How to Fix the Resistances Reset Bug in Biomutant

The action RPG Biomutant is one of the open-world unique martial arts-styled combat systems that allow players to use characters to become mutant, mix melee & shooting. Although the graphics and gameplay are quite good enough, some players are facing the Resistances Reset Bug in Biomutant. If you’re one of them, follow this guide.

So, the particular reset bug is affecting players with weakened characters in the gameplay. It basically includes a weird interaction that occurs resetting the Biomutant Resistances. Whereas one of the most worse things that may happen like permanently deleting your Resistances in the game if you don’t take necessary actions.

Resistances Reset Bug

How to Fix the Resistances Reset Bug in Biomutant

Luckily, there is a possible workaround that can help you to fix the particular reset bug with your Resistances in the Biomutant game. You’ll require to reload a prior save (load the previously saved game data or checkpoint).

Meanwhile, if you find out that all of your resistances become wiped out, make sure to reload the past game save as early as possible. If you don’t then the chances will be higher, your resistances will be permanently deleted or lost in the game.

Although the specific reason behind such an issue isn’t cleared yet officially, the Biomutant subreddit users have mentioned that it’s happening due to the Mutation Spot in Bio Nucleus 6D. After using it, an unexpected interaction occurs between equipment & add-ons, and the problem starts frequently.

Therefore, no matter which equipment you use, it won’t provide any sort of bonus. It becomes more severe when spending Bio Points to build buffs around the armor’s baked-in defenses. You may unnecessarily spend all of your crucial Bio Points to increase a stat that doesn’t require it. So, if you’re unable to showcase your skill points, it can easily run out all your saved file.

To get into the conclusion, the Resistances bug may seem uncommon in some ways but it can be devastating. There is no specific announcement made yet by developers when the patch fix will be released. As this is one of the bugs, you should wait for the patch update.

Till then stay tuned for more info. If you’ve any queries, let us know in the comment below.

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