Fix Command + R Not Working on MacBook

MacBook is a powerful mobile computer that was designed for smooth, user-friendly operations. It is programmed to deliver high-quality results with more accuracy. However, like any other device it also vulnerable to errors and issues. A recent glitch we noticed with MacBook is the “Command + R” key combination is not responding. The problem is not new and has been occurring in various models of MacBook.

However, the “Command + R Not Working on MacBook” problem is not stressing worthy and can get resolved in a few quick and easy steps. So, if you were also facing a similar issue and came here to find a working solution, then stick to the article until the end.

Fix Command + R Not Working on MacBook

Why is Command + R Not Working on MacBook?

If the Command + R key combination fails to boot into the Recovery mode in MacBook, then there could be various possible circumstances responsible for that. Like,

  • Use of wrong key combination.
  • If you are using a wireless keyboard.
  • Due to corrupt NVRAM.

How to fix “Command + R Not Working on MacBook”?

If the Command + R key combination is Not Working for you, then try the fixes given below. Also, make sure that before you get started with the fixes, there is no firmware password, and if it is then consider removing it. As if the firmware password is in place, it won’t allow the user to use the MacBook recovery mode.

FIX 1: Reset NVRAM to the Default:

If the NVRAM of your MacBook system is corrupt, then the Command + R key combination might not work on your Mac. To resolve this, you can change the NVRAM settings to Default. For doing so,

  • Firstly, start your MacBook and ensure that no application is open.
  • Open Finder and then Utilities.macos utilities
  • Now locate and open Terminal and enter the following command and press Enter.

sudo nvram – c

  • Now key-in your password.
  • Again, enter the below command and press Enter.

sudo shutdown -r now

  • It will now restart your system.
  • As the system restarts, power it off and power on once again.
  • Finally, check whether the issue is solved or not.

FIX 2: Use a Wired Keyboard:

Using a wireless keyboard can also let you face the Command + R not working on the MacBook issue. To resolve this issue, follow the method given below:

  • Disconnect the wireless keyboard and then power Off your MacBook.
  • The next procedure is, Connect the wired keyboard and then power on MacBook again.wired keyboard
  • Once the system starts completely, power it Off again.
  • Power on the system again and check if the Command + R key combination works or not.

Now finally check whether using the Command + R can boot in recovery mode or not.

FIX 3: Use different key Combinations:

If the key combination and sequence for entering the recovery mode are different than what you are trying, then it might lead you to the issue discussed in this article. In that case, consider trying the combination and sequence given below:

Press and hold Command + R:

  • Firstly, power off your MacBook and, then you have to power off the wireless keyboard also.
  • Then power on the wireless keyboard and then quickly power on your MacBook as well.
  • Now press and hold Command + R altogether and check whether it is working or not.

Tap Command + R multiple times:

  • Firstly, power on your MacBook and then double-tap the Command + R keys combination to check whether it works. (Make sure to press the keys when you hear the start-up sound). If it does not work, power off the MacBook.
  • Now again power on the MacBook and press the Command + R key combination repeatedly until it boots into the recovery mode.

Hold Command + R and the power button:

  • Firstly, Shut down the MacBook.
  • Now press and hold the Command + R key combination and the power button altogether for about 6 seconds.
  • Release the power button meanwhile keep a hold on the Command + R combination and check whether it works now.

Press Command + R before starting MacBook:

  • Firstly, Shut down the MacBook.
  • Hold Command + R key combination and press the power key.
  • Suddenly power on the MacBook. Now press the power key of the keyboard again and check if the Command + R combination works now.

Press Command + R after NumLock flash:

  • Power off and then Power on the MacBook after few seconds.
  • Now once you see the NumLock flashes press the Command + R and check the issue is solved.

Press Command + R After the Green Light Flashes:

  • Power off and then Power on the MacBook.
  • Now after you see the green light on the keyboard blinking, quickly press Command + R and check now you can boot into the recovery mode or not.

So, this was all about “How to fix Command + R not working on MacBook” issue. We have tried to incorporate all the essential information regarding Command + R so that you can easily get rid of the problem.

Hopefully, by the end of this article, you might have got answers for all your questions related to Command + R not working or unresponsive. All the fixes mentioned above are tried & tested and would surely work for you. If you have any queries or feedback, please write down the comment in the below comment box.

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