Fix: Wireless Mouse/Keyboard Keeps Losing Connection

Wireless mouse and keyboards are becoming quite popular these days. Obviously, people are wishing to use gadgets that are free from the hassles of wiring and connecting. Just because gadgets become wireless doesn’t mean that they will become snag-free. Yes, these wireless devices do come with their issues. Sometimes, the users find that the wireless mouse and the keyboard keep losing connection. In this guide, I will explain to you how to fix this problem.

The reasons for the connection loss can happen due to the depletion of the battery on the wireless devices. When the devices are not wired, they run on a battery that needs to be charged when it runs out of juice. There may be some issue with the Bluetooth driver that requires an update. You may also try to re-install the latest Bluetooth driver compatible with the wireless mouse or keyboard that you are using. Let’s check all these troubleshooting methods in detail.

Fix: Wireless Mouse/Keyboard Keeps Losing Connection

How to Fix: Wireless Mouse/Keyboard Keeps Losing Connection

You can try out any one of these troubleshooting methods and it should necessarily fix all of your issues.

Recharge the Battery

The most common issue is often overlooked by users. This means the wireless mouse and keyboards run on batteries. You need to check if the battery of these devices is still up or they have run out of juice. You need to recharge the battery before putting it on to use. For example, I use a Bluetooth headphone that runs out of charge after 6 to 7 hours of use. Then if I do not charge it and try to connect, the connection will not establish.

Sometimes, the battery may become faulty and stop working. In that case, you have to replace the battery in the respective gadget.

Try Connecting Receiver Dongle in Another USB Port

Usually, wireless gadgets make use of a USB dongle that is powered by Bluetooth. This is like a receiver that connects to the PC and wirelessly receives the signal from the mouse or keyboard and connects it to the respective computer.

Maybe the particular port in which you insert the dongle may have hardware problems leading to a loose connection. So, if your PC/laptop has other USB ports try to insert the dongle into those ports. I’m sure it will work.

Update Wireless Mouse/Keyboard Driver

To do this,

  • In the Type here to Search box, type device manager
  • Click Open
    device manager start menu
  • Scroll down to mouse or keyboard > click to expand
    update wireless mouse and keyboard driver
  • Then right-click on keyboard driver and click Update Driver

The above steps are entirely the same for both the mouse and keyboard. In the above screenshot as you can see there is an option to uninstall the driver. You can click on that to uninstall the current version of the driver.

Then restart your computer and make sure you have an active internet connection on your PC. Then the system will download and install the latest wireless keyboard and mouse driver from the internet.

NOTE: You can repeat the entire steps of driver update and reinstallation for the Bluetooth driver as well.

Your PC is Cutting the Wireless Connectivity to Manage Power

This means there is an option for power management under the device manager that enables the computer to disable the wireless mouse or keyboard if it’s not in use. It does so to save the battery. You have to disable this feature.

  • Open Device Manager [refer to the previous section on how to access the device manager]
  • Scroll down to Keyboard or Mouse driver.
  • Right-click on the driver
  • Then click on Properties
  • In the properties dialog box, you will see an option Power Management [this option will only show if your mouse or keyboard is wireless]
  • There will be two options, first Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power. 
  • You have to uncheck the checkbox beside this above option
  • There will be another second option Allow this device to wake the computer. Make sure to keep this option enabled. Do not uncheck it.

That’s all you have to do to fix the issue of connection loss on your wireless mouse and keyboard. These are all effective troubleshooting methods that will easily solve the problem. I hope that this guide was informative.

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