From Battery Life to Screen Size: What Does It Take to Make a Gaming Smartphone

Mobile gaming is very popular among young people nowadays because it is convenient. Mobile gamers usually use a gaming smartphone or a regular one for this exciting activity. A gaming smartphone typically comes with top-notch hardware to meet gamer’s needs in terms of performance, display, and particularly for heavy games. You do not have one of those? Not to worry, regular smartphones can also still work for gaming but they need to come with some enhanced features to do the job well.

Before you go shopping for smartphones, you should endeavor to do some research on devices to make sure you stay within your budget and also choose options that promote an immersive gaming experience. In this article, we cover these important features, from display and screen size to battery life and even cooling systems. We are sure you are ready to step up your mobile gaming, so read on to find out more!

For Light Games Like Poker

Poker games do not demand a lot from your smartphones, just having a strong internet connection is sufficient for an enjoyable mobile poker experience. Extremely slow internet speeds might make it difficult for you to follow your poker game online or play at all. For a game that is synonymous with thrill and emotion, you certainly do not want your play thwarted by connectivity issues. 

A description of the game may make it sound so simple but those who have bluffed their way through to victory or lost a game even after raking in all the best hands, will tell you that it is a venture that balances luck and skill. 

One of the most popular variants of poker online games is the Texas Hold’em where each player receives two cards, face down, known as the hole cards. Five more cards are dealt face-up in the center of the table during multiple betting rounds. We refer to these face-up cards as community cards. Every player is then allowed to construct a five-card poker hand by combining their hole cards with the communal cards.

To date, the World Series of Poker is still America’s largest gathering for poker games online. Though there are physical events in Las Vegas, its online series allows players to experience a heated poker game without stepping foot in a casino. To win the WSOP bracelet, players will bluff, plan, and stake their poker chips. It’s not enough to only understand poker rules; you also need to understand the WSOP structure. 

Winning in the series adds to the legacy of professional poker players, while for the fans, it’s an exciting occasion with nonstop poker action. For a chance to compete for many cash prizes and the ultimate WSOP bracelet, experts and amateurs can take advantage of the slots and gaming tables.

Display and Screen Size

The visual experience is a major component of how many games immerse players in magical realms. A smartphone that ticks the high-definition display with a fast refresh rate box provides rapid, quick, and seamless gaming whether it is an app or a cloud-based game. Smartphones with displays like the OLED screen technology come highly recommended for their fluidic visuals. Additionally, 6.2 inches or larger is the minimum screen size recommended for the most immersive gaming experience.

Battery Size

According to different sources, an average gamer spends 8 hours and 27 minutes on gameplay. So when looking for a smartphone, maybe consider the ones that both have large batteries and quick charging features. It is however preferable that you pick a bigger battery life over fast charging power in a situation where you cannot have both features. 

When choosing a smartphone, keep in mind also that features like higher refresh rates and resolutions, as well as high graphics settings, rapidly deplete phone batteries. Want to play without stressing over inadequate power supply or low power supply? Then go for a smartphone with a long-lasting battery.


Ask any ten gamers about some problems they encounter while gaming and at least five will mention heating/throttling issues. This results in slower games, framerate issues, and longer loading times. To avoid this situation, you should invest in sophisticated cooling systems such as liquid cooling or heat dispersion technologies that will ensure peak performance. 

Gamers typically expect their devices to operate at consistently high-performance levels. Cooling systems aid in keeping the smartphone’s temperature constant, which enables it to function consistently during prolonged gaming sessions. 

Gaming is most times more convenient on smartphones and for gamers that prefer this option to consoles, investing in phones that offer an immersive gaming experience is a must.  Remember that the prerequisites could change depending on the kind of games you plan to play. 

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