Cannot Generate SSPI Context error. In that method, you have to download Microsoft Kerberos Configuration Management Tool. Download it on any system running on the domain. You can get the tool for free from Microsoft’s website.

So, this is all about the cannot generate SSPI context error on SQL servers and the various workarounds to fix the issue.

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