How to Get Flour in Lego Fortnite

Wondering how to get Flour so that you can bake pies? LEGO Fortnite, the increasingly popular survival-crafting spin-off of Fortnite offers players various crafting and cooking opportunities. As you embark on adventures across vast landscapes, covering different types of biomes your objectives include battling enemies, constructing villages, and collecting resources for crafting diverse items. You’ll need to do whatever it takes to survive, whether it’s eating berries or killing chickens for meat. However, once you’re settled down in a village of your own making, you’ll have access to more items, and one of them is Flour. In this guide, we will take you through how to get Flour in LEGO Fortnite.

Survival in LEGO Fortnite is crucial, and part of that involves ensuring you stay nourished and fend off hunger. The survival game features a range of food items, ranging from early-game Raspberries to elaborate Pizzas. Crafting many of these items requires gathering various ingredients, with Flour being a particularly essential component. It plays a key role in numerous dishes that aid players, prompting many to seek information on how to obtain it. If you want to know how to get Flour and start baking, you’re in the right place, as we have a guide for you. Let’s find out how to get Flour in LEGO Fortnite.

LEGO Fortnite – How to Get Flour

How to Get Flour in Lego Fortnite

The first thing that you need to do if you want to get Flour in LEGO Fortnite is to build a Grain Mill. Here are the items that you need to construct the station:

  • 20 Knotroot Rod
  • 20 Granite Slabs
  • 3 Shells

You can get Knotroot Rods by processing Knotroot through a Lumber Mill. To collect Knotroot, you’ll need to go into caves in Grasslands, which is the green biome in the map. This is also the starter biome – the one that you spawn in. It’s relatively easy to get Knotroot as the caves aren’t too big, and the enemies are only Skeletons, which take only a few hits to kill. If you’re having trouble killing the mobs, consider taking one of your villagers as a follower to help you.

Knotroot grows on the walls or ceilings of caves, and you need to hack at them using an Uncommon Forest Axe. This is the second level of the Axe, which requires an Uncommon Crafting Bench. To upgrade your Crafting Bench to Level 2, you need 8 Plank and 3 Shell. You can get Planks by processing regular Wood through a Lumber Mill. These stations take 8 Wood and 15 Granite to build, and you’ll need them for the Knotroot Rods as well.

As for the Shells, you’ll need to defeat Rollers, which are the crab-like creatures hanging around in the Grasslands terrain. They might be difficult to beat for beginners, but watch out for their attack animations and you should be able to press the Dodge button (Ctrl on PC) to avoid their attacks. They also have a rolling attack for which you should step out of the way.

Once you have the Uncommon Crafting Bench, you can craft the Uncommon Forest Axe, which needs 3 Bone and 3 Wooden Rods. You can make the Wooden Rods by processing regular Wood through the Lumber Mill as well.

To get Granite Slabs for the Grain Mill, you’ll need a Stone Breaker. To make it, you need 20 Knotroot and 35 Marble. You can find Marble in the same cave as Knotroot, but you need an Uncommon Pickaxe to mine them. Make one on the Uncommon Crafting Bench with 3 Knotroot Rods and 3 Bones. Bones are one of the easiest materials to find, as you’ll be killing lots of Skeletons which drop 2 Bones each.

Once you have the Stone Breaker, you can get Granite Slabs by processing Granite through the workstation. Now that you have everything you need for the Grain Mill, it’s time to build it. Once you place the workstation in your village, you’ll unlock the recipe for Flour.

How to Get Flour in Lego Fortnite

To make Flour, you’ll need 1 Wheat Grain. You can process Wheat through the Grain Mill to get 3 Wheat Grain for 1 Wheat. If you’re looking for Wheat, you can find it at random when you open Chests. Even one Wheat can get you started with making Flour, as you can make more Wheat by planting the Wheat Grain in a Plot. Thus, you can start a Wheat farm with just one Wheat, and make as much Flour as you need.

How to Make a Wheat Farm to Get More Flour

To start a farm, you’ll need to create Plots, which require 2 Soil and 1 Fertilizer. You can get Fertilizer by feeding animals such as Cows, Sheep, and Chicken. To feed them, place a Vine or a berry in front of the animal, and wait for it to drop Fertilizer. As for Soil, you’ll need any Shovel. Use the Shovel to dig into the ground, and you’ll get Soil. Note that you cannot dig inside Caves.

Once you have a Plot, place the Wheat Grain into it and wait one in-game day for the plant to grow. Soon, you’ll be able to harvest the Wheat and use it to make Wheat Grain in the Grain Mill. With the 3 Wheat Grains you have gained, you can easily make more Flour or choose to replant the Grain into a Wheat Farm.

What to do with Flour in LEGO Fortnite

In LEGO Fortnite, Flour serves as a crucial ingredient in a variety of recipes to make food. Some of these food items are important when exploring more dangerous areas such as the Frostlands biome. You can use the Spicy Burger to gain 10 minutes of Cold Resistance, while you can use any of the Pies to gain a large amount of health. This is especially useful when you’re fighting stronger enemies such as Frost Wolves and Frost Rollers, and not to forget, the biggest boss in the game – the Frost Brute.


That’s the end of our guide on how to get Flour in LEGO Fortnite. While it has a lot of steps, it’s definitely rewarding as you will be able to make plenty of food items with the ingredient, including Bread, Pizza, and Spicy Burgers. We hope that this guide helped you to get Flour in LEGO Fortnite for all your baking needs. For more guides on this game, make sure to check out our LEGO Fortnite page.

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