How to Fix Wi-Fi Problems on OnePlus 5T

Wi-Fi is an important feature in any smartphone in the present scenario. The fact cannot be denied that without this feature, even a high-end device such as OnePlus 5T is nothing. Actually, there are a lot of tasks that can only be performed through a stable Wi-Fi connection and thus uninterrupted working of the same is necessary. If you have purchased the OnePlus 5T and is experiencing the Wi-Fi problems, there is nothing to worry as this is not a big deal. In this Post, I will show you how to fix Wi-Fi problems on OnePlus 5T simply.

One thing which you need to keep in your mind is the fact that Wi-Fi problems are not always necessary to be because of same reason due to which they actually appear. Thus, there might be a need to try the different solutions. However, the problem can simply be eliminated without doing much. One of the most common issues is Wi-Fi automatically turns into the phone data and often consumes the bandwidth without notifying the users. Well, check out the solutions in the below paragraphs.

Steps to Fix Wi-Fi Problems on OnePlus 5T

Before proceeding with anything, you need to keep it in mind that the most common factor responsible for this problem is bugs in the apps. You should check out the commonly used apps such as Facebook, Gmail, and Twitter. Sometime even when the apps are fully updated, Wi-Fi doesn’t provide desirable speed. You need to check out all the possible solutions

Fixing the Slow Wi-Fi on OnePlus 5T

  • First of all turn off your phone and at the same time, hold the power, volume up and the home buttons together.
  • Now wait until the ONEPLUS 5T vibrates and it goes into recovery mode
  • Next is to find “wipe cache partition” and select it.
  • Upon completion the process, you’ll see an option “reboot system now” that’ll reboot the smartphone. Simply go for it.

Wi-Fi changing to Data pack automatically

It is a very common problem. In fact, it also appeared in the predecessor of this device and i.e. OnePlus 5. If you are also experiencing this problem on OnePlus 5T, you need to check out the device settings. There is a provision to switch to the mobile data automatically in case the signal strength goes down. This is “Smart Network Switch Option”. You need to disable this option. For this, the instructions are as follows.

  • The very first thing to do is turn on your smartphone and turn on the mobile data connection.
  • Now go to Menu, Select “Settings” and then “Wireless.”
  • Browse for the “Smart network switch”.
  • Remove the check on it to simply turn this feature OFF.

You need to also make it sure that the problem is not with the Wi-Fi connection or with the router. Try reinstalling the router once in case this method doesn’t work. At the same time, check the limits imposed by the network provider on your connection. If the problem is still there, visit a nearby service center to get it checked. Also, report the same to the manufacturer as well. So this is how you can fix Wi-Fi Problems on OnePlus 5T.


  1. Hi Pearl,
    Good iniitiative.
    On my 1+5T, when I did the reboot attempt you put out, it is saying ‘wipe data and cache’. Not ‘wipe cache partition’ as you say here.
    I am afraid that if I click that, it will wipe out all my precious data also especially travel videos shot recently and have not been backed up! What does one do?

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