How to fix Samsung Galaxy Bluetooth Problem?

Bought a Samsung Galaxy device and facing Bluetooth issue? Then, here in this guide, we will try to fix the Samsung Galaxy Bluetooth Problem.

Bluetooth is one of the necessary features in your phone which helps to pair or connect it to a device or your wireless headphone or speaker etc. Samsung Galaxy happily gives the customer a smooth working Bluetooth facility as Bluetooth is a popular method of transferring data. So it’s with great pleasure Samsung Galaxy ensures a fine Bluetooth facility on the Android phone. World’s most widely used wireless technology is Bluetooth. And there are around three billion Bluetooth products are there in the world market.

If you find any hindrance while using or connecting or pairing Bluetooth it won’t feel that good. So if your Samsung Galaxy Android phone faces any kind of Bluetooth issue here we are to clear all those doubts. In this article, we are going to discuss “How to fix Samsung Galaxy Bluetooth Problem?”. Customers happiness is most important to Samsung Galaxy. So here are we going to the troubleshooting tips which can be performed by yourself?

How to fix Samsung Galaxy Bluetooth Problem?

Troubleshooting Tips to Fix Galaxy Bluetooth Problem

  1. Pull down your notification bar and check if your little Bluetooth icon is on or not. If not you won’t be able to connect or pair any other device with your phone.
  2.  Make sure that your phone is in range. For most of the Android phones, the range limit is thirty feet. So it’s very important to be in the range limit when you are trying to pair.
  3. Another important thing to ensure is that the Bluetooth connection of the device you are going to connect. Make sure that the Bluetooth connection of the device you are going to pair also put on it’s Bluetooth.
  4.  A reset can be a problem solver for many of the issues. So go for a power of your phone and then after few seconds switch on your phone.
  5. With some devices, there is a problem that if the battery charge is low the Bluetooth connection will automatically cut off. So it will be good if there is a good percentage of charge in both the devices which are going to be paired. Or maintain the charge of the phone.
  6. Another obstacle for successful pairing is the presence of WiFi signal from the router. So make sure that you are away from the wifi router.
  7. Clearing the Bluetooth cache can be a solution at some points.
  8. If the pairing which is running disrupted in between, then remove the pair and repair the devices.
  9. It’s very important to compare the protocols of the pairing devices. If the protocols don’t match, you will not be able to connect each other. So make sure that the protocols of the devices match together.
  10. The last tip is to limit the data you are transferring in the case of media, audio etc. So if you can’t perform a fine pairing limit the data you are sharing.

So these are the tips we have to give to you. Thank you for reading this article wholly. Make your Bluetooth connections strong with these tips. And stay smart with your Samsung Galaxy Smart Phone.

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