Guide To Fix Samsung Galaxy Not Charging Problem

Bought a Samsung Galaxy device and facing charging issue? Then, here in this guide, we will try to fix the Samsung Galaxy Not Charging Problem.

A smartphone that is not charging properly or worse not charging at all can be a real trouble sometimes. While most of us run to the service centers at the first sight of the issue, the solution could actually be a lot simpler than you feel that time. The most common misconception about not charging issues is that users often think it’s all hardware and/or accessory problems like it’s an issue with the charger, battery or the phone itself which is not true always. Samsung Galaxy is a smartphone that is available at the market after rigorous testing in software and its hardware components.

In this competitive world, smartphone brands should give its best quality in each and every feature of their smartphone. Battery capacity is an unavoidable feature in the competing factors in the smartphone market. Most of the time software optimizations use to help in increasing the longevity of battery life. But what if the device is not getting charged when it is supposed to. Even though it seems like a normal thing, it can get seriously affect the daily life. Since these days most of the work and time management sticks around the smartphone applications. However, there’s no guarantee you could fix this issues after following these solutions if the problem is hardware-related.

Guide To Fix Samsung Galaxy Not Charging Problem

Fixes for Samsung Galaxy Not Charging Problem

Here are some solution to fix the Galaxy charging issue on your phone.

Clean & Fix Charging Port of Samsung Galaxy

With the help of a flashlight, take a close look at the charging port then see whether it is clogged with any dust, lint, or debris or not. Then try to blow the obstructions out you can also use something like a toothpick to clean the charging port. Also, with USB cable frequently plugged in and out, the metal tab inside the charging port might be distorted so make lose contact with the charging cable.

Check if it is a Firmware Issue

Check whether it is a firmware problem or not. In some cases, the user interface fails to show the “charging” symbol because of some minor bug problems or firmware malfunctions. So to tackle this, you have to perform either unplug the charger or retry connecting the charger. Or just restart the phone. It can be done by pressing the power key for 5 seconds and in the resulting options click on restart. Check whether the problem is resolved.

Check whether the USB or charging port is loose

Sometimes loose connection creates issues. The same is true if the cable doesn’t snap right into the USB port on Samsung Galaxy. If it’s some kind of loose connection then wiggling it to make contact may allow the phone to charge. However, if the issue is internal then there’s not much you can do about it. You can’t even open the device to inspect it because removing a screw by yourself may also become a reason for automatically void the warranty.

Troubleshoot the charger

Check the charger works fine. Usually, a malfunction from charger can also end up in faulty charging problems. The easiest way to know if the charger is the problem is to use a different one and try charging or connects another smartphone to the same charger and check whether the charger works. and if the charger is not working it is better to get a new charger which your smartphone device specifies. Using other chargers can affect the performance of your phone’s battery.

Send the phone for repair

If all else fails, then you have to visit a service center. You may bring the phone to the store where you bought it or call Samsung customer service. It is necessary to make sure you can claim warranty in case the device needs to be repaired. It is also one way of saving yourself from all the hassles in troubleshooting a problem you don’t know.

Hope all these solutions will help to fix for Samsung Galaxy Not Charging Problem faced by users. If you have any queries, feel free to ask via comment or contact us page.

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