Fix: JBL Pulse 5 Not Charging

The JBL Pulse 5 is a popular Bluetooth speaker known for its great sound quality and stylish design. Unfortunately, some users have experienced issues with the speaker not charging properly. If your JBL Pulse 5 is not charging. This article will help you troubleshoot and fix the issue. We’ll look at the possible causes of the issue and provide instructions on how to fix it. With these steps, you’ll be able to get your speaker working again in no time.

Fix: JBL Pulse 5 Not Charging

JBL Pulse 5 Overview 

The JBL Pulse 5 is a portable Bluetooth speaker with dynamic and immersive sound. It features a unique light show integrated into the speaker’s body, creating a captivating light show that follows your favorite music. The Pulse 5 is water-resistant, so you can take it with you wherever you go. It also has a built-in rechargeable battery that allows for up to 12 hours of continuous playtime.

In addition, with its advanced Bluetooth technology, you can easily connect two Pulse 5s together to create a bigger and better sound experience. The Pulse 5 also offers a range of intuitive controls, so you can easily adjust the sound and light show. With its powerful sound and captivating light show, the JBL Pulse 5 is the perfect way to bring your music to life.

What Causes JBL Pulse 5 Not Charging Anymore?

The most common reason for a JBL Pulse 5 not charging anymore is a faulty battery, charging cable, or charging port. If the charger is plugged in and the LED does not light up, it’s likely that the battery is completely drained, or the power cable is not working properly. If the LED does light up, but the battery does not charge, this could be a sign of a faulty charging port or battery. It is also possible that the power cable was damaged by wear and tear.

Fix JBL Pulse 5 Not Charging Issue

Don’t worry if you have a JBL Pulse 5 and are addressing the not charging issue on your JBL speaker. Some possible methods are available to solve the not charging issue on the JBL Speaker. As we discussed before, the issue is caused by various reasons, and users reported this issue on several platforms, including Reddit, Twitter and more. To solve the issue, you can go through the possible mentioned solutions to get back on charging.

Fix 1: Replace the USB Charging Cable

A faulty or damaged USB charging cable may be the reason for your JBL Pulse 5 not charging. If your charging cord is bent or strained, it can become defective and stop working on charging. So, check if the USB is working or not. You can use another USB Type-C charging cable to see if your JBL Pulse 5 is charging or not.

Fix 2: Try Another Charger

If you are using a charger to charge your JBL Pulse 5, which is not working properly, the battery of the speaker may not be charged. Some potential reasons why this happens are if the USB port in the charger is broken or maybe damaged with its internal board. Try using another charger to see if it’s working or not.

Fix 3: Clean the Charging Port

If your JBL Pulse 5 is still not charging anymore, you should try cleaning the charging port. This is especially true if the battery is completely dead and will not hold a charge. To clean the port, use a soft cloth or cotton swab to gently clean the charging port inside. Be sure to use a dry cloth or swab, and never force anything into the port. Once the port is clean, try plugging the charger back in and see if the device will start to charge.

Fix 4: Replace the Faulty Battery

The faulty battery is also the reason for not charging the JBL Pulse 5 anymore. However, if you are still facing a charging issue, you can check if your battery is working or if it may be damaged. If the battery is faulty or damaged, you need to replace the battery with a new one.

The first step is to acquire a new battery compatible with your device. Once you have the new battery, you need to open up the device to access the faulty battery. Disconnect the old battery from the circuit board and remove it from the device. Afterwards, connect the new battery to the circuit board and make sure it’s securely in place. Finally, reassemble the JBL Pulse 5, and you should find that your device is now charging properly.

Fix 5: Try Using a Different Power Outlet

The Pulse 5 not charging issue is caused by various reasons, try using a different power outlet to fix the issue. If you use a power strip, try plugging the JBL Pulse 5 directly into the wall outlet. If you are using a wall outlet, try using a different wall outlet. It is possible that the outlet you are using is not providing power to the Pulse 5, causing it to not charge. 

Additionally, make sure that the power outlet is not in an area with a lot of dust or dirt, as that can also cause the Pulse 5 not to charge. So, trying a different power outlet will surely help you to solve the charging issue. Finally, if none of these solutions works, you may need to contact JBL for further support.

Fix 6: Update the JBL Software 

Updating the JBL software is an easy way to help fix the JBL Pulse 5 not charging issue. To do this:

  1. Go to the JBL website and check for any available software updates.
  2. If you find an update, download it to your computer and then transfer it to your JBL Pulse 5.
  3. Once the update is complete, try charging the JBL Pulse 5 again. If the issue persists, it may be best to contact JBL customer service for further assistance.

Fix 7: Factory Reset Your JBL Pulse 5

Factory reset may erase the data to its default settings which helps to solve the charging issue. If you are still facing the charging issue, you can try to factory reset your JBL Pulse 5 device. To factory reset your JBL Pulse 5, follow these steps:

  1. Turn on the power of your JBL Speaker.
  2. Press and hold the “Play” and “Volume Up” buttons simultaneously and hold for a few seconds until it turns off.
  3. Wait for a few minutes and press the power button again to power on the JBL device.
  4. If the JBL is in pairing mode, you can reset it.
  5. Connect your JBL speaker to check if the JBL is charging or not.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the issue with the JBL Pulse 5 not charging?

The issue is that the JBL Pulse 5 is not receiving a charge when connected to a power source.

Can I use any type of charging cable to charge my JBL Pulse 5?

The JBL Pulse 5 should be charged using the cable that was included with the device. It is recommended to use the original cable or the one recommended by JBL to ensure proper charging.

How long does it take to charge JBL Pulse 5?

The charging time for the JBL Pulse 5 will vary depending on the condition of the battery and the power source being used. It typically takes around 2-3 hours to fully charge the device.

Final Words

Hopefully, the above guide will help you to solve the charging issue on your JBL Pulse 5 speaker. As we have mentioned some possible solutions to solve the issue if you are facing the charging issue on your JBL. If you have tried all the steps, contact JBL customer service for further assistance.

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