Forza Horizon 5: List of All 30 Apex Predators Boards

Forza Horizon 5’s popularity has grown over time. The fifth Horizon title which is also the 20th installment in the Forza series has come up with mindblowing features. Talk about the gameplay, graphics, or game mechanics, we get to see some great enhancements in all these factors. But that’s not the only reason behind the success of Forza Horizon 5, in fact, the huge bonuses in the game are what attract a lot of players. Yes, you heard it right. Apart from the number of activities and collectibles in the game, Forza Horizon 5 provides 30 bonus boards throughout its new map.

These promotional boards also known as Apex Predator boards are available upon choosing the Apex Predator team. The 30 boards are further divided into two batches. The first batch of 15 Apex Predator boards can be found on the map and the next batch is unlocked on reaching level 4. The best part is the bonus amount you get on smashing each board. No doubt, all of them offer different bonus amounts. And the boards containing the highest bonus amount are eventually the toughest ones to locate. But worry not as we have got you covered. Today, we will look at all the 30 Apex Predator Boards and where and how to find them.

Forza Horizon 5 List of All 30 Apex Predators Boards

Forza Horizon 5: List of All 30 Apex PredatorsĀ Boards

The HotWheels expansion of Forza Horizon 5 opens multiple opportunities for you to earn ravishing bonuses. And all these are possible only if you successfully smash those promotional Apex Predator boards in the game. Well, as simple as the task sounds, locating these boards can get equally difficult too.

But all your effort are worth it as many of these boards provide up to 5000 XP bonuses on running over them and if you are already into Forza Horizon, you must have a good idea of its actual worth. Fortunately, you don’t have to run anywhere else looking for these locations as we will be diving into each of these boards and look into them closely.

1. Board 1

Starting with the best, the first board itself offers you 5000 XP. The board is located in the East of Lost Jardines on top of a construction site. And so you will need some tricks to get to it. It may take a few tries but here’s some advice to get to smash it and make all those points yours.

Firstly, make sure to get a car with good offroading abilities. Remember, in this task, you will be relying more on offroading capabilities and acceleration rather than top speed, so choose wisely. You can either go for an S1 or S2 car. And if you have already advanced well in the game, go for the Racing Puma Forza Horizon 1999, it will definitely get the job done.

Once you have the car and you are all set in the location, take some distance back into the woods exactly opposite the site of the board to get some room. Now, accelerate and use that pile of dirt in order to reach the board. As said above, it will take a few tries so be patient.

2. Board 2

The next board again has a 5000 XP bonus to offer and is located slightly beside the location of our first board. You can find this Apex Predator board next to the Los Jardines Landmark on top of a greenhouse. Compared to the first one, this one is pretty easy to smash.

The only thing you need to remember is that you need to unlock the Horizon Rush Outpost before attempting this board. Unlocking it will add a few more ramps to your open-world game, and you need to select the one that looks exactly as in the image below.

Once you reach the location, use the closest stunt point to land on top of the greenhouse. And that’s all, now you can easily hit the board and earn another 5000 XP to your collection. Just make sure to go for an S1 or S2 car and use the rewind button efficiently to get it done.

3. Board 3

This is another 5000 XP board that you get to smash in the Apex Predator team. And just like the other two, this too carries some risk to get to this board.

Firstly, it is located in a cave that looks dark enough and gives a creepy vibe as well. To enter here, you can either choose the hole in the wall or simply wish to be dropped from above. Once you enter the cave, you need to cover some distance before you see the Apex Predator board right in front of you.

4. Board 4

Again we have another 5k XP Apex Predator board. This one can be found in an ancient ruin towards the back hall. Once you reach the location, you need to go all the way to the bottom floor to get to smash this board.

5. Board 5

Waterfalls hide a bunch of things to discover. And just like that our next promotional board is hidden behind a waterfall. You may have some trouble at first discovering the location but in the end, it is worth all the difficulties.

6. Board 6

The next 5000 XP board is located on top of a building. And the only way to smash it is a dirt ledge behind the building. Just like in the case of the first board, you will need a car with good offroading skills here as well. Simply get on top of the dirt, take some distance back into the woods to gain some momentum, and make a jump on top of the building.

Now, take a right and smash the board with good acceleration and earn another 5k XP bonus.

7. Board 7

The next board is again located on top of a rock pillar making it one of the most difficult missions to get to this place. Once again, you will require a car with good acceleration and offroading to get it done.

