Free Fire Keeps Crashing on Android and iOS, How to Fix?

Free Fire is a survival shooter, an action-adventure battle royal game in which you can play with 50 real players. The reason behind its popularity is the engaging gameplay, Getting exclusive rewards to rank up your character. However, the main USP is that Free Fire is for all smartphones and does not require any high-end configuration to play the game. But recently many users are facing several issues of crashing where Free Fire Keeps Crashing on Android and iOS. The game just crashes without any error explanation which is making the players confused. 

In most cases, such issues are due to bad internet, or failed game updates. There are times when the device is no more compatible with the app itself. Free Fire is capable of running with minimum requirements of 2 GB of RAM and Android 5.0 and above. But inspire fulfilling the minimum requirement criteria, many users are facing this crashing issue. Here are some troubleshooting methods to fix this problem.

Free Fire Keeps Crashing on Android and iOS, How to Fix

Free Fire Keeps Crashing on Android and iOS, How to Fix?

Before moving to technical troubleshooting, try some basic methods to fix the problem. To start with, restart your device once to remove all the minor bugs from the device and then try to open the game and check if the problem is resolved or not. After that, check your internet connection as the game is based on the cloud and servers and requires a good internet connection to play the game without any bugs.

If you are running out of space due to a large amount of data in your device, then may some of the applications or games may will face issues like lagging, crashing, etc. So try to uninstall some unused applications or games from your device. Hopefully, this will solve the Free Fire keeps crashing issue on Android and iOS

Check Firmware Update

Free Fire is getting new updates every now and then and some of the game features are largely dependent on what firmware your device is currently on. So make sure to update the software version of your smartphone whenever available.

  • Go to the device’s Settings app, scroll down, and select the General/About option from the menu.
  • Now tap on Software Update to check if any update is available for your device.
  • If any update is available, tap on download and install to update the device and wait until the system restarts itself.

Perform Wipe Cache Partition Task

After the above method is still the issue is not fixed yet, the next method is to delete the device’s temporary and cache file from the partition. It will clear some space by deleting temporary files and cache all you need to open the device in recovery mode. The below steps are for Android users, iPhone users can clear the cache by restarting their iPhone. 

  • Turn off the device and press and hold the Power button with volume rockers (according to your device’s brand).
  • Hold the button till the device boot to recovery mode and then navigate to the Wipe partition Cache from the volume buttons and select it from the Power button.
  • After completion, select the Reboot option to restart the device, and after the restart, open the game.

Remove App Cache From Your Device

Apart from the system cache, each app maintains its own cache as well. The crashing issue may also occur due to this cache.

Go to the Settings App on your device and select the Apps option from the menu.
Free Fire Keeps Crashing on Android and iOS, How to Fix

Then navigate and tap on the Free Fire game and choose Clear Cache.

Now tap on Force Stop to stop the game from the background and apply the changes. After that, open the game again and check if the issue is resolved.

For iPhone users, you just have to reboot your device to clear the app cache. A simple reboot and see if the issue persists.

Check for Free Fire Update in App/Google Play Store

The new update will improve and fix all the minor bugs leading to the crashing problem. Also, you can check if any firmware update is available for your device. Sometimes there may be some issue in your device’s firmware that stops the game, which will be fixed from the firmware update.

Check for Free Fire Update in Android

  • Go to the Google Playstore and search for Free Fire in the search box.
  • Now check if any update is available for Free Fire.
  • If available, tap on Update and wait till the process is complete, then open the game.

Check for Free Fire Update in iOS

  • Go to the App and search for Free Fire in the search box.
  • Now check if any update is available for Free Fire.
  • If available, tap on Update, enter the passcode for confirmation, wait until the process is complete, and open the game.

Reinstall Free Fire

Sometimes the game files may get corrupt due to some faulty update or manual action from your side. So reinstall the game and the issue will solve itself. When you reinstall the game, make sure to install it from the official source i.e. Playstore or Appstore. We do not recommend users install the APK file as they usually create such crashing problems. 

  • Uninstall the game by tapping and holding the Free fire icon and dragging it to uninstall icon.
  • Now go to the Play/App Store, search for the Free Fire in the search box, and tap to install.
  • Wait till it is installed on your device, and after that, open the game and log in again.

Remove Game Tweak Applications

Many players use game tweak applications that allow them to use certain techniques to play the game in a more interesting way. Bust such applications make changes in-game files which might get corrupt over time. We recommend you to remove such applications if you use any.


Here are all the methods to fix Free Fire crashing issue in Android and iOS. Crashing issues are very rare nowadays as developers constantly address such issues and releases updates regularly. SO make sure to keep your game updated and you will not face such issues in the future.

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