Fix Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Stuck on Checking For Updates

The latest Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 game is available for Microsoft Windows and Xbox One platforms. The previous version of this game was launched way back 38 years ago and it was one of the oldest flight simulation video games. Although the game is pretty well and the 2020 version includes plenty of things that players gonna love so much, there are some of the bugs or errors as well. According to some of the Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 players have reported that they stuck on Checking For Updates screen. Are you one of them? Check out the full troubleshooting guide below.

This particular issue appearing on the “WELCOME, SET YOUR EXPERIENCE” page where the ‘CHECKING FOR UPDATES’ screen is going forever. It basically prevents players to join into the game and this problem seems to happen every time whenever ‘PRESS ANY KEY TO START’ option pops up to some of the unfortunate players. Meanwhile, some of the affected players are facing the freezing issue after the same pop-up screen which is literally irritating.

Fix Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Stuck on Checking For Updates

Fix Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Stuck on Checking For Updates

Now, if you’re also experiencing the same issue and want to fix it, then check out some of the easy steps below.

  1. First of all, restart the Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 game.
  2. Next, right-click on the game executable file and click on ‘Run as administrator’.
  3. Ensure that the Windows OS version is updated.
  4. Additionally, check out the graphics driver update from the Device Manager > Display adapter > Right-click on the dedicated graphics card > Update driver > Search automatically. If the latest update available, it will automatically download and install it & restart your PC.
  5. Temporarily disable Windows Firewall and Windows Defender protection. If you’re using any third-party Antivirus program, turn off the Real-Time Protection and web protection. Once done, run the game and check for the issue again.
  6. However, if none of the above methods work for you, just try to uninstall the game completely and reinstall it. This process can also fix the issue for some of the players.

That’s it, guys. We hope this guide was helpful to you. Feel free to ask in the comment below for further queries.

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