Use Google Pixel Repair Tool to Receive Updates Faster on your Smartphone

If you use Google Pixel 3 or its 4th generation smartphones, then this guide is for you. Everyone who uses any smartphone always wishes for regular and faster software updates for his device. So, to make that possible, Google has introduced the Google Pixel Repair Tool.  This tool is based on WebUSB technology. It connects the smartphone directly to the web app.

Normally, Google pushes OTA updates every month for its own devices as well as other Android smartphones. However, using the Pixel Repair tool users can manually download and install the software update on their Pixel phones. In this guide, we will explain to you how to use this tool. Also, keep in mind that this tool works exclusively for Google Pixel devices and nothing else.

Google Pixel Repair Tool

How to Use the Google Pixel Repair Tool

Before beginning to use this tool, you have to keep something in mind. We have outlined those guidelines below. So, check it out before you advance to use the Pixel Repair Tool.


  • This tool is only to be used for Google Pixel 3rd and 4th generation smartphones.
  • A PC/Laptop
  • Take a full backup of your device data before using this tool on your smartphones
  • Make sure to charge your smartphone before using the Repair tool on it.
  • The PC should run the latest version of any web browser that supports WebUSB.

Using the tool

  • On your PC open any web browser
  • Go to the official page of the Google Pixel Repair Tool
  • Click on Select your Carrier
  • Next, you have to switch your Pixel device to the Rescue Mode. [This mode signifies the device is being upgraded]
  • Connect the Pixel smartphone to the PC by clicking the button “Connect Phone
  • Now, the update will begin to install on the device
  • When the update installation finishes, the smartphone will restart on its own.

To make sure whether you’ve correctly installed the update, go to the Settings > About Phone section in your respective Pixel device. There check for the build number of the latest software. Also, if there is a new security patch included, then after you upgrade it should step up to the latest month’s patch.

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