How To Fix Samsung Galaxy Overheating Problem? [ Troubleshoot]

Bought a Samsung Galaxy device andĀ facing Overheating issue? Then, here in this guide, we will try to fix theĀ Samsung Galaxy Overheating Problems.

Samsung is one of the greatest tech company ever. In addition to smartphones, they own other technology companies and provides solutions for the world facing them. The brand name they built is strong and it’s rooted have reached to every corner of the market. The chances are for many of us the first smartphone device we bought might be Samsung. It is the trust that is created by the company so that people can buy a new device just by the feedback from others. For ensuring the good feedback, Samsung definitely has worked really hard. From inventing advanced technology to interacting with active customers. Samsung believes that the customers are the base. They keep building everything over the customer base.

Samsung recently unveiled their new flagship phone which is Samsung Galaxy S9/S9 plus, which obviously has created a lot of noise in the smartphone industry. Samsung Galaxy S9 is the decedent of Samsung Galaxy S8 and it’s predecessors. The Galaxy series smartphones were welcomed warmly with two hands by the customers. The black age where there was reported multiple issues of Galaxy phone explosions, is long forgotten. But even though that black age is over, when the phone gets building up the heat, we start to get scared. If you are one among the Samsung Galaxy device owners and if your phone gets heated while it is in operation, then we got you covered in this post.

How To Fix Samsung Galaxy Overheating Problem? [ Troubleshoot]

Is it normal for smartphones to get hot while its operation?

Heat is generated due to the processes going inside the processing chip. It also arises when the battery is getting charged. Both these conditions are normal and cannot be excluded because it’s physics. That’s how it works. But when the phone gets abnormally hot, you should be cautious. Maybe it is due to the malfunction or process overload. If your Samsung Galaxy device gets warmer then in this post we cover this particular topic.

Fixes for Samsung Galaxy overheating problem.

  1. If your Samsung device is getting heated while charging then the problem might be with the USB charging cable or the battery. There are mainly two solutions for this issue. One is to change the charger and check whether the issue is resolved. If no then you might have to change the battery. If your battery is used for more than 2 years then you might have to get a new battery.
  2. Pause using the phone for a while. You might be overloading the device by either gaming or calls etc. This will lead to SoC overheating. Therefore if you used to play high graphics game then you should wait for the phone to get cool and then use it.
  3. Keep the phone away from hot surroundings. If your phone is kept directly exposed to sun or other heat sources then the phone is likely to get heated. So keep the phone away from heat sources.
  4. Download heat control applications from Google play store. This will reduce the heat generated in the device by optimizing the processes.

If still, the heating issue persists on your Samsung Galaxy device then you should send it for repair at an authorized Samsung service centre.

We hope these above solutions should have solved your Samsung Galaxy overheating issue. For more queries comment or contact us directly.

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