Fix: Samsung Frame TV Bluetooth Not Working or Not Pairing

Are you facing a Samsung Frame TV Bluetooth not working or not pairing issue? You are not the only one who is dealing with such problems. Samsung TVs offer amazing audio and video quality with excellent graphics. But sometimes, it becomes daunting if you cannot pair it with Bluetooth. To help you with such issues, today we are here to give you some best troubleshooting methodologies. Go through this guide to solve your problem quickly.

Fix: Samsung Frame TV Bluetooth Issue

Reasons why Samsung Frame TV Bluetooth is not working or not pairing

Before trying to fix Bluetooth not pairing problems, you must know why it happens. There can be multiple reasons for not pairing. Below are some reasons why your Samsung Frame TV Bluetooth is not working or not pairing.

  • It might be possible that you are using old firmware because your TV might have bugs.
  • You may not have enabled Bluetooth manually.
  • Your Bluetooth range might be too large to connect.
  • It can be because of hardware issues.

How to fix Samsung Frame TV Bluetooth not working or not pairing issue?

Fixing Bluetooth not pairing issue might not be possible in one step. As a result, we have covered all possible methods you can try to fix such problems. You can do one after the other if you cannot solve your problem.

1. Check if Bluetooth is enabled or not

The first thing you do when you face such a problem is to check whether your device’s Bluetooth is working. It might be possible that you are unable to pair Bluetooth properly. To check, follow these steps-

  1. Open the setting on your Samsung TV.
  2. Then click on the Audio option.
  3. There you will get an option for Bluetooth speakers. Click on it.
  4. You will see a list of available Bluetooth devices. Connect with the one you want to connect with.
  5. Check if it is working or not.

2. Restart your Samsung TV to fix Bluetooth not working issue

If you still find Bluetooth is not working, try restarting your device. This is the easiest step we do follow when facing any issue. For restarting, you must press the power button on your TV for 5 seconds. Let it restart and check again if it is working or not.

3. Check for TV firmware update

Every brand comes up with regular updates. Without updating it with time, you might find bugs in your smart TVs. Check the below steps to update the firmware in easy steps-

  1. Firstly, connect the TV to the WiFi.
  2. Press the menu button on the TV remote.
  3. Click on Settings.
  4. Then click on the Support section.
  5. You will see an option for the Software update. Click that.
  6. Then click on the Update now option and wait until it gets downloaded.
  7. Finally, restart the TV and check if it’s working or not.

4. Check the Bluetooth connection range

We all know that Bluetooth works within a defined range. If you move out of the range, you will not get the connection. There is no such range defined, but it is approximately considered that the device must range closer to 30 feet. If your devices are far away from 30 feet, you might not be able to connect Bluetooth.

5. Try cold booting your Samsung TV to fix Bluetooth not pairing issue

Sometimes, cold bootings do help in solving Bluetooth problems. You might say that the cold boot process is the same as restarting a router. For cold booting, follow these steps-

  1. First, unplug your Samsung TV from the main power.
  2. Press the power button on your TV for 30 seconds.
  3. Again, replug your TV with the main power.
  4. Now, turn it on with a remote and check again.

6. Try connecting with the phone’s settings

This is also one of the best methods to fix these problems. If you cannot fix it, try to connect the Bluetooth through your phone’s settings. To do so, follow these steps-

  1. Open Settings on your mobile phone.
  2. Then tap on Bluetooth and the device connections option.
  3. Turn on the Bluetooth.
  4. Next, tap on the option Pair new device.
  5. Now check the TV’s Bluetooth and connect to it.
  6. Then ensure whether the TV’s Bluetooth is working or not.

Bottom line

Well, that was all about Samsung Frame TV Bluetooth not working or not pairing issues. Sometimes, smart TVs seem useless if we are unable to connect them to Bluetooth. But don’t worry as the tips mentioned above will surely help you overcome such situations. Still, if it isn’t solved, then it might be a hardware issue. Then you need to contact Samsung customer care.

So, that’s all for today. Follow GetDroidTips for more troubleshooting guides!

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