Firstly, you will need to make it to the nearby rock ledge. Drive a bit backward creating some room for the jump. Make use of the rewind button and jump off the cliff and smash that board to earn your next 5000 XPs.

Remember that it is one of the most typical jumps in the entire game so getting it done in one try is hardly possible. You need to go through some trial and error before you make the perfect judgment to make the accurate jump.

8. Board 8

Now, we have our 8th 5k XP board located again on the roof of a small building. It is situated at a distant location that will remind you of some village. Behind the building, you will see high hills and this is the only way to land on the roof.

All you need to do is drive all the way to the top of the cliff and make a straight dive all the way to the roof of the building. Then you are all set to smash that board and earn another few XPs. Note that since it is a straight dive this time, it is relatively easier than the others. Just be prepared with the rewind button and if not at once, a few tries will definitely get you there.

9. Board 9

You can find this Apex Predator board on the rooftop of an old empty house. The view looks very basic yet peaceful. You need to make use of the hills behind the house to get on the rooftop to smash the board.

Once you get on top of the hills, back up a little into the woods to make a long jump, and make sure to angle the car properly. Although the jump isn’t really a big deal, most people get stuck finding the right angle. Hopefully, the image below will give you some idea.

Make sure to use a car with good handling capability and high speed. This is one of those places where you will definitely feel the need for some extra speed.

10. Board 10

Well, since you have already gone through a lot of trouble smashing these boards, let us introduce the next 5k XP board, which is basically an extra bonus for you. This is because, unlike the others, this Apex Predator board offers you a huge bonus, plus it is located all in the open making it extremely easy to locate and smash the board.

Once you reach the location, you will have it just in front of your eyes. Hit the board hard and collect some extra XPs.

11. Board 11

Next, we have another high-offering Apex Predator board located on top of this compact yellow house. The location might not be that hard to find, however, you will need a few tries to make a hit.

You will need some extra speed, so make a good choice when it comes to the car. Then go all the way to the incline across the road. Once you are ready for the hit and have your eyes set on the board, move with good speed straight to the yellow house.

12. Board 12

This board certainly sits on top of a huge pillar wreck holding a bridge. The location is quite strenuous and you will require great precision to hit that board.

Get a car with good speed and offroading skills such as the Ford Racing Puma Forza edition 1999. Get on top of the hill at a similar angle as shown in the image below. Now, focus on your acceleration and offroading skills to make the accurate jump to land on the exact place.

13. Board 13

If you are already bored of getting on top of hills and smashing boards, the next location will give you a reason to hold your breath and stay for a while. Our next board is located on top of the highest point on the entire map.

Once you reach to the top, you don’t have to worry about hitting the board. Just enjoy the view while the board waits in front of you.

14. Board 14

This Apex Predator promotional board can be found at the edge of a cliff. Surely, you will need to take some risks while getting all the way to this location. But that’s the interesting part of this game after all. In the end, those extra XPs make your journey worthwhile.

15. Board 15

The next board is an easy win in Forza Horizon 5. It is situated at the end of a small ramp. Use some acceleration and there you go smash the board to claim your XPs.

16. Board 16

Let’s have some change in the location and move towards the beaches looking for the next board. If you get a close look, it might seem to be a difficult challenge to hit the board at first.

However, let’s keep it simple, get an offroading car and drive all the way down to some distance on the sand. Now, aim directly from the tower and move forward with good acceleration. It will automatically slow you down at some point and you will end up landing just where the board is.

17. Board 17

After you are done smashing the previous board, carry on driving on the same beach all the way to the Southwest point. It will take some time to reach the spot but you will have a satisfying experience smashing this one down to pieces.

18. Board 18

After some satisfying journeys by the beach side, now we are at one of the most difficult locations on this map. Keeping things real, this board will literally make you cry at some point before you could manage to smash it.

But worry not, we have some useful tips to get you there. Firstly, the board is situated on the rooftop of a resort bounded by high walls on all sides. So, make sure to get a car with good enough acceleration and great offroading skills. Speed and handling should not make much effect in this case.

Once you have the right car, head on to this point and or take a few more steps back. Accelerate all the way to gain as much speed as possible. You will eventually encounter the walls preventing you from landing on the rooftop. So, it might take a good number of tries, but once you catch the angle and speed, you will end up claiming all that points for yourself.

