How to Fix If Garmin Vivoactive Not Charging?

It might be frightening and irritating when the battery on your Garmin wearable device is not charging even though it is plugged into a power source. This can occur for a variety of reasons. Problems with charging are relatively familiar with electronic equipment and can be fixed with some troubleshooting. In this post, we will tell you some tips to fix Garmin Vivoactive Not Charging.

How to Fix If Garmin Vivoactive Not Charging?

Ways to Fix If Garmin Vivoactive Not Charging 

1. Charge for one hour 

When a Garmin watch does not charge, it is best to charge it for up to an hour, whether the device display is blank. Sometimes a battery needs a boost because it is so low. After plugging the battery in for an hour, it might be defective if it still does not charge.

2. Do a hard reset 

Sometimes Garmin devices cannot charge due to an issue with the battery. You can solve this issue by doing a hard reset. A hard reset is when you hold down the power button and the down button simultaneously for one minute or until the watch shuts off on its own. Once this is done, turn your device back on, and it should start charging. If it does not fix Garmin Vivoactive Not Charging issue, then you may have a faulty battery.

3. Verify that you are using Garmin’s official charging cable 

Certain Garmin watches will only charge using the official charging cable from the manufacturer. It would help if you used the charging cable for your Garmin device. Using cords from other companies may result in an improper charge and damage your device.

৪. Clean the charging ports and adapter 

You can sometimes make the problem worse by using a cable that has been damaged and is unclean. Besides, it is typical for charging ports to rust over time and cause issues like Garmin Vivoactive Not Charging. Cleaning the charging adapter, cable’s tip, and the port of your watch will allow you to use it for future charges. You can use a product like rubbing alcohol and some other cleaner that is safe to use.

5. Plug into a different socket 

A problem with the socket in your home may cause the issue. Try plugging your Garmin wearable device into a wall socket you have not used before to see if the problem persists. Most sockets are connected to a wall box, so check this by removing it and plugging in your device.

6. Change the charging cable 

Your charging cable may be the issue. You can try a new cable, but you will want to ensure that it is the same type of cable as the previous one. The cable should be official and different from the one that came with your device.

7. Use another AC adapter 

You can also change the AC adapter you are using for your Garmin. If the adapter you are using has been damaged, it can stop your Garmin device from charging. Try using another AC adapter of the same number as the original one. This may fix Garmin Vivoactive Not Charging issue.

8. Update the software 

The software in your Garmin may glitch and not work correctly and stop your battery charging properly. You can use the Garmin Express software to update your device so that it is up to date.

9. Replace the battery 

An old battery may not charge; in this case, you will need to replace it. Also, your battery may be defective. Some batteries are less expensive to replace than others. If you have a lifetime warranty, make sure you contact the company to provide you with a new battery.

10. Visit Garmin Support 

If none of your attempts are working, then it is best to contact Garmin support directly. They can help you troubleshoot the problem and provide you with further assistance to fix your device’s Garmin Vivoactive Not Charging error.

Final Words 

These tips will help you fix Garmin Vivoactive Not Charging issue easily. I think it would be best to contact the official Garmin Support team. They are trained to help with any issues with your Garmin product. If you need any help, comment down below to let us know!

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