Methods to Fix Ulefone Touch Screen Problems and Solutions

The most used part of a smartphone is its touchscreen. For accessing any applications or doing any functions it is inevitable to use the touchscreen. The malfunction of the mobile screen should be a frustrating situation because most of the works and other operations of the users must be dependent on the device. For example, all the contacts you will have to be used now and always are stored on the phone and most of the people don’t bother to remember all these contacts. In this guide we will help you to fix Ulefone Touch Screen Problems.

The Ulefone undergo strict checking and testing before it’s market release.Even though there are chances for the devices to malfunction. Here are some quick fixes for these “ tough” conditions. The most common issues and their fixes are discussed below.

Methods to Fix Ulefone Touch Screen Problems and Solutions

Methods to Fix Ulefone Touch Screen Problems

So here is a couple of fixes you can try from your home when you face Touch Screen problem on Ulefone smartphone.

Blank screen ( with backlight)

  • The chances are it could be a system error so you can try holding the power button and restarting the phone. This should fix the issue.
  • If the above option doesn’t work out it is better to try recovery option. To do this click on volume down key along with power button. Click ok factory data reset. And wait for the device to get reset. Backup the data before performing this.
  • If it’s still not resolved, then the problem might be associated with the hardware components. So it is better to be examined by an authorized professional.

Frequent “Android Is Running”  Popup Notifications

  • It is usually a firmware problem. So to tackle this try to perform the following steps
  • If the problem happens to be appearing for the first time, then try rebooting the device. To do this hold on the power key and click Restart.
  • If it happened after a firmware update then reset the phone to its previous state. To do this switch off the phone and click on the volume down button along with power button. This will result in a window with several options. Click on factory reset. Backup the data before doing the reset.

Non-sensitive touchscreen

  • Make sure that your hand/screen is clean before touching the screen. Moisture or dirt can affect touch sensitivity.
  • Use a soft cloth to clean the wipe the dirt or moisture.
  • Unplug the charger if your phone is connected to the USB charger. The charging can affect the touch sensitivity occasionally.
  • This can also happen if your phone builds up large cache files or junk files as part of the operation. So download third-party applications to clean up the junk files which will, in turn, improve the phone’s performance.

Resetting the phone is the last option you have to consider as part of your own troubleshooting technics. To do this go to settings> Back up and reset> factory reset. Backup the files before resetting.

Hope all these solutions will help to Fix Ulefone Touch Screen Problems. If you have any queries, feel free to ask via comment or contact us page.


  1. I am having Ulefone armor 5.Touchscreen not working. Display is blank.. Please help out

  2. I am having problem with my Ulefone Armor 6, i was playing a game in mobile and suddenly my mobile screen turns black and unresponsive then i try to turn off my mobile but its not turning off it restart again again and the screen is still black and i see nothing on the screen?

  3. Well, I have a specific problem, the screen keeps on being black, while the phone still can be used, but with a black screen, it’s nearly impossible, PLEASE SOMEBODY HELP ME

  4. I have Armor 6. Sometime my touch is not working properly when I unlock the phone. So I have to locked it back and unlock again to access the phone. Can you please give me so tips to access and increase the touch sensitivity.

  5. The screen on my Ulefone armor 6 became very sensitive. When touch a caracter it type it several times and when touch back the phone type back like 10 times. I adjusted the pointer speed, restart the phone clean cache etc, but nothing work.
    Actual Version is Oreo 8.1.0

    1. Mano armor X2 ekranas kartai net nereguoja į nieka po kelių prkrovimu veike bet vėl nejautrus pasidaro,kame šaknys?

    2. I have a ulefone (I think 13) the screen comes up as it should, but there’s no response when I hit a key. I can’t open anything because I can’t even put in the passcode

  6. I had a ulefone 5 , and it was great when it worked the first couple of months , but after a factory reset never worked again.
    Than I bought the amor 6 , and again much problems .
    The screen on my ulefone 6 goes crazy very much , it’s very sensitive , and the fone is automaticly caling people sometimes , when it lay down on the table.
    I have try every setting but nothing change .
    I’m afrait to do a factory reset again .

    What can I do ??

  7. Nevermind that it took me 25 hours (yeah, truly) and multiple visits to six different Sprint-T-Mobile stores before I found one that could AND would get this Ulefone Armor 9 to activate on T-Mobile (it 100% will never work on Sprint, despite claims on SOME pages of the Ulefone website). My latest, much more serious problem is that the drop-down screen menu goes rogue when I hold my face near the screen while I am on a call. My face is not touching the screen, just near it. Still, the full extended menu activates itself. And no, I do not have the “gloves” setting activated for hyper screen sensitivity.

    Call after call after call will be muted or disconnected. I am in sales, so that is a massive problem. Multiple setting options will be activated or deactivated on a single call. Screen rotation, location, flashlight, wifi, Bluetooth, night screen – all of those settings and more are altered without my ever touching the screen, just because my face is near to the screen.

    Today, it deactivated an important alarm reminder for an appointment because I was on a call when the alarm went off…on a business call that hung up twice without my body (hands, face, nose – you name it) ever touching the screen.

    I have had many cell phones since 1997. I have never had a piece of junk like this.

    Ulefone, get your act together. If you continue to design phones that garner such poor reviews with such poor set up of Android operating systems while having a ridiculous return policy you will never get repeat business, and you will go the way of Nokia.

  8. I have Ulefone Armor X8 with touch screen not resposnding, and I have restart but now cant put in my pin to open is stuck on pin rrequired and cannot do anything even when touching not responding

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