19. Board 19

If getting to the rooftop of the resort was a big deal, this one is located at a further bizarre location. Yes, the next board on this list sits on the balcony of a particular room in a resort. And undoubtedly, getting all the way to the place seems almost impossible.

So, you need to make good use of the PR Stunt ramp in order to land at your desired location. But again, to get this ramp, make sure you have unlocked the Horizon Rush Outpost.

You need a car with good acceleration and offroading capabilities and drive all the way to the location as you can see in the image. From here, gather some speed and accelerate all the way to make it to the ramp and you will find yourself next to the Apex Predator board.

20. Board 20

For the next board, you will need the guts of a man to take enough risk to get another 5000 XPs. The board rests on the rooftop of a small house having giant towers on both sides. You can try quite a few angles to get to this place, but I would recommend you go all the way down to the hill.

Firstly, get a good offroading car with high acceleration. Drive to the bottom of the hill and take an angle similar to the one in the image.

Now, aim for the tower to stop your momentum or else you will overrun the spot. Once you hit the tower, you will end up on the rooftop next to the board.

21. Board 21

If all of these weren’t enough, how about something even more daring? Well, the next board exactly fits for this sentence as it sits on top of a wing of the plane. Although it lies just beside you, how you get to it is completely up to you.

Navigate to the main horizon outpost to find the plane. Observe the entire area to find a way to land on the plane wing.

22. Board 22

If the previous ones felt difficult, what would you say about this? Not sitting or waiting for you, but our next board hangs high on an electric tower. And how you get up till there is a big question mark for most players.

Well, driving won’t take you anywhere in this case so let’s try flying and making our first air smash in Forza Horizon 5. So, before you even make your first attempt, get a good offroading car along with great power and acceleration. We will be using the hills to our advantage.

Drive all the way till here to get an accurate angle to hit the board. Now, use the full potential of the car to accelerate through the hill with this angle to make a successful jump smashing that hanging board.

23. Board 23

Well, after having some trouble worth huge bonuses, this 5k XP will let you breathe again. Standing on top of some boxes, this board is an easy hit, especially after already succeeding in such hefty challenges.

All you need to do is drive all the way through the ramp with speed and make the jump to smash the board. Surely, you will complete this one in no time.

24. Board 24

Our next 5k XP Apex Predator board is located on top of a building again this time. Simply get a car with decent offroading skills and get on top of the hill at a similar angle to this.

Now, accelerate all the way to make a jump and you will land on the rooftop of the building. Gather some more acceleration and make sure to make a good scene while you smash that board.

25. Board 25

The next board waits for you on top of a ruined building situated in the middle of wet muddy land. Hitting the board isn’t a big deal until you have a car with good offroading capability and handling.

Get yourself to the position from where you can see the dirt ramp right in front of you. Now, simply accelerate all the way and make some noise on smashing the last 5000 XP board on this list.

And that is all about the Apex Predator boards and how and where to get them. Well, if you are thinking there were 30 boards all total and we have only seen 25 of them, then hold on. We have discussed the ones offering the maximum bonus XPs and those that are tough to locate and smash.

If you are already done with these, trust me the rest are gonna be just a piece of cake for you. Below, we have shared a list of all the promotional board locations. Check it out and you should easily find them on your way.

Locations of all 30 Apex Predator Boards

  • Location: Joya Marron – 1 board
  • Location: La Presa – 1 board
  • Location: Pueblo Artza – 1 board
  • Location: Tres Colinas – 1 board
  • Location: Cascada Fuerte – 1 board
  • Location: Lago Azulado – 2 board
  • Location: Tierras Verdes – 2 board
  • Location: Devil’s Pass – 3 board
  • Location: Orogrande – 4 board
  • Location: Valle de Foraneous – 4 board
  • Location: Senda De Montanana – 4 board
  • Location: Valle De Pozas- 6 board


Finally, that is a complete list of all the 30 Apex Predator boards in Forza Horizon 5. These boards simply motivate you to spend some time out on an interesting journey discovering new ways and tricks to pile up a whole lot of XP’s. But remember that most of these locations demand for a car with good acceleration and offroading skills.

So, use something like the Ford Racing Puma Forza Edition 1999 or one with similar stats in all factors. And most importantly, you will need tremendous patience before you can smash all the 30 boards in the game. So, focus on getting the perfect angle and speed, and do not give up in the middle.